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  1. Some information that I thought would be important: Also you can look here and here for more information regarding voting.
  2. mun

    Medkits Should Go Back To a Red Cross

    The Red Cross compliant change was mostly done out of good faith I think. Sure the original IWADs still have them, but the BFG editions complied.
  3. mun

    Doom in the browser

    There's a Flash version of Doom here. (Source code.) There's another port of Doom to native web technologies here, but this time it uses the Ultimate FreeDoom 0.8 IWAD. (Source code.) I think @fraggle talked about putting Chocolate Doom on the web and allowing people to play PWADs with it (If you have a legitimate copy of the id IWADs or FreeDoom of course) before. Not sure how's that going right now.
  4. Whoa, what's with these calls for riots? Try every peaceful method please, because doing violence right now will only cause harm.
  5. Oh dear, how did this article got passed by a landslide? Well I guess I'll try my best to fight it, and I hope all of you guys will do the same.
  6. mun

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    RIP Dr.Sleep. Thank you for all the valuable contributions you've made to this community
  7. mun

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Always imagined that in my head.
  8. mun

    MAP01 facelift

    Nice stuff! This is what I was also imagining for Map 01 but I don't know how to map yet. :)
  9. mun

    Dark lord's blessing (VANILLA)

    Interesting theme here. The new sky is cool. I've played this map a bit and had this issue: don't you think the lighting is a bit too dark? It hampered my movements a lot.
  10. mun

    Thanks for Freedoom

    Hey, @Guy Montag is just admiring the game as it is. Don't assume malice just because Freedoom rarely gets praised. Admiitingly Freedoom is still in development hell, but thanks for your post anyway @Guy Montag!
  11. mun

    lol catpho

    And now for something completely different...


  12. If this is true than all EULAs are always illegal. But I've seen them being used in most proprietary games I've saw up to this point, so how does that cause a shitstorm right now?
  13. mun

    Freedoom Inspired Novel

    I don't know, it's feels kinda weird to make a novel based on a game which doesn't have a fleshed out story yet. What ideas do you have?