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  1. Apothem

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    Ty, you truly will be missed. He was one of the biggest contributors to this community. Many thanks for everything, you will be missed. Rest well, and enjoy the afterlife.
  2. Aside from tagging EVERY sector in the map to have a color to it, you could just make a custom powerup that sets the fade to whatever you need it to be on the player's screen. I believe something along the lines of Fadeto may also replicate the effects that you see from something like the doom sphere. http://zdoom.org/wiki/FadeTo
  3. Apothem

    Problem whit scripts

    If you've got #include "Zcommon.acS" in there twice, that's probably it. The error you're getting is from including that file too many times. That's probably the reason why you're not actually getting a line number marker in Doombuilder. My money is on that it's a multiple definition issue. when you #include files ONLY DO IT ONCE. (AT THE TOP) Hope this helps. :)
  4. I appreciate it. I tried to make it as flexible as possible. With this model, you could potentially apply it to monsters too. Would make for one heck of a boss or elite unit or something.
  5. Seconded. That third to last screenshot just looks silly. Make a doomguy model!
  6. I've given this code out kinda under the radar, and after giving it out last time, I said I'd release a public version. Out of any script I've made, this one gets used more, next to the HP Bar. So, here it is, the Halo shielding system. Complete with MP compatibility in ZDoom and Skulltag. You are also able to customize it a bit and put in your own custom armor types etc for any other special effects you'd like to try. You are free to use this, but please credit those who deserve it. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EBPD52DA code:#include "zcommon.acs" #define RECHARGEDELAYTIME 105 //delay before the recharge takes place. #define RECHARGETIME 1 //delay between each addition of shield hit points #define MAXPLAYERS 32 #define SHLDREGEN 600 #define SHIELDING 601 int isrecharging[MAXPLAYERS]; script SHLDREGEN (int pnum) //Recharging script. { if (getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_Health) <= 0) { terminate; } int oldval = getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_health); if (isrecharging[playernumber()] == 0) { localambientsound("recharge", 127); isrecharging[playernumber()]++; } for (int a = checkinventory("armor"); a < 100; a++) { if (checkinventory("armor") < a || getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_health) < oldval || getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_Health) <= 0) { isrecharging[playernumber()] = 0; terminate; } if (getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_health) > oldval) { oldval =getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_health); } oldval = getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_health); giveactorinventory(activatortid(), "shieldlvl1", 1); delay(rechargetime); } isrecharging[playernumber()] = 0; } function str chkshield (int pnum) //this function is to be used for custom shielding values - mostly for the APS { return "shieldlvl1"; //if you want to adjust the armor resilience or anything, just change this to your custom armor bonus. //if you wanted to check for other conditions as well, this would be the best place to put your checks. } script SHIELDING (int pnum) //status check script { int acounter; int oldhp = getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_health); int oldval = checkinventory("armor"); While (checkinventory("armor") == oldval) //counter loop to make sure the charging process isn't interupted. { acounter++; delay(1); if (acounter == RECHARGEDELAYTIME && checkinventory("armor") < 100) //if the loop has reached it's proper delay time (in tics) { acs_executealways(SHLDREGEN,0,playernumber(),0,0); break; } /* if(checkinventory("armor") == 0) //failed attempt at trying for the dead beep. Try again next time charlie. { delay (4); localambientsound("deadbeep",127); acounter += 4; }*/ if (checkinventory("armor") < oldval || getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_health) < oldhp) //if the armor or health changes it resets the countdown { if( checkinventory("armor") < oldval && getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_health) == oldhp) localambientsound("ohshit", 127); acounter = 0; oldval = checkinventory("armor"); oldhp = getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_health); } if (getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_health) > oldhp) { oldhp = getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_health); } if (checkinventory("armor") > oldval) { oldval = checkinventory("armor"); } if (getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_Health) <= 0) { break; } } if (getactorproperty(activatortid(), APROP_Health) >= 1) { delay(1); restart; } } Script 1 ENTER //This script is just meant to initialize the system. { thing_changetid(0,1000 + playernumber()); acs_executealways(SHIELDING,0,0,0,0); } Script 601 RESPAWN { thing_changetid(0,1000 + playernumber()); acs_executealways(SHIELDING,0,0,0,0); }
  7. Apothem

    hudmessage troubles...

