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  1. nervewar

    How to remove pistol start?

    I actually had to figure this out for a project of mine a few weeks ago. Check out this link for reference: https://zdoom.org/wiki/ClearInventory And also this: After a bit of trial and error I ended up with this script that seems to work exactly as needed (for me anyhow): script 1 ENTER { ClearInventory(); GiveInventory("Fist", 1); SetWeapon("Fist"); }
  2. nervewar

    Doom Streams

    About to try out @Austinado's project! https://mixer.com/nervewar
  3. nervewar

    Doom Streams

    About to dive into Eviternity! https://mixer.com/nervewar
  4. nervewar

    Doom Streams

    About to play some more DBP21: Occult Secrets of the Third Reich on Mars! I think I might be able to finish it tonight... https://mixer.com/nervewar
  5. Ok I think I can probably play them tomorrow. Cheers!
  6. Hey @Austinado is this your latest WAD? https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/scourge I would like to play and record your maps in return for playing mine. If you've got another link that would be better please let me know!
  7. Hey thanks so much for playing/recording @Austinado, that was cool to watch! You gave me a lot of good suggestions to that I'll work on for the next version. Appreciate it!
  8. nervewar

    Doom Streams

    I guess I'll be the first to post a Mixer profile here. I've been streaming a lot of Doom lately. Currently playing through Occult Secrets of the Third Reich, which is a blast. After that I plan on playing that new Godzilla themed wad! https://mixer.com/nervewar
  9. Hey @Austinado if you felt like it, it would be really cool to see you play my newly updated Doom NW project! The first map was released two years ago, and I just finished the second map this morning :) I built and tested it specifically with GZDoom so hopefully you won't have any problems with it since that's what you use too. Cheers!
  10. Just played the first level of this and thoroughly enjoyed it! I also streamed it, here's the recording: https://mixer.com/nervewar?vod=272843630 Plan on playing the next level soon, maybe even tonight!
  11. nervewar

    Doom NW - Version 2.0

    Hey thanks @phoo I appreciate hearing that after spending a ton of time on the details... Feels good to have it noticed :D
  12. Hey all! So thanks (I guess) to the quarantine, I have finally finished the 2nd map of my Doom NW project! It is a lot larger and more combat oriented than the first map was. There is also a larger emphasis on platforming in this one :) The idea is to make a 3 level mini episode that has a good mix of gameplay styles. Here's the details, and a download link is at the bottom. If you had already played the first map and just want to see the new one, you can use the "changemap MAP02" console command. Otherwise, I recommend playing both levels back to back for the full experience! Doom NW A seismic event has occurred and you have fallen into a collapsing UAC mining facility. Now you must make your way back out alive, and battle your way through the ore crushing facility! Screenshots Technical Stuff Port: GZDoom (incompatible with other ports, sorry!) Freelook: Yes Jumping/Crouching: No Hardware Rendering Required: No, but recommended Base IWAD: DOOM2.wad Current Version: 2.0 Release Date: 4/3/2020 Content 2 levels, MAP01 and MAP02 (plan on adding a third and final map at some point) Lots of custom textures/graphics Custom ambient sound design Custom intro and outro music Gameplay Difficulty settings: Implemented Themes: MAP01: Survival/Limited Resources MAP02: Combat/Platforming Map Sizes: MAP01: Small-Medium MAP02: Medium/Large Rough Play Times: MAP01: 5-7 Minutes MAP02: 7-10 Minutes RECOMMENDED SETTINGS: Mouse Options Always Mouselook: ON Display Options > OpenGL Renderer > Texture Options Texture Filter Mode: None Display Options > OpenGL Renderer Sector Light Mode: Software Bloom Effect: On Ambient Occlusion Quality: High Copyright/Usage Info The crate textures designed by my good friend Bret Walters are free for you to use in your own maps as long as you credit him as "Bret Walters | vimeo.com/user4779474" All the rest of the custom textures, graphics, sound effects and music are done by me. You are welcome to use these in your maps as well as long as you credit me as "Brandon Duncan | nervewar.net" Credits Level Design / Texturing / Sound / Music: Brandon Duncan | nervewar.net/doom Crate Texture: Bret Walters | vimeo.com/user4779474 Play Testers: Bret Walters Austin Glassco Eric Sigg Sean McKeon Brian Simpson Danny Silvers | lantanagames.com Additional Resources from http://realm667.com and https://www.doomworld.com/afterglow/textures/ Full detailed credits in README.txt DOWNLOAD Dropbox link (10mb): https://www.dropbox.com/s/3tlb7ltutwzovvy/DoomNWv2.zip?dl=0 Hope you enjoy Doom NW!
  13. nervewar

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Like everyone else I've had a lot more time on my hands, so I've finally dove back into making the second level of my Doom NW project! Been working on it for like 4 days straight, getting pretty close to having it finished I believe. Pretty happy with how my truck and forklift came out :)
  14. nervewar

    Skinship - A large map for GZDoom

    Haha yeah I was getting a lot better at making that happen there towards the end, but then when I made it out with barely any health and no ammo I was scrambling to escape the next area with the bazillions of monsters spawning in. Brutal stuff...but awesome!
  15. nervewar

    Skinship - A large map for GZDoom

    This map is nuts! I really like what you did with a lot of the architecture and detailing. It's pretty crazy on the difficulty scale, haha. If you want to see me get my ass handed to me by your map @Lorenz0 I have a little play footage linked below. Had to quit after the insane cyberdemon+arachnotron+red baron battle, but I'll try again later, haha. https://mixer.com/nervewar?vod=270480086