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  1. this is interesting. never even thought about this or paid attention. i have made a handful of maps most of them terrible but of the four i have posted here on the forums only one isnt completely random and its a gothic church. maybe i try extra hard to keep my environment out of my maps or maybe i just dont have the same eye you do? i would love some examples though from other custom maps you have played edit you replied! i will have to play these wads now. i never once thought about music choice. music can tell a lot about someones personality i agree!
  2. TabbiKatt

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Streets of Rage on my ex boyfriends er male acquaintances' old sega genesis. those stupid ninja girls always kick my butt at the end of round 5 :c
  3. TabbiKatt

    What nicknames do you have for monsters?

    former human - pawn former sergeant - baldy heavy weapon dude - baldy mark 2 imp - fluffy mcscratch and singe demon - pinky mcbiteyourface spectre - pinkys ghosts nightmare spectre - mr. bitesyouinthedark cacodemon - angry tomoto lost soul - mr. rocketblock baron/hellknight - straight up satan. at least as far as 8 year old me was concerned. i was playing psx final doom and they sound so creepy in psx doom revenant - skeleton mancubus - blubber arachnotron - brain o' legs pain elemental - soured tomoto arch-vile - straight up satan. as far as 28 year old me is concerned. cyberdemon - hell o goat spider mastermind - spider master hit scanner
  4. TabbiKatt

    journey: level 1 of 10 (+), boom compat

    update to map01. i decided how level 1 ended previously didnt work for where i wanted doomguy to go next so here is a list of changes. 1. updated and fixed lighting. probably not perfect but should be less bland now 2. changed where doomguy exits the map 3. added modifications for DM 4. made 3 of the 4 silent teleporter transitions much smoother. 5. .bex level names have changed as a result of where i want the next level to take place. 6. changed readme to plain text 7. changed first level set from 10 levels to 12. .bex reflects this c: 8. made my own end level title for the church (thx bonnie <3)
  5. TabbiKatt

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    screencap of the church from journey. just in case people are curious how i go about making these maps i just start designing rooms that hopefully look interesting. when i decide that all of it looks good in terms of length and design i choose which doors are locked with a key and or switch and what sector ends the map and then i add the player starts. monsters and the rest are added around that c: this second screen is of map02 in progress. the player 1 start is there for testing purposes c:
  6. TabbiKatt

    Impromptu Minidido (Project Thread)

    im down to do a section c: 1200-1299
  7. TabbiKatt

    journey: level 1 of 10 (+), boom compat

    oh! sorry i should have explain c: when you make a level for quake you create a brush and change it to a thing called world spawn where all the info for the level goes. the name of the map and the setting so the game knows what keys to give you. if you use base the keys are silver and gold keycards and if you use medieval they become gold and silver skeleton keys. it also changes how doors sound and other things c: i think i looked up something like world spawn for doom and read about mapinfo first and that brought me to bex. figured since i was using modded textures i might as well change the names of the levels. bit bummed it only changes the name of the level on the map screen though :c
  8. TabbiKatt

    journey: level 1 of 10 (+), boom compat

    i really need to play X again c: and tactics is amaaaazing. plus little characters walking in place are adorable :3 yes i made notes of the issues listed in the thread and i should fix them right away but tbh im tired of looking at the map today haha
  9. TabbiKatt

    journey: level 1 of 10 (+), boom compat

    ew. that does look weird. i didnt even notice that :c https://www.doomworld.com/afterglow/textures/ where i got my textures. i googled gothic doom 2 textures becuase i wanted to make a medieval church for the bex i downloaded a really easy program called whacked4. i was reading up on editing stuff in doom and it sound complicated but it was pretty easy with this program. but then all i have really done is edit what the name of the level is on the automap screen.
  10. TabbiKatt

    journey: level 1 of 10 (+), boom compat

    oops! i should really make that open once :c
  11. TabbiKatt

    journey: level 1 of 10 (+), boom compat

    thanks again bonnie! what are texture1 and pnamelumps? i couldn't figure how to put the textures into the original wad so i just saved my map into the wad with the textures in it c: most of the ideas for this level came from drawings for one of my old quake maps that i made some years ago but i think i spent since sunday actually making this in doom builder 2. i dont remember how long it took me to plan it because it was years ago. i do remember some of the level layout being different in places because with quake you map in a 3D window. im very interested in making silent teleporters look better but how to you adjust floor texture alignment? i figured out how to adjust walls but not floors. for the stair textures sorry to be so daft but can you explain that? edit i have had the midis on my comp for a long long time. it is all from the castlevania games and i probably found them on a castlevania related website someplace c:
  12. a doom 2 map for prboomplus. tested with zdoom and prboomplus only. i had a lot of fun making this level and took a long time making it. i have 10 levels planned if you guys and gals like this one and i might even make 12 more after that c: special thanks to bonnie for getting me interested in boom this level would be really different without it. enjoy! journey.zip
  13. Installed Zdaemon a couple of days ago and im sitting in #usa as well. probably so bad at DM but it would be fun anyway if i can make it c:
  14. TabbiKatt

    Doom movie thoughts?

    I remember watching this movie at a friends house shortly after it came out. i cant remember if we rented it or so it on cable but my expectations were so low i only watched it so me and my friend could talk about how much of a hunk the rock is afterward -_-' i actually ended up really liking this movie and it is kind of a guilty pleasure thing. the demons being replaced by mutants was really the only bad part because i wanted to see at least a little snippet of hell because i think Painkiller and DOOM 3 envisioned hell perfectly. after seeing this thread i might actually watch this movie again. yeah, it probably wont be as good as i remember it but who knows maybe i will enjoy it even more!
  15. TabbiKatt

    A vanilla doom II map

    thanks again everyone! i downloaded prboom after reading about it somewhere on here so i was able to watch these demos and i think there is a keybind for screenshots as well. i agree the progression is kind of poor in this map and its probably a result of me not drawing up plans first and just going with things that came to mind. putting things on top of walls sounds like a good idea. now that im not running my maps in dosbox i dont have to worry about crashes anymore if i use prboom which hopefully means more detailed maps c: