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  1. LegendaryBones

    LegendaryBones' Clusterfuck Server

    Sometimes you might have to clear out your .doomseeker folder and redownload the wads by joining the server or just using wadseeker.
  2. LegendaryBones

    LegendaryBones' Clusterfuck Server

    My server spiked a couple months ago but I'd like to spread the word around for my server. It's called "BONES' LEGENDARY COMPLEX CLUSTERFUCK COMPENIDUM" you can find it on DoomSeeker, running on Zandronum. Infinite lives and extra weapons and lots of loot and explosions. Come join the carnage and join my discord! https://discord.gg/cPX2Rss
  3. LegendaryBones

    ClusterFuck Hud

    My friend Lateralus9x has credit for this. He did an amazing job making a simplistic hud for Complex Clusterfuck. Also join my server on DoomSeeker. Just search for BONES! SimplisticHudCFV2.zip
  4. Only one level so far. Short levels and lots of monsters. WIP.zip