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  1. Well... 1994: Hmmm, tough one. I like Micheal Kelsey and Leo Martin Lim, but if I'm forced to chose it would be Leo Martin Lim. 1995: Jim Flynn 1996: Adelusion would've been nice, but I like Iikka Keränen better. 1997: Either Kvernmo or Sailor. 1998: Definitely Michael Krause. 1999: Richard Wiles. 2000: Ola Björling, that dude did really impressive stuff. 2001: Fredrik. 2002: Anders Johnsen or Kim Andre Malde? Can't decide. 2003: Both Cyb and Lutz are awesome, but Lutz is my winner. Erik Alm is also good, but his 2005 offering is better. That's all!
  2. 10 Years of Doom(world)

    lol That's my deep response.
  3. Sorry if this is asked before, but did you finish your re-texturing of Freedoom's (Phase 2) MAP02 to Aquatex? I would be interested to see it. (And did you re-texture any other maps by any chance?)

  4. FreeDOOM LAN Setup

    Can you please specify the port you are using to run Freedoom?
  5. Stephen Hawking Has Died At Age 76

    RIP. He will be missed.