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  1. Interesting theme this time, love those gloomy textures. Hopefully I'll be able to play this soon.
  2. happy 4th of july


  3. mun


    A short level, but very nice. Has a rather distinct texturing scheme which makes it stand out from other marble-orientated maps. The lighting is also good and smooth. The encounters have some tough moments, but overall manageable.
  4. mun

    Does /idgames Ever Check For WAD Legality?

    I think they do, because I once heard that Sunlust was forced to have duplicated Doom 2 assets because of the new palette.
  5. Not sure how Danny DeVito will play Robotnik though...
  6. What's the point of being negative? If we sit still it'll happen anyway. We must try all options, even if it's a very slim chance.
  7. This test could be used as reference.
  8. Edit: Nevermind. @Aquila Chrysaetos already said it.
  9. Just use MAPINFO to be safe, because modern Doomers play Doom with jumping and crouching and (from what I've noticed) not a small portion of them don't pay attention to the text files.
  10. The Italian Wikipedia has just blacked out and we only have less than two days left, so contact your MEP(s) (European users) or sign this petition (Non-European users) quick!
  11. mun

    British or American spelling?

    I like British English spellings. They feel fancier and they display more character compared to American spellings, which for me feels more practical. But I'm accustomed to American English spellings. :) (Non-native.)
  12. mun

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Crispy Doom has reached version 5.2 so you might want to update the "Source Ports" section.