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  1. hella knight

    Interception II (32 New Levels for Doom II from the Doom Community)

    :( that doesn't sound good, hope they're alright...
  2. hella knight

    My personal website updated

    People should get back into this with neocities! It's great!
  3. hella knight

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    Memfis n scifista have been gone months and looks like olroda is banned :p
  4. hella knight

    I have a weird thing for newbie mods

    Yep, I find all wads/art beautiful because I just think it's amazing when people create something, another human being has taken time from their life to realise a vision, that wasn't but now is, an extension of themselves, a piece of their essence inside, saying something unique Yes on one hand you can say there are 'bad' newbie wads (there really are lol) but what does that mean? By conventional standards of course but I try not to always look through that lense, often even something that 'looks bad' or 'plays bad' can contain value, sometimes things that play and look bad are still fun or interesting and make me think for so I hesitate to call them objectively bad :) That someone would invest their life to create this thing, I should give back and continue the cycle by interacting with it, hopefully promoting more Doom is a funny wee community with a high ratio of creators because of its ease to get into, map crafters crafting their crafts for other crafters to play and keep one another fed
  5. hella knight

    ZDaemon's new update has a virus?

    Look up 'false positive' in terms of antivirus :) something everyone who uses torrents has probably encountered
  6. hella knight

    How do you feel about Doom's Randomness?

    I saw some people feel negatively about it but I actually thought it was very cool playing with these mods that show damage numbers and health bars, it's not how I usually play but gives you more of a fun gamey arcadey experience instead of the usual atmosphere and immersion. Funny how different the game 'feels' with them. Great for rpg/roguelitey type sessions.
  7. hella knight

    Using secrets effectively

    rdwpa addressed everything perfectly and summed it up well, "it depends"!
  8. hella knight

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    I think you'll find most people actually play on UV, and for a long time on most wads, it was the 'standard' way to play. It's a quirk I would attribute to UV emerging as the default difficulty for the iwads (for obvious reasons) so when people went on to make their own maps it very much felt like go UV or go home most of the time. It's not until more recently that putting effort into your difficulty settings has been encouraged, and to have HMP become the new UV so UV can provide a challenge for those really looking for one. Perhaps now the community is more diverse than it once was too, with casual players and Doom Gods alike wanting to be challenged by the same wads, we also now live in a world where we aren't so dismissive towards people who want to play comfortably their own way, we're less likely to tell them simply to 'get good' if they want to enjoy a wad, instead we accomodate those people now because supporting your fellow man is cooler than trying to be cool.
  9. Like the three episode rule for anime :)
  10. hella knight

    Going to QuakeCon? Check in here.

    wow it's gonna b a real who's who of doomworld huh
  11. hella knight


    No it's not
  12. hella knight

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    Wow nice stir of the pot Aquil maybe if you cared enough you could back up these vague claims I mean I may as well bite because clearly someone will so let's air out the drama now n be done with it. Disappointed.
  13. hella knight

    Day 0 (30 hours speedmap-ish effort)

    Does anyone know when a speed map stops being a speed map? :p The sessions round here make me think of them as being an hour or few but I guess it is also an attitude n there's not a strict definition I liked btw thanks keep it up
  14. hella knight

    New id weapons look the same

    I hadn't noticed that, interesting. Using the same engine and similar position on the screen seems to influence their percieved similar look a lot.
  15. hella knight

    Please support your favorite content creators.

    The 'thoughts and prayers' thing is a joke :p I think people misinterpreted your post because I didn't see it as being disparaging to Jimmy... Jimmy shot back with a remark about the guys lack of education (which I don't really understand) and then you perhaps playing devil's advocate questioned the importance of such education implied by Jimmy when it had yet to be of help to him. I read it as not an attack on Jimmy and more on the idea that education in that sense is some free pass to a great job or even required to get a decent job. Also not saying that Jimmy thinks that either, to be clear, but those ideas could be gleamed from the post in that context. Sorry just seemed like whir was being wrongly attacked because obviously they like Jimmy.