    I dunno what I'm doing wrong, but it seems I'm putting it in right and it just wont show up on the screen. So at first I thought it was sethudsize, so I removed that from the picture. Now it's down to the basics of just replacing a piece of text and it wont even do that. So I'm utterly confused and now I'm at a loss as to what to do, if anyone can give me a suggestion as to what's wrong, it'd be appreciated. #include "zcommon.acs" #Define MONINIT 998 #Define APMON 997 int APC [8]; //the number indicates the amount of AP int ablAct [8]; //array check for toggling of active ability function int maxval (int x, int y) { if (x > y) { print(i:(x-y)); return (x - y); } return (y-x); } function int minval (int x, int y) { return 1; } function void UPDATEBAR (int lastval, int newval, int pnum) { //int acounter; //hudmessage(s:"pnum: ", i:pnum, s:"Diff:", i:diff, s:"apc:", i:apc[pnum]; HUDMSG_PLAIN, 202,1, 700, 75, 1); /* for(acounter = minval(lastval, newval); acounter < maxval(lastval, newval); acounter++) { setfont("fillcaut"); hudmessage(s:"a"; hudmsg_fadeout, acounter, 3, 56.1 + acounter << 16, 559.0, 1); }*/ // For when I figure the hard way out //for the time being.. print(s:"check"); //sethudsize(800,600,0); hudmessage(s:""; Hudmsg_plain , 50, CR_YELLOW, 0.1245, 0.9245, 0); hudmessage(i:apc[playernumber()]; Hudmsg_plain | hudmsg_log , 50, CR_YELLOW, 0.1245, 0.9245, 0); //<-- item causing problems } script 999 ENTER { Thing_changetid(0,1000+playernumber()); setactorproperty(0,APROP_ALPHA, 0.1); ACS_Execute(MONINIT, 0,0,0,0); } Script MONINIT (void) //initializes the display script for ap { int bcounter; int acounter; sethudsize(800,600,0); apc[playernumber()] = 100; //defaults the ap bar to full setfont("APSTATBR"); hudmessage(s:"a"; HUDMSG_PLAIN, 0, 0, 20.1,550.0,0); //pastes the bar on the screen updatebar(0, 100,playernumber()); acs_execute(APMON,0,0,0,0); } Script APMON (void) { int currentcheck; currentcheck = apc[playernumber()]; setfont("DEFAULT"); if (apc[playernumber()] > 100) { apc[playernumber()] = 100; } if (apc[playernumber()] < 0) { apc[playernumber()] = 0; } //print(s:"Execute 1"); while( apc[playernumber()] == currentcheck) { currentcheck = apc[playernumber()]; //hudmessage(s:"Current AP Value: ", i:apc[playernumber()]; HUDMSG_PLAIN, 202,1, 700, 45, 1); delay(1); } //print(i:currentcheck); updatebar(currentcheck, apc[playernumber()], playernumber()); //argument is for a better drawing method I haven't figured out yet delay(1); restart; }
  8. Apothem

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    Toke, you will not be forgotten. Ah heck, look at the bright side, at least he's in a better place now... I think.
  9. Apothem

    Skulltag help needed

    Use the little program packaged with the Skulltag installation called "IDESE.EXE". It should be in the same folder as skulltag I believe. If it's not, do a google the phrase "Internet Doom Explorer", and you should be able to find it. The rest is sorta self explanitory within the program.
  10. Apothem

    Doom multiplayer isn't balanced...

    Thank you for saying that, as I feel the exact same way. It's also kinda funny if you read through the thread on how miffed people get when you start crticizing DooM's MP. Then again, I don't blame you. One recommendation I do have, however, is to play the ORIGINAL doom.exe and see how it compares to the source ports of today. Compare the weapon damage and gameplay flow between Skulltag or Zdaemon and the original doom2.exe and think about how much of a difference there is. Source ports have really changed the playing field. For the better or worse, I'm not quite sure, but it's definently changed things and hopefully things will change for the better as time goes on.
  11. Apothem

    whats your fav doom I/II level?

    Definently map28 while running t7d.wad. Really puts your skills to the test as far as being able to pistol start at least.
  12. Mmmmm white palate....
  13. Apothem

    How do I make projectiles shootable?

    add +solid and it should work. It needs to be solid in order for things to collide and such with it. I think that should do it. You may also want to add -noblockmap to that list too and see what it does.
  14. It'd be nice to see it, I'd like to see if there's anything in there I might be able to use. And of course I'll give you credit if I use it ;) PM it to me whenever you get the chance.
  15. Apothem

    Strategy Doom Megawad

    Eheh, thanks. =) Expect a new scripting breakthrough soon ;)