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  1. iconoclast12

    Reaper miniatures - cyberdemon

    That's the pewter cyberdemon figure that came with the ID Anthology... Do you have the boxed set?
  2. iconoclast12

    Doom movie thoughts?

    It's pure and utter crap.
  3. Why are they so damn expensive? I don't understand it? I have been searching and looking at prices of vintage PC games, and most of them aren't really that expensive.. Even big box classics are fairly cheap, but I see copies of Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, Quake, Quake II, Wolf 3d and such going for between $20-$50 (sometimes for JUST the disc!) with boxed copies going over $100.. What's the deal with this? This was never the case with these games.. What am I missing?
  4. iconoclast12

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    I found the playstation versions of Doom to be a lot more horrifying than the PC versions.. Mostly due to the new soundtrack (which is totally effed by the way!) and colored lighting effects making a lot of areas appear darker.. Really though, it's amazing what the different soundtrack did to change the atmosphere of the game. Aside from knee deep in the dead, the PC versions soundtracks never really did it for me...
  5. iconoclast12

    Mac Doom II question

    Not sure about the original or Final Doom, but there was a Mac version of Doom II, yes.
  6. iconoclast12

    Mac Doom II question

    Does anyone know if the versions of Mac Doom, specifically Doom II for Mac, have the same .wad files as the PC version? I ask this because I found a copy of Mac Doom II in the big box for really cheap (for some reason Windows copies of Doom have skyrocketed....not sure why?) and since I only use source ports (zdoom) anyway, I figured the old default installation didn't matter much to me, and I am making the assumption that it has the same .wad files as the PC version. And, if they are different, am I still able to use them with PC Zdoom? Can anyone answer this question? Thanks!