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  1. The early designs look badass as hell, especially the first Baron design. I also like the idea of bringing back the classic Pinky, but I prefer the newer designs. I think they work better with the tone of the "new" game.

  2. I heard a theory some time ago that I thought was pretty decent. It theorizes that the Doomguy from the original games stayed in hell after the end of DOOM 64, and fought his way through hell as usual, striking fear into the cold hearts of demons everywhere. In hell, he met with a certain "wretched" character, who granted him unimaginable powers in exchange for avenging his dead son, also known as SPOILERS the icon of sin itself. His UAC combat armor was enchanted using the strongest materials from Hell, and featured many usable utilities and skillsets. I think there's some weight to this theory, but as far as I know, it hasn't been declared as canon. Then again, I'm pretty new to all of this.


    What do you think?

  3. Thanks for your feedback! I'll take it into consideration when making the next one. Also, the whole Doomguy dialogue thing wasn't in the original script. I added it as a reference to the incredibly cheesy original DOOM comic, but that still dosen't invalidate your criticism.


    I'll make sure to make more (and better) comics in the future.