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  1. slimeheavy

    Annoying Hotkey Problem in GZDoom

    That makes more sense than mysterious hotkeys no one knows about. Even though I never spilled anything on it.. I guess the Notebook has had a couple of lives and I'll chalk it up to regular wear. thank you for your reply.
  2. slimeheavy

    Annoying Hotkey Problem in GZDoom

    Hi. This might or might not be GZDoom related. Well, at least some of it isn't.. I'm on a HP Envy notebook using Windows 8.1 and I keep triggering hotkeys while playing which is messing heavily with my gameplay. I was able to solve some of this via the customize control options but some other stuff I don't know how to get rid of. Also I've broken some keys which has forced me to reassign controls a couple of times which then in turn brought along new hotkey triggering. So I'm experiencing very weird behaviour when I combine certain keys. For example my weapon kept changing to handgun on many occasions in the middle of playing until I realized that pressing x+5+4 (5+4 on the num block) triggers a "2". I was able to solve this one by reassigning the weapon slot but still my keyboard is producing a "2" if I'm using the above mentioned combination: x5222222 Also, x+5+6 will turn key LEDs on/off.. Now of course this doesn't have anything to do with GZDoom but I guess I'm hoping anyone here can shed some light on this.. Another thing that happens though, is that when I press ctrl+x+5+6 (num block again) while playing it will bring up the "display options" screen specifically which is something I can't seem to be able to change via GZDoom because there is no such option. But it is clearly related to the above combinations and therefore not a direct sourceport problem. I couldn't come up with useful google results so far, so I just figured I'd bring it up here, hoping someone could help.. thanks for reading anyways!
  3. slimeheavy

    The Alfonzone

    Yes, I'm playing continuously. I haven't noticed anything similar since map 5 though, so I guess I'm good.. @Marcaek: I'm not sure I fully understand the content of your link yet, but it seems to me this is meant for the mapper, not the player? BTW: this is absolutely amazing! I was sceptical about the "enhancements" at first but boy was I wrong. I love the whole underwater action. "MAP10: Rusty Ruin" = favorite map so far, I think I'd go there for vacation..
  4. slimeheavy

    The Alfonzone

    This is my first wad using the jumping/ crouching feature. Lots of fun so far (at E2M2 right now). I'm not using any other mods and my GZDoom version is g3.2.0. It took me a while to realize that when picking up a certain item/weapon