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  1. Rex705

    DBP17: Alone

    This was a fun map pack here is my playlist.
  2. Rex705

    Moonlit District | Now on idgames!

    Just started playing these maps very good. Nice design quick and simple.
  3. Rex705

    Darkforces Wardusted 2022

    May the 4th be with you! Everything is looking good but those little bat things did get stuck in a wall for me.
  4. Rex705


    This was a fun challenging little map :) here is my vid
  5. Rex705

    The Old Bean Factory

    whoa, I didn't know about the windows opening. So that's the true way of getting into that secret nice. My mods broke the map a bit but it was still lots of fun. I thought the zombie apocalypse would fit well with the theme of breaking into a factory for beans.
  6. Rex705

    The Old Bean Factory

    This was a fun map I enjoyed it. I like maps that take place in towns and cities we don't see enough of those it's always tech bases. A little glitchy with the mods i used but still fun.
  7. Rex705

    [Released] Infection

    Map 3 was super fun. Time to switch over to RC4.
  8. Rex705

    [Released] Infection

    Very cool maps I loved the design and flow.
  9. Rex705

    Darkforces Wardusted 2022

    That's some nice lighting. :)
  10. Rex705

    Darkforces Wardusted 2022

    lol you could make an X-Mas version and give everyone a Santa hat.
  11. Rex705

    Darkforces Wardusted 2022

    It's kinda weird shooting the rocket launcher but no explosion when it hits.
  12. Rex705

    GZDoom config Blur filters vs crispy look

    I like the HD settings and then I use ReShade on top to clean up the image a bit more and put in some bloom and glow to lights.
  13. Rex705

    Darkforces Wardusted 2022

    Can't wait for those WAD patches so I can beat up more stormtroopers and take on Vader again.
  14. Rex705

    Darkforces Wardusted 2022

    Nice, this mod has made a lot of progress. Now that everything is looking good you can work on WAD fixes for The Darkest Hour and its prequel Dawn A Prelude right? I would love to play these maps with this mod.
  15. Rex705

    Darkforces Wardusted 2022

    Looks pretty cool :)