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  1. SoulGamingYT

    Changing the Starting Weapon

    Hello Peeps! I now have a new question for those of whom that want to assist. How exactly does one change the starting weapon in a DOOM wad? I'm wanting to replace the standard pistol with the iGun, presumably most commonly known from the popular (and deservingly so) 'mega wad' Winter's Fury. Although I haven't searched for info too deeply this time around, I figured my most faithful option was directly consulting the community, as most of the posts I came across were referring to Snapmap. As always, any assistance is greatly appreciated! -SoulGamingYT
  2. SoulGamingYT

    Custom Skyboxes (GZBuilder UDMF)

    Thank you! This was extremely helpful to me! =D However, something in particular I've been wondering about involving this topic, is how exactly do I create the ceiling for a skybox? As I'm sure someone like yourself would know, your typical sky texture doesn't contain a sky to look directly up at, so how would I get one? I'm certainly not fit for creating my own, but I've found no solution to this problem as of yet. Any assistance regarding this topic is greatly appreciated. ^^
  3. SoulGamingYT

    Custom Skyboxes (GZBuilder UDMF)

    Hello Everyone! Coming around again for my third editing question that probably has a very, very simple answer. How would I go about using custom skyboxes? I'll let whomever wishes to help me jam their keyboards, but I first need to address that I'm both aware of and know how to properly use the Skybox Viewpoint Thing. I'd also like to inform that I've spend a considerable amount of time researching the topic and failed to recover any particularly useful information, meaning that this is indeed a last-ditch effort at becoming knowledgeable within the subject. Now, if were to take your phalanges and start writing up some sorta educational response for me to read, as always, I'd greatly appreciate it! ^w^ P.S. Sorry for being so uneducated with these more advanced editing techniques, as I've only recently started realizing how to truly make a detailed DOOM WAD. Also, I like the song 'Casual Affair' by 'Panic! At The Disco'...think it- uh...think it's pretty good.
  4. SoulGamingYT

    Translucent Floors/Ceilings (GZBuilder UDMF)

    Simple fix to a simple problem, I see. As stated, your assistance is much obliged. ^w^
  5. Hello, Everyone! I've recently made a post questioning a separate minuscule detailing mechanic for a DOOM WAD I'm creating, and now I've run into a new issue of mine. How exactly would I go about making 3D Sectors translucent in GZ DOOM Builder w/ the UDMF format equipped? I've searched deep both into the program menus and the internet, but can't salvage anything important! Any assistance is appreciated! -SoulGamingYT
  6. SoulGamingYT

    Wavy Water

    Finally! Thank you. =D
  7. SoulGamingYT

    Wavy Water

    I'm actively making a highly detailed DOOM WAD and recently realized that it was missing something: Wavy Water. How exactly does one achieve this? I've searched, searched, and searched, yet I still can't find any information let alone anything loosely related to this topic. If anyone out there is blessed with the knowledge on how exactly one achieves this, I respectfully beg you to teach me. P.S. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the smooth water effect used if popular WAD's such as Winter's Fury, Knee Deep in ZDOOM, etc.. If you still aren't aware of what I'm talking about, then look up either of the WAD's listed and view the liquid in the maps. Danke. -SoulGamingYT