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  1. DukeOfDoom

    Collection of kid friendly mods?

    This one, pretty fresh and in development. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/117445-doomguys-funny-pet-a-happy-doom-adventure-demo-wad-now-available-vanilla-doom-ii-mod/?tab=comments#comment-2203042
  2. DukeOfDoom

    doom 2 masterlevel

    Jeez, are MAP01 edits from the 90s still a thing?
  3. DukeOfDoom

    Switcheroom 2 (Ready for testing!)

    I like how this turned out, shame I didn't finish my work properly. Just curious, will there eventually be the Final Switcheroom project?
  4. DukeOfDoom

    My Wads

    Please post some screenshots. People might have hard time downloading wads if they don't get any clue of what the levels/mods look like.
  5. DukeOfDoom

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    I guess BOOM because MAP04 (the train level) has moving floors and translucent glass windows. Also, the file I downloaded has only 4 levels, yet much more are marked as done in the first post.
  6. DukeOfDoom

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    I'd like to participate.
  7. DukeOfDoom

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My passion for Final Doom The Way ID Did (currently dormant) will most likely never die away. :D Anyways, I decided to start making a map, Milo Casali-style, but given the status of the project thread, I guess I'll be better off making my own standalone Plutonia episode.
  8. DukeOfDoom

    BOSS BATTLE BONANZA - November Speedmapping Event [WAD RELEASED]

    Made my map too, barely did in time limit. Map Name: Necroa Satelite. Author: DukeOfDoom. Music: MAP30 from TNT Evilution. Sky: Greenwar 2's SKY1. Boss: Cyberdemon (sub-boss), Spiderdemon (sub-boss), Icon Of Sin (true boss). Format: Limit-Removing. Difficulty Settings: None. Comments: I didn't test the map thoroughly, so some small bugs may pop up. Also, the screenshots seem to be too bright because of my gamma. The real map is much darker. Satelite.rar
  9. DukeOfDoom

    You draw it, I map it 2 : Electric boolagoo

    I wonder what about the teleports. Do people who draw them need to point what sector does it lead to?
  10. DukeOfDoom

    You draw it, I map it 2 : Electric boolagoo

    Yeah. Also, by AV I mean Archvile.
  11. DukeOfDoom

    You draw it, I map it 2 : Electric boolagoo

    Working on a C4 sector.
  12. DukeOfDoom

    You draw it, I map it

    Yeah, hoping we can make a second map like this.
  13. @DavidN Thanks for playing my maps! If you look at E1M2 in editor, you will find out that there is much more than a couple of simple rooms. :)
  14. DukeOfDoom

    What is most annoying doom mappers do?

    Using same textures (both for ceiling and floor) all over AND over again. That's not funny - the player can get lost in the similarly colored corridors more than once. But that's not the most embarassing thing to be honest. The most embarassing thing is when someone makes a map in SLIGE/OBLIGE and tries to pass it off as his/her own without making any significant edits whatsoever.
  15. I was pretty busy this October (exam week comes to mind), but I did make a wad with a couple of maps. I will expand them in the future, and only the first map is 100% playable. I hope I will finish the first episode. IWAD: DOOM.WAD EPISODE: 1 NUMBER OF MAPS: 2 premonition.rar