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  1. Brainhammer


    It would seem that way, however, I've only completed classic Doom Nightmare!, on Xbox 360, and that is it..
  2. Brainhammer


    Thanks mrthejoshmon! I'm definitely not good enough to match the elite gamers that are out there I should think, but please enlighten me on what I need to do buy to compete with you guys, as I am a layman. For some reason I only really play old school games through old school technology.. I only bought an Xbox 360 when Doom 3 came out, so I could get the bonus Doom and Doom 2 downloads - until then it was all Snes and playstation 1.
  3. Brainhammer


    No problem jointritual!! Doom is a very personal game for me. It reminds me of being 7 years old again, first being exposed to Heavy Metal, Guns and Satan.. Back when I played on Snes, saving wasn't even available and I could only play it on Hey not too rough. While it might not be an achievement to you, it certainly is for me, after all these years. Hails.
  4. Brainhammer


    Yeah.. The Archviles are my least favourite Demon - incredibly frustrating, and the 4th toughest to Kill - they can deliver up to 90 pts of damage, not to mention they revive the dead.
  5. Brainhammer


    I'll be honest here, everybody.. It is a long hard and tedious slog.. I obviously save as I go, avoid wasting ammo where possible and have run mode on for most of the part. Once you clear a room of demons - get the fuck out.. I've completed Doom and Doom 2 on ultra violence on numerous occassions. I know the maps pretty well.. It's taken 20 years to finally finish Doom on Nightmare.. I play it on Xbox 360 btw. I haven't finished Doom 2 on nightmare, yet... I'm sure it'll be more difficult with the additional monsters, but the super shotgun,if used right, can be a real life saver..
  6. Brainhammer


    I haven't been lurking - Literally only just found about this place.. Hails, fellow Doom worshippers.
  7. Brainhammer


    G'day everyone. I first started my Doom obsession in 1996 on Super Nintendo.. I just completed Doom on Nightmare for the first time and feeling ultra stoked!! Cheers.