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  1. Well this moving sector thingy was a work-around too, what i wanted to do is making levels without light shadowmaps errors. Let me explain everything from start. There is a feature called light shadowmaps in gzdoom, this feature gives dynamic lights more natural formations with the walls in the room. However this feature actually doesn't work with every wall it only works with walls that are hollow inside. And that creates a big problems when it comes to making things like doors. Due to the fact that doors cannot be hollow inside lights can get through them which kills the whole atmosphere. For explaining it better here are few pictures. First of all this is our lines (middle part is the door)(sorry its kind of dark because i have to work with dynamic lights). https://i.imgur.com/NyOGtxP.png Now lets say thats our door when its open with the dynamic lights at the other side https://i.imgur.com/m68RyG9.png This happens when you close it. https://i.imgur.com/5Tde4xj.png And that's not what we want. When we cut the door and make it hollow in the middle like this https://i.imgur.com/ILKfF9e.png We achieve what we want. https://i.imgur.com/2KGARR2.png So for doing that i thought moving a sector between the two door sectors was an good idea yet that's not gonna work and i am kind of out of ideas. Any ideas?
  2. Hmm i see, well thank you.
  3. Im using zdoom script thingy, im quite new, what i need is moving a sector i open press use on a door, as long as the door is open i need that sector to be there and when the door is completely closed i need it to go back to the place it started.
  4. xanrer

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    If you give your priority to episode 1 textures i can make a compatible dynamic lights for your work so we could have something on our hands that simulates final product. Still only problem on my hands is the fact that gzdoom dynamic light render goes through closed doors. And i still couldn't find a way around it. My best shot was displacing inside of the door to somewhere else in the map when the door is closed but so far everyone told me that its impossible.
  5. So you saying that "narrow-minded ignorant" was just a criticism of what i say and believe? Sure. The problem as you can see, before the personal insults phrase we where actually discussing with @Edward850 and it was fun to talk on the topic. So i do allow people to discuss with me mate. On the calmness thing though, well yeah i shouldn't actually care about random guy from internet said but for once for a change i want to talk back, i normally just chill in the corner and say "Gee wee lets all calm down dudes no need to get serious on something random." but this time i want to say and do somethings too. (its might also be about the new diet im in too, my blood sugar is strait up underground :p)
  6. Mate people are allowed to discuss in this forum. You don't have to read.
  7. I am against the "ZDOOM masterrace" idea its only good for modernizing, for other things like "feeling the 93 inside yourself" i like to play dosbox and chocolate doom.
  8. Well it was belittling yet it wasn't in a offensive way. I am a plainspeaking person if i think something as a thing that is that's not enough i'll just say. However after reading @Gez's comment i understand that i was looking at the whole thing from the wrong side (as i said in a comment). Yet i still don't think its a good advancing port, however its a good vanilla sparkles (bettering) port. In short i would normally end it without a fuss however i don't like those kind of people.
  9. Since he claims that im disrespecting the creators just because he thinks that way, i can say that he insults me because that's how i take this comments as. It's the same logic. I know how underhanded insults, and instigating works.
  10. Have you even read half of it? If yes i encourage you to do it again my friend.
  11. No i actually meant to say cause instead of course, but that wouldn't matter since you would find other slightest mistakes. My comments are the things that i believe and defend so no, you did insult me personally. You might want to think that you are pure in this conversation but believe me you are far from it. And since you like tips so much here is another for you: Stop being so passive-aggressive people can see through what you say. Just be open about whatever you want to say. I read 2 pages of your comments and everytime you argued with someone you used the same passive-aggressive tone, then add some insults that can be hard to put finger on. I don't know if you are doing this intentional or not but you are not nice in the slightest. You cannot expect people to join your dreamland after you just underhandedly insulted and scold them. You are not making anyone closer to your cause, you are pushing them farther away. Boy-o-boy here we go again. Listen you cannot carry on like this. At some point in life you will understand that everything is not that beautiful nor dream like. Yes we do have power to fix somethings in life as a community however its not everything. You completely miss my point again like i said before, why would i help the lesser when there is already a times more better thing? And believe me that's how most of the ZDOOM community thinks, and there is absolute no reason to change that mindset. No, it's your comments that would convince someone to avoid EE. For example i do hate that K-POP things if i gave it a try i would find somethings i would like, but because of its community i don't want to touch that stuff. This is the same effect to people when other people see others obsessed over things they want to avoid that. I thought i make myself clear when i said "i was thinking on going back to my old map idea that i cancelled because of GZDOOM's shortcomings on portals. That comment on the other hand bring me back to the realty." but apparently it wasn't clear enough. I am not calling the EE community dreamland, im calling your supportive and wonderful world dreamland. I have nothing against EE community im only against your way of talking and dealing with things. You may live your life like that but i am not you and i certainly not the nicest guy on the planet, when i don't like something i don't care about it or anything related to it. However i did like EE and i never said i dislike it. Yet that doesn't change my opinion as i think its just a concept of what could be done. So i like it as a concept but not a full blown advancing engine which i would not invest in (not that im much of a modder or a bugtracker anyways). I am open-minded and respectful however that doesn't mean i would help anything. My prince in shining armor... Thank you i don't know what would i do if you did label me as a hater. It's very unlikely to many people would feel like you about my posts, no one is that obsessive over a engine that they would try to aggressively convince others to supporting their community, not even its own creators. That's exactly why im calling your mindset as "fighting for an holly cause" no one cares about this that much. I think you should stop that too. As i said before multiple times, you only making matters worse, it almost feels like you specifically try to keeps others away from your beliefs. And it also feels like you just try to get people to lose their temper so they would get punished while you get out of it easily since your insults are hard to put finger on. Also i might not be able to answer the next post you send if you would, i already got an strike from the last post.
  12. I actually didn't say a thing about menus, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well i rather go with GZDOOM since it has lots more features. Thank you for explaining things completely and without personally pounding me. I did turn a blind eye to those since i was focusing spesificly on the mapping features, you're right my bad on that part. :) I really needed this constructive criticism thank you! Now that would be horrible wouldn't it? Since we are done with personal insults (i hope) here are my answers: After reading @Gez's comment i was quite softened And before the "narrow-minded" part i was getting more and more soft about the topic. In fact i was getting so soft that i was thinking on going back to my old map idea that i cancelled because of GZDOOM's shortcomings on portals. That comment on the other hand bring me back to the realty. Here is a tip for ya: If you want to convince others about being nice and not "ignorant" about this "labor-of-love" community, do not attack them personally. I know this is crazy but believe it or not that tends to make matters worse and worse as like the history showed us again and again. 18 Years didn't really worked out really well i assume. That's the problem with these engines, you can dream all you want but these kind of engines will never be getting the support it deserves as long as there is something far superior on the number one spot. I firstly just wanted to say my sorries to @Gez and then close the topic on that note but there always has to be this one guy thinks they fight for some holly course and they don't care how far they go with it. With that mentality we should all stop "crapping" on the thinks we don't like and be the part of the solution! Wake up cinderella it's 12o'clock. Even though it sounds fantastic to believe everything could be that beautiful, humanity doesn't work like that and i am a mere human. As this argument first started what i said was pretty tamed: What drive me to position im in was non convincing answers and holly protectors of nonsense such as you @kb1. I tried to be respectful as much as possible to any individual while i sound my opinion. If the first answer i got was @Gez's i could just stop where i am but this opened the door to an whole different thing. Your passive aggressive comment just shows why there is no where as much people in EE community compare to Prboom+, ZDOOM, Doomsday. You act like an complete minorities, make others look like villains by saying they are disrespectful to the community while being disrespectful to them personally. I am my own person and i don't have to be part of your supporting dreamland. So stop aggressively convincing others to part of your community. I could end this by easily saying "Gee dude calm down no need to get personal. You do have points there but no need for personal insults" but someone had to tell you outrageous you sound. Glad you like it my dude i hope works out great for you!
  13. Well you both get what i said and didn't. The main point that im trying to touch is the lack of the wads that uses EE's features, thus making EE just a unpopular vanilla like. And im quite sure of what i want, a fully featured source port that doesn't looks like an experiment. I gotta go sleep (europe time sorry mate) see you tomorrow :D
  14. So for short, when you don't use those settings it has no plus to vanilla based sourceports. And when you use those settings it loses touch with vanilla, so it becomes an advancing port that doesn't really has to much content compare to wide library that GZDOOM has.
  15. OK but how often are those are getting used. That's why im saying it has no pluses compare to vanilla ports.