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  1. D88M

    What does DOOM means?

    Thank you all for your answers i am gonna answer them all
  2. D88M

    Favorite thing about the Doom games?

    Oh and the gameplay too, how could i forget, is flawess, a game without aiming because it does not need it, so many years and is still one of the best and most fun games ever, they did something special here.
  3. D88M

    What does DOOM means?

    So, this is gonna be kind of a strech and bare bones opinion, but i was thinking for a while now, what is the metaphor? What is Doom really about? I think i figured it out, but i could also be totally insane, i will never know for sure until i play both original games and D16 on LSD, but here i go: I think that Doom is a journey through violence, where we fight our own violent instincts/impulses. Think about it, zombieman is the same exact model as Doomguy/marines, but "evil", so there is our nemesis right there, the guys with the shotguns are us but with shotguns, and all the other creatures also represent ourselves/the player but in other aspects. The thing that got me thinking about it is the Spider mastermind design and how it reflects the player (also is not a coincidence that is the final main boss of the first game and the master planner behind it all, not sure about the Icon of Sin symbolism yet): Is a brain attached to a gun and legs, just like us when we play are our brain attached to the "gun" (the mouse) and the other hand we use to move, is like an evil reflection of us not as a character but as a player through the game, see what i am getting at? Now i am not so sure about Doom 2 but might be more of the same, with the Earth setting having something to do with a hidden meaning in the game too. I know it sounds like a crazy, fragmented theory, but hopefully someone will think about it and see what i am saying, is something that i wanted to say to someone for a time now and this seems like the right place. D16 might be about the same thing, but i have to reflect on it.
  4. D88M

    Favorite thing about the Doom games?

    I dont want to sound rude and welcome to the forum, but there was already a thread like this :/ I love everything about Doom, specially the first episode of the first game, everything about the first two games has a very special charm, the weapons, the levels, the assets, the textures, the sounds, the music, the monsters, the power ups, the violence, i just love Doom!
  5. D88M

    What are you listening to?

    On the Sunday of Life... By Porcupine Tree
  6. I thought that the cats crying/fighting/whatever that creepy sound they do is at night were witches and i was scared as hell while trying to sleep. Other dumb stuff i believed in when i was a kid: People.
  7. D88M

    Twice the demons?

    They are gonna add some new ones, remove some, and add variations to those who remain. Also was the Spidermind Olivia? When i saw the scene i thought she was dragged to hell and the master mind came through the same blood portal.
  8. This. In D16 i did not read even one note about anything, i just played through the game, i like to read sometimes in games but Doom is not the place for that, maybe in the future i will replay it and actually read everything. The new Doomverse seems more inspired by the Doom comic than anything else, and i found the narrations very cheesy and not as badass as the devs probably think they are. Having said that, creating a Doom universe lore sounds interesting and i like it, if done well it can be awesome, but some stuff i saw was kinda generic and more alien than hellish, if anything i want lore of hell and fucked up settings.
  9. D88M

    Doomslayer looks like the Predator?

    Nah, if anything it looks like a 15 year old deviant art fan drawing. Also where is the belly button. Also now i want a mod where you play D16/Eternal as the Predator.
  10. D88M

    Classic Mode

    Huh, no. And you did not found the secret levels? Or did not played the game? Sadly the old levels were not very well implemented. I wonder if the yare gonna do the same thing but with Doom 2 in Eternal.
  11. Yeah, my english is awful, sorry about that, but at least i can get my point across with it, sadly there are no spanish forums of the topics that i like.
  12. Complex = Beatiful? No, really, i love what i am seeing, those maps are insane, very complex, i would love to play them.
  13. D88M

    Is id done with lockdowns?

    I hope so, they got boring and repetitive very quickly. I dont mind them in the game as they add to the variety of situations you can play in, but Jesus, not all the damn time trapped in a little round arena. Keep them at a minimum.
  14. I think they should do both, horror and action, within the same game. Doom and Doom 2 did it 20 years ago, no excuse not to be able to pull it off now. Some levels more claustrophobic, with few but powerful enemies and little ammo to get and more dark and satanic enviroments, maybe at the begginning of the game, then some open areas with lots of monsters and ammo with more colorful and more "human" but still bloody levels. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
  15. The thing is, Flesh420, i think that me and people (or most or some people) always saw Duke has a parody, a satire of those kind of "though guy" games and movies which made fun of all those tropes, but the thing is, i just dont see it, is like there i an attempt to do that, but it does not really go nowhere, but to be fair i never payed much attention to the franchise and even less in those terms. So i think that a modern game in modern times where there is this culture of getting offended for any random stuff, which was really provocative and offensive with totally ridiculous over the top violence, sexual content and storyline but an actual point to all of that would be a great addition to our current culture, but i just dont think they are gonna made it.