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  1. Yes Brutal Doom does that but it is not universal and will not help me when playing with other mods and TC's such as Project Einherjar. My comment was for the Bolognese mod, not Brutal Doom or Project Brutality and it does NOT have that.
  2. Would be cool to see different kinds of deaths besides just an explosion of guts. Exploding heads and limbs if that's possible.
  3. Rex705

    Doom with PBR materials

    where do I download? I need this in my game.
  4. Rex705

    Avactor Second Update is out !

    Looks pretty cool I'll give it a go.
  5. Rex705

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    Here is my video of the first 2 levels
  6. Rex705

    Goetia 1

    I did a video of the first two levels :) It's fun.
  7. Rex705

    Bloody Boots - Now Released!

    This was a fun map :)
  8. Rex705

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    It's so pretty :O
  9. Rex705

    Dimension of the Boomed

    oh, I typed the wrong version it's GZ 3.3.2. Other than not being able to put it in a folder and all that everything works so it's all good :)
  10. Rex705

    Dimension of the Boomed

    Ok so I got it to work but with an error. It seems If I unzip the file and try to load wad as normal it won't work and will just start normal Doom 2. If I rename it or put it in a folder it will not work. So the only way for me to play is to just leave it as a zip not place it in a folder or rename it and it will work but will give a red error saying Frame 705: incompatible code pointer 'RandomJump'
  11. Rex705

    Dimension of the Boomed

    Am I doing something wrong? When I load this WAD in GZDoom 2.3.3. I just get normal Doom 2. How do I play this?
  12. Rex705

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    This looks so good I can't wait to play it.
  13. Rex705

    Dark Universe Prt1 Released

    Duuuude I want those custom monster sounds!