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Status Updates posted by arvidinator

  1. Alright, I feel obligated to update you people on what's been going on. I'm working on my own game, programming, art, and sound. It's consumed the majority of my time, which means I haven't been able to work on comics that much. In fact, I've barely made any progress at all. Fear not, however, because I'll be trying to put out some new pages in a while. Thanks for staying around, and I apologize.


    Oh, and here's an imp for good measure!





    Hey guys, I feel like I should give you an update on the doom parody comics I've been working on. For the past few weeks, I've been working on the second comic. I've had a few concepts, but none of them felt good enough. I've continuously scrapped and updated the projects yet I never felt satisfied. I really want to keep going however, so the next comic is gonna take some time. Perhaps I'll have something up today, tomorrow, or even next week. Thank you guys for sticking with me, and I'll make sure to return the favor soon enough.


    Until next time...



    Small Doomguy.png

  3. Currently working on a Doomguy cosplay for the Swedish NärCon 2018 Summer. Say hi to me if you're there!

    1. arvidinator


      Yup, still workin' on this! It's absolute hell (pun intended) to work on, but it'll be finished soon. Again, seeya there!