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  1. Rex705

    Fortress of Deception

    It was a nice little map. I did a video for it.
  2. Rex705

    Cold Reception - speedmap in 2 days!

    Well, the map looks really cool. Sadly I was just running around in circles for hours with no clue where to go or what to do while switch hunting. I finally made it up to the red key then went and hit another switch and then just gave up. So the map looks nice but navigation leaves you lost and confused hunting switches and that's not fun. Challenging map for puzzle lovers.
  3. I also really enjoyed this map it was fun. Would love to see more. I also made a video lol.
  4. I played a few maps it's pretty cool. I did a video 😀
  5. Rex705

    I'm having issues finding a certain mod

    The mod you are looking for is called Plastic Doom but good luck finding a link.
  6. Rex705

    So I found an Aliens mod...

    Yeah, there are a ton of alien mods. I used aliens0.99f.pk3 but I could never remember where i got it from or find a link.
  7. Rex705

    So I found an Aliens mod...

    That's old outdated check the new up to date Aliens Mods Also
  8. Rex705

    SHRINE - A Total Conversion Mod for Doom 2

    This looks great and is super fun. My only thoughts are improve the skybox so it's not a...box and add a gore system like Nash gore vengence with colored blood. Also wish mappers didn't use Copywrite music because it makes it hard for us Youtubers. A little more polish and this could be a full game on Steam. Video of map 1 😀
  9. I started fresh and got up to map 4 and it just randomly crashes I don't know why.
  10. Rex705

    Splatterhouse 3D - Full TC

    Whoa sweet a 3rd episode!!! I can't wait to see what happens next it was lots of fun.
  11. After downloading 1.4 the game keeps crashing on map 04 :(
  12. Rex705

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    @DderNabroc all you need is the Materials.rar. Unpack it and re-pack it in a zip and load as normal.
  13. Rex705

    Corner Compound (single level, short and sweet)

    This was a fun map :)
  14. Beautiful Doom has options to turn off its monsters, weapons, and items for max compatibility with other mods. I have already tested and the new monsters and boss show up just fine so no worries. 😀
  15. I did videos for the first 2 maps so far it's fun.