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  1. Dentonman

    Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday! 6 vanilla maps (UPDATED)

    This was rally fun. Loved how small yet intricate the maps were. I also liked how often i could just go ham with the chaingun. I wish you would have stuck with the beach setting a bit longer tho, the later maps while still good, were aesthetically kinda clashing with the fun sunny mood you were going for. Also the last fight was a bit of a chore, having to press the switch constantly kinda killed the flow, and the cyberdemon fight was kinda boring. With that said, i overall enjoyed it a lot, i wish more maps went for this smaller scale tightly designed feel.
  2. Dentonman


  3. Dentonman

    Agent Of Doom! (Map)

    Well i kinda missed the point of mapping there, it's not about what i want you to do, it's about what you do with what i have given you. I have made mistakes like this in the past, where i designed something that was obvious to me, but didn't realize that the player might not have the insight i have, because you know, they didn't make the map. That's why i'm posting it here before i start spending too much time on it, to straighten out and polish some of my mapping. Thanks for the response and criticism.
  4. Dentonman

    Agent Of Doom! (Map)

    Yeah i guess. Well the intent was that you run past the cyberdemon, and save the BFG for the later encounter, which would lead you to the cybey base, but i messed up in the planning department. I wanted to have two exits, one in the shuttle and one in the cyber base, like two different objectives or something, but i can't even script so that idea was reduced to what it is now.
  5. Dentonman

    Agent Of Doom! (Map)

    i assigned both the toilet lift and the wolf lift to function as normal lifts, besides the secondary triggers. Worked fine in testing. Unfortunately i have no idea how to fix it for vanilla or legacy or whatever. Also btw, the teleport at the first cyberdemon was a thematic choice rather than a functional choice, since the second cyber teleporter leads to their barracks. How did you get to it anyway?
  6. Dentonman

    Agent Of Doom! (Map)

    Agent of Doom A single map wad that i might follow up on later, maybe turn it into an 8 level episode or something. Depends on feedback. Any bugs you spot, any advice you have, and any criticism that you could give would be appreciated. Technicalities Doom 2 map 1 Vanilla compatible (probably) Screenshots Story You are an agent, agent Marine... Doom Marine... and you kill shit i guess. Download link https://www.dropbox.com/s/k03myfw9rd36wju/AgentOfDoom.wad?dl=0
  7. Dentonman

    Anyone need any custom Midi's?

    Hey does the offer still stand? I don't know if it's possible to entirely replicate in midi, but i could use a trance track for my wad. You don't have to stick to the tune all the way trough, but the beginning of the song should be recognizable. Thanks for the generous offer by the way.
  8. Dentonman

    Ultimate Doom 32X port Episode 1&2

    Finally, i can play Doom while listening to a fatman farting in a bathtub. Nice work laddie, it's always awesome to see people bring new life to these ports.
  9. Dentonman

    Deus Doom: The Illuminati did it

    thanks for fixing the downloads lad, gonna play this now.
  10. Dentonman

    REKKR - V1.16

    You fucking nailed the 90's feeling. This looks like a Doom clone that could have been released as a game back in the day. I love those, good job.
  11. Dentonman

    Berserk.wad (A map i made)

    Fun fact, the first thing i designed on this map was the brand of sacrifice. Kinda sucks that i don't know how to properly mod, i would have totally included stuff like the dragon slayer and the arm cannon.
  12. Dentonman

    Berserk.wad (A map i made)

    i legit forgot to put in a link to the mod. so here it is. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fzedssk6rxyyild/Berserk.wad?dl=0
  13. Dentonman

    Berserk.wad (A map i made)

    This is the second map i ever finished, and it's pretty straight forward, no gimmicks, no special features, just go and kill demons. As for the technical stuff, it's a Doom 2 map, it should be vanilla compatible, all tho i haven't tested it with vanilla Doom. I replaced D_RUNNING with a custom song, which can be downloaded here: http://ichigos.com/sheets/492, full credit goes to the author. Any feedback is appreciated. EDIT: My dumbass forgot the link so here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fzedssk6rxyyild/Berserk.wad?dl=0
  14. Dentonman

    Favorite Doom/Doom Engine Game?

    Probably Strife, cause i'm obsessed with Deus Ex style games, but as far as a proper balls to the walls shooter goes, i pick Doom 2.
  15. Dentonman

    Deus Doom: The Illuminati did it

    Did you remove the downloads? I really wanted to check this out.