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  1. RandorD&D

    Please critique my weapon designs (sketches)

    Liking the Harvester Magnum
  2. RandorD&D

    Things about Doom you just found out

    One time in Brutal Doom a Hell Knight threw a dead Zombie-Man towards me...but it's a very rare occurrence that happens.
  3. RandorD&D

    Convince me that Brutal doom is Overrrated

    Brutal Doom is ok and I play it once in a while, but it is short lived for me and Doom guy seems like he glorifies killing a lot...like he can go to bed at night and all he will think about is killing something. It gets into his head with raging full blown ego, while older Doom guy is quieter and less annoying...meh and overall I wouldn't say it's a bad game at all, but there are better ones out there to try out.
  4. RandorD&D

    What are your thoughts on CBD oil?

    CBD Oil heals the mind...that's all I have to say about that. Also you are correct that there are no deaths from Marijuana yet, but I've heard a long time ago from a few people that in order to die from Marijuana you need to take in a huge amount 100 or more tokes for that to happen. Good luck because you'll pass out before reaching that number...haha.
  5. RandorD&D

    What do you think comes after death?

    Ok here are my thoughts on it because I was close to death a long time ago when I drowned...the lifeguards, and the ambulance medics saved my life. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Do note that a near death experience is only just a fraction or a little taste of what death is like, but being 100% dead is another story...being dead is when you find the true answer that is locked away for now, and it will be revealed when that day comes. So in my near death experience... I saw everything around me having a life of it's own with rich colors, and the best I can describe it is 4K with more onion layers that I couldn't comprehend at all, and the precise mathmatic patterns are so beautiful to look at with flowers, petals, and roots manifesting all over it. best part is when the geometric looking symbol formed into an orb, and I'm talking...perfectly round...I grabbed the orb and set it on top of the table, then it slowly manifested into a purple candle with an eye that spoke to me, and a gnome appeared behind it and said "LOOK AT THIS?" He then lifted the candle off the table using some sort of telekinesis powers and said "Look at that...KAPOWW!" The fragments and pieces that bursted out of that candle were my ancestors appearing in the background...welcoming me home, and missing me so much! They reached out to grab my hand, and I can see their hearts beating full of energy. I grabbed my hands put it over my face and I was in tears, but here is the crazy part...my tears sank into my skin, and swirled all over my body and spat out of my eye sockets...the water droplets were suspended in midair as beautiful fitting music plays in the background. Finally...all at once everything sucked inside my body and woke up to this reality alive...but the weird part is I have not felt the same in this reality, because the other side is 100 times better, and I wish I remained dead long ago because that's how powerful death really is...it truly is one of the most beautiful things you can experience, but? I remain here because it's not my time to go yet and I have family.
  6. RandorD&D

    What are you listening to?

    CHINO XL on here is one of my favorite rappers before Eminem came around, and underrated.
  7. RandorD&D

    Respawning in Single Player (G)ZDoom

    I don't know an ACS script for it, but this always worked for me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- console command. Type in Addbot in then after that removebots You will respawn like if you were to play Multi-Player Deathmatch, but instead it's single player game
  8. RandorD&D

    Eternity Engine 3.42.03a Heimdal release 2 (hotfix)

    Wow...Eternity is pretty good and the resolution+graphics is just what I was looking for in Doom. 10/10
  9. RandorD&D

    Crispy Doom 5.6.4 (Update: Jan 14, 2020)

    This is very cool, and this is by far my favorite.
  10. RandorD&D

    Brutal Doom v19

    Thanks, but I would rather have something less Brutal...something less Gory.
  11. RandorD&D

    Doom movie thoughts?

    I really think Michael Bay should direct the next Doom movie...hehe :)
  12. RandorD&D

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I was bored one day and decided to use SLADE Editor...This is my rated PG version of Brutal Doom...There are no blood splatters on the walls or blood droplets from the ceiling, and mild gibs after an explosion.