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  1. BradySRoberts

    So what is the best game on the build engine you think?

    Definetly blood. Shadow warrior is pretty good too. Kinda prefer them over duke tbh
  2. BradySRoberts

    Ports That Support MP3 (and other non-MIDI) playback

    GzDoom does. and i think zandronum does too
  3. BradySRoberts

    DOOM II teased for E3

    Hopefully this is real. doom 2016 was a massive success it only makes sense for them to release doom 2. may not be this year. but it could be
  4. BradySRoberts

    Random Image Thread

    Shit posting? Shit posting.
  5. BradySRoberts

    Im new. what should i know or do?

    And how would I go about getting one?
  6. BradySRoberts

    Doom Streams

  7. BradySRoberts

    Im new. what should i know or do?

    Ive been playing doom for years lol. i just haven't made an account here
  8. BradySRoberts

    Im new. what should i know or do?

    Thank you havox
  9. BradySRoberts

    Im new. what should i know or do?

    Ive been browsing the forums for 2 years but i havent made an account until like march. is there anything i should know or do?
  10. BradySRoberts

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Im playing payday 2. its pretty fun
  11. BradySRoberts

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    To be honest. very few have made a good videogame movie so im kinda worried about this one
  12. BradySRoberts

    DoomFest! a doom discord about multiplayer!

    ah. thank you. i didnt know that
  13. Hey everyone. i love doom. dont we all? and what better way to show our love then to kill eachother without a second thought! well... in the game of course. this is a discord for arranging games of multiplayer and joining the occasional casual tournament. i hope we can all have a great experience using this server! hop on over and get slayin'. https://discord.gg/NEATXXF