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  1. Rex705

    I.H.N.I. Episode 1 (no - the other one)

    This looks so good I wish I could play it. Sadly it's very choppy on my PC even with all the recommended settings and GZ 4-4-0.
  2. Rex705

    Cold Front Now on /idgames

    This is fun and perfect for some Xmas demon-slaying. Here is a nice Xmas fun video.
  3. Rex705

    Ultra's Nightmare & Violence City (2 Maps)

    From the screenshots and the little bit that I have played they look pretty sweet.
  4. Rex705

    DBP29: Morbid Autumn

    On the first map, the first secret right around the corner at the start has 6 of the 8 secrets piled on top of each other.
  5. Rex705

    ANOMALY (WAD)- Full release

    This is lots of fun and very cool designed maps. I like how you open doors to get a path back to other areas for faster backtracking.
  6. Rex705

    Trick and Tear - October Speedmapping (WAD OUT NOW)

    Great maps everyone. Here is my go at Sanatorium it was fun and spooky. Nice spooky events like lights going out, doors to cells suddenly open, and the classic Silent Hill trick of sending you to the alternate hell version of the map. Very nice.
  7. Rex705

    Trick and Tear - October Speedmapping (WAD OUT NOW)

    Another spooky fun map Atrocities In The Dust. Nice encounters and progression with a good final battle challenge.
  8. Rex705

    Trick and Tear - October Speedmapping (WAD OUT NOW)

    My run of The House.
  9. Rex705

    You draw it, I map it (now on idgames)

    Wow, this really blew up and zipped along. I see D3 and C4 connected to my C3. those were meant to be dead ends because they are landing pads but oh well I guess Rince-wind can sort that out. This was fun I would love to see more of these happen and become a new fun community project thingy.
  10. Fun maps can't wait to see more :)
  11. Rex705

    Halloween Maps!

    Pumpkin Hell
  12. Rex705

    You draw it, I map it (now on idgames)

    Ok, this sounds interesting so I'll give it a shot. I'm no artist. 1) This is an outside area on a floating platform with 2 bridges and 2 spaceship landing pads. This is a high tech starport. 2-5) 4 tech towers curve in toward the center. They are power stations for the starport. 6-7) The command control tower watching over the starport. The ground floor is filled with cool tech stuff and work stations and an elevator. The top floor is the command center lined with computers and a window looking out over the starport.
  13. Rex705

    Trick and Tear - October Speedmapping (WAD OUT NOW)

    Wow, I just played "The House" and it was really good! It has a super creepy atmosphere up to the end well done. I love these creepy atmosphere type maps so I can't wait to see what else people can come up with.
  14. Rex705

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    Yes, Github does exactly what you want. You can work on it and update and people can check back now and again for updates to download.
  15. Rex705

    DBP23: Evil Egypt

    This looks really good I love the style. I'll be having fun playing these map. :)