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  1. Title BFG Division Only know it by "Argent Combat"
  2. Where does Episode 2 take place?

    I know that it takes place on Deimos, but the Episode is titled "The Shores of Hell". It's like the game wants the player in two different places. I'm kind of leaning towards Purgatory, but he doesn't go to Heaven, but rather Hell. I don't know, but I personally think Deimos is Purgatory.
  3. Doom Builder help

    Hello, I recently got Doom Builder and tried to use it to make a map, but couldn't figure it out. I tried to find out how on the Reference section which came with the download but could not make sense of it. If anyone could help, PLEASE DO! Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Doom Builder help

    OK I don't want to be rude, but A.) I have not used the program since January, when I took it down. I was actually thinking about setting it back up and running it again. B.) Not once did I say that I was not willing to read and learn. I haven't gotten the time to do so. I appreciate your help with this and I will read the links you sent when I get the chance.
  5. Doom Builder help

    I haven't tried because I have since taken down the PC setup. I will try when I get the chance.
  6. Doom Builder help

    Ohh. Wow. I don't know what version I use. I think the latest one.
  7. E3M8 was decent. E4M8 never got around to. MAP30 was pain, misery, stress, anxiety attacks, and rage fits.
  8. Doom Builder help

    OK. I did that already and once I start to draw, it makes a line. When I release the mouse, that line disappears.
  9. Where does Episode 2 take place?

    You forgot Episode 4
  10. Doom Builder help

    No. No map. Can't figure that out.
  11. Any good UAC PDA wallpaper?

    If you have an Android, Open Google Play Search "UAC Lock" Look for a picture of this: Download I don't know for Apple or Amazon, though.
  12. Doom movie thoughts?

    Here are some positives and negatives Positives: Negatives: That's just my two cents, though. I personally think it evens out. I'm a long-time fan of Aliens and a recent fan of Evil Dead, and think that the movie perfectly blends them, like Doom. The story somewhat matches Aliens and some weapons, really the Chainsaw and SSG, are from Evil Dead.
  13. What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Imagine: You've just obliterated a large room of Demons, Imps, HKs, and Cacos. In that fight, you've lost the power of the Soulsphere and are currently at 29% health. You've also used up almost all of your ammunition, practically none is left. You open a door to progress the game only to be face-to-face with roughly 5 Barons, 3 Cacos, 20 Imps, and a few Demons, Shotgunners, Chaingunners, and Troopers. Don't forget, you saved after the previous battle. This may not be an actual thing, but something along the lines of this did happen to me.
  14. Where does The Ultimate Doom's Episode 4 Takes Places

    The gateway between Hell and Earth, the place where all sinners are burned so their sins will be repented, except Doomguy.
  15. Yeah. The same happens with Wolfenstein: Wolf 3D: Wolfenstein The New Order:
  16. If you look at the scrapped version of Doom 4, it looks really good, but it seems it may have been sort of Rage-like.
  17. Things about Doom you just found out

    There's no Plasma gun in Doom's Episode 1.