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  1. Maffyp

    Reaper miniatures - cyberdemon

    I chose to approach a fan group to ensure it went to a collector, which I know there’s plenty of on eBay but there’s also plenty of other people that might not realise it’s rarity. as for buyer protection, I presumed PayPal goods and services would be plenty safe. personally I’m happy either way. as for cost, I was looking for offers,
  2. Maffyp

    Reaper miniatures - cyberdemon

    Apologies, it’s 1996, I pressed the wrong button.... but here’s some pics.
  3. Hi folks. I have for sale a Doom Reaper Miniature Cyberdemon, ultra rare unpainted pewter figurine (1996 date on bottom). Rather than putting it on EBay I’d rather I made sure it went to an actual collector with it being so rare. Please, any interest or questions are more than welcome. 👍🏼