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  1. ScreechingBoner

    Steam Winter sale 2019

    Got me some cheap and (partly) janky games because I've been wanting to play something less polished and enjoy a different kind of games: Xenus II: White Gold and its sequel Precursors Serious Sam 2 to play with my pal A Robot Named Fight (roguelite + metroidvania sounds right up my alley) Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword (for the Eastern European setting of it)
  2. ScreechingBoner

    Have you ever changed as a gamer as years went on?

    I'm stopping to feel bad about dropping games instead of giving in to the sunken cost fallacy. In the words of the Reggienator himself: "If the game's not fun, why bother?" At the same time, getting less stressed about just wandering about the games I actually like and taking in the atmosphere instead of rushing through the backlog. Figured out where my preferences lie genre-wise and thus avoid spending time and money on the games I'm unlikely to enjoy, no matter how hyped up they are. All in all, despite having less time to game, I feel like I'm getting more enjoyment from it.
  3. ScreechingBoner

    Steam Summer Sale 2019

    Finally got Dusk (its presentation hits just the right spots Amid Evil doesn't), Salt & Sanctuary (2D Soulsborne-ish metroidvania) and Disgaea. Above my usual sale spending limit, but I feel like the games were worth it :D
  4. ScreechingBoner

    Get your super good monitor stand right now!

    From what my more Apple-savvy fellow IT students are saying, @insertwackynamehere is mostly right: it is a professional product. The competing stands seem to be worth several thousand dollars, which would make $999 a steal. However, since Apple has been cultivating a casual audience for the last decade, non-professionals are getting whiplash from a product not being catered to them. This, however, is a barely informed take from a non-Apple fan, so it might be off base.
  5. ScreechingBoner

    unpopular retro opinions

    @Ajora While I agree with you on the story front, I feel like Bioshock 2 is still a good, if not great, game when it comes to gameplay compared to the first game. Plasmids and weapons are a lot better and the audiovisual feedback from the inside of the Big Daddy suit is immensely satisfying. Minerva's Den further built upon that by introducing the Gravity Well plasmid and the Ion Lance, both cool additions to the arsenal (the former especially), and delivering an amazing condensed storyline on the level of Bioshock 1. What I'm saying is, at the very least it definitely had its moments, although it's easy to see how it might've disappointed and alienated quite a few players. From what I've seen Infinite is an even bigger departure in setting, story and gameplay, but I've yet to play it.
  6. ScreechingBoner

    ZMovement 3.1 (Final optimization and bug fixing)

    Looks great, and D4T was a perfect choice to demonstrate this mod since this kind of movement is the little je ne sais quoi that was missing for me when playing it. Looking forward to further developments!
  7. The only mazes I found neat in older FPS are the grass mazes from Blood. Not too big, mostly for decoration, beautifully covered in snow and full of atmosphere. The Plutonia maze mentioned above was the level I probably hated the most out of the whole megawad. Even all the Revenant/Chaingunner death squads in Final Doom weren't as annoying as this one obtuse map. Ended up dispatching all the archies pretty quickly and found myself wandering blindly and setting off frustrating door opening triggers for far too long. BigMacDavis' walkthrough was the only reason I didn't just noclip/level skip after a while.
  8. ScreechingBoner

    Calling Castlevania experts of Doomworld

    Can only speak for GBA 'Vanias: Aria of Sorrow is the best one of the bunch, and is still considered among the best in the series, highly recommended Circle of the Moon was the first Castlevania on the system with gameplay akin to Classicvanias, toughest out of the three. Has some interesting ideas, but might not click with everyone Lastly, Harmony of Dissonance. It just is. There's nothing too special about it, the graphics are weirdly saturated and thus quite unpleasant, but it's a passable option if you just want some more Metroidvania
  9. ScreechingBoner

    unpopular retro opinions

    Here's a take that I expect to get a lot of "git gud"s to: many older games' (mostly platformers') difficulty is not a merit but a leftover of the arcade era and a means to drag out extremely short titles for as long as possible, and said difficulty by no means makes them superior to modern games that offer a lot more variety and freedom of choice to a player.
  10. ScreechingBoner

    Doom on mobile.

    A slightly off-topic question for the fellow Delta users: what is Precision aiming added in one of the more recent updates exactly? Haven't really noticed any gameplay changes after having turned it on.
  11. ScreechingBoner


    Congrats to all the winners and participants! Here's to many more (hopefully less chaotic) future contests!
  12. ScreechingBoner

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    Honestly, as a new Blood player (only tried a couple of levels in other source ports then waited for a remaster) I fail to notice all these apparently glaring flaws that are making people switch back to GDX and NBlood. In fact, mouselook finally doesn't feel like ass, which is a big plus in my books. Is it really as bad as people all over the place are making it out to be? :/
  13. ScreechingBoner

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    Yep, just bought it with said discount voucher. It's so smooth and beautiful, hope this remaster will attract some more new players to experience the classic :)
  14. ScreechingBoner

    Doomsday Engine through Steam

    You can go into the game files (right click on the game -> "Properties" -> "Local Files" -> "Browse local files"), delete/backup/rename the DosBox executable and rename ZDL to "dosbox". Works like a charm with a minor inconvenience of having to delete DosBox launch arguments from the mod list every time. Tried changing the launch via SteamEdit, but it brought about a different and less tolerable set of tiny annoyances, would not recommend.
  15. It's a terrifying prospect. He's showcased his total ineptitude during the various interviews during the campaign, many of his roles and business ventures are in Russian productions and if anything he says now is to go by, he's eager to be Putin's doormat. The current president is not the best, but he's done a lot during his term given how corrupt the system he's working with is. I find it astounding that people believe that the actor working off a script actually possesses enough political prowess to lead a country when it's in such a difficult place.