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  1. ScreechingBoner


    More and more vibrant and colourful projects in development recent days, really hope this catches on. As always, the screenies look breathtaking!
  2. ScreechingBoner

    You Need Glasses (Low Quality graphics pack for doom 2)

    Mixing this with Wobbly Shaders should do (or even overdo) the trick.
  3. ScreechingBoner

    420 blaze it [weed][marihuana][thc][legalized it]

    Apparently there's a shop not too far away from my uni. The administration already sent some emails detailing the weed policy, including some harsh fines. As a novice driver, I'm incredibly wary of more people driving under the effects of devil's lettuce than before, since the countries and states that legalized marijuana prior to Canada did register an increase in traffic accidents, and not an entirely negligible one.
  4. ScreechingBoner

    Does everything popular sucks?

    Edited: Nevermind, no need for that blog post.
  5. ScreechingBoner

    What is Doomguy's race?

  6. ScreechingBoner

    What are your favourite 'Hidden Gems' Games?

    While it can get extremely tedious, the atmosphere is absolutely phenomenal.
  7. ScreechingBoner

    Today is National Cheese Pizza Day

    A proper Quattro Formaggi begs to differ.
  8. ScreechingBoner

    Do You Like Doom 3?

    It's alright. Some of the darker sections look astounding to this very day, the atmosphere is incredibly thick with the Hell section being one of the most memorable, most of the monster redesigns look great with the addition of some insect-like features. On the other hand, the scares get cheaper and cheaper as the game goes on and some of the weapons sound like NERF toys. While Doom 3 does get plenty of undeserved flak, I do understand why some people left disappointed awaiting a proper sequel to the classics.
  9. ScreechingBoner

    Who else isn't an adult here besides me?

    I'll be out of my teens in about half a year. O fug.
  10. ScreechingBoner

    Has a single mode mod ever been made for Quake 3?

    In addition, there is a Doom II mod by the name of Hunter's Moon that attempts to provide a single player campaign for QIII with Crash as the main character. While it's a bit of a roundabout way of going about a story mode, the mod itself is really neat. Other than that, most mods for Quake III are just models, textures and soundpacks. Wish I had any pals to play LAN games with, those are the bee's knees.
  11. ScreechingBoner

    Do you guys know any good gun mods

    Here's some suggestions: Russian Overkill: a crazy amount of destructive guns (including some devastating combos for your fists); Guncaster: some insane guns + magic; High Noon Drifter: neat spaghetti western weaponry; GMOTA: a classic fantasy/medieval weapon mod; Final Doomer+: weapon sets themed around Final Doom WADs TNT Evilution and Plutonia Experiment, as well as the Back to Saturn X and Japanese Community Project PWADs; Gunslinger 2.0: a fun armory with a steampunk aesthetic I'm a bit of a newbie myself, so I think the more experienced community members can give many more examples. Even so, these are likely to keep you entertained for quite a while (especially Russian Overkill).
  12. ScreechingBoner

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Pain Elementals, but I guess it's way too late for that.
  13. ScreechingBoner

    Berserk.wad (A map i made)

    Gonna go fetch my grasses and play this one. It's always nice to see some Berserk content.
  14. Have you tried Droplets?