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  1. DukeOfDoom


    Hi! I'd like to take MAP12 slot and try myself at Doom 64 editing.
  2. DukeOfDoom

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    Started working on my map, centered around a failed evacuation site. There will also be a large TV tower and several minor apartments + overpass.
  3. DukeOfDoom

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    Gotta grab MAP33 then.
  4. DukeOfDoom

    [Community Project] Doomed Urbex (Slots Available)

    I'd like to join as well!
  5. DukeOfDoom

    Scarcity Community project

    I checked the wad in Doom Builder after playing it, it says "GZDoom: Doom 2 (UDMF)". Also, the Scarcity W.I.P. link outright says: "Scarcity is a medium-high difficulty gzdoom wad, that has low quantities of ammo, maps with gzdoom-only features."
  6. DukeOfDoom

    Scarcity Community project

    That would be preferable since it is basically Doom format except with more features added for source-ports.
  7. DukeOfDoom

    Scarcity Community project

    Just took a look at the maps; they look pretty bland, but for a beginner not very bad. They still need some work through, since there are many questionable features to insert into a map (unmarked doors, weird ceiling/floor/walls texture choice, bland room - the very first room in MAP01 has STARTAN2 textures, FLOOR0_1 as floor and CEIL1_1 as ceiling - the default Doom Builder textures when opening a new map in the editor and so on). The first map has two exits, and in spite of them sharing the same level change message they take you to different maps entirely (the normal exit takes you to MAP02, the secret one takes you to MAP30 - and after you beat MAP30, you can't even get the victory screen because there is a SECRETNEXT map that is not even included in the wad itself. Archviles are also placed in an amateurish style too, mostly in large open rooms with little to no cover (the bane of any Doom player's existence). The lack of weapons does not even feel significant here - you spend most of the map on the run from whatever is threatening you, and the presence of stealth monsters only makes the gameplay more difficult. Also I've noticed some self-contradiction regarding its rules: you say that only limited amount of guns and items is allowed, yet there are lots of friendly marines on MAP02 and you can pick extra ammo/weapons from dead zombiemen, shotgunners and chaingunners. If you are going with restrictions, then power-ups should also be affected because I've counted a lot of unnecessary Megaspheres in the secret exit room of MAP01. Overall, I agree with what others said above regarding the community project - perhaps you should start making maps in normal Doom style first before going any further. While the UDMF format can allow you to place some truly beautiful sights and write unique scripts, these things need to be done right. Just because you CAN do something does not mean that you SHOULD do that thing, at least until you get more experienced with Doom mapping in general. I'd be glad to make a map specifically for this thread in order to show how can limitations be done with the right level architecture, but you still should take some lessons in mapping, preferably in the Doom format first.
  8. DukeOfDoom

    Worst Doom Level

    Basically any Drake O'Brien map from TNT.
  9. DukeOfDoom

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    So, with Acid Bath earning a place in PRCP2, I decided to come back after a significant hiatus with another map of mine. Hope I got most of Milo-isms right; if not, I will gladly correct any errors and improve the level in terms of what's needed to be improved (balance, geometry, texturing and so on). The yellow key area got copy-pasted with alterations from the E2M6 blue key room. Name: Prison Camp Music: Kitchen Ace and Takin Names (might be changed in the future, see below) IWAD: Plutonia Style: Milo Casali Slot: MAP04 Map overview: https://ibb.co/Vg2JhCY Prison_Camp.zip
  10. DukeOfDoom

    NaNoWADMo 2022 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    I would like to participate as well, except this one might go less than 8 or 9 maps. ^^;
  11. I'd like to try. :)
  12. DukeOfDoom

    Memento Mori 3(!) CP.

    I would like to try too. )
  13. I am really sorry for a long delay - I had been very busy with work and had little if any time to actually contribute on our map. But I did not drop out of this project or worse, I swear. I promise I will get my map done as soon as I can.
  14. DukeOfDoom

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    Count me in as well :)
  15. DukeOfDoom

    Jojo's Bizarre Doom Adventures 1.0.1

    But I thought guns are useless in JoJo... Right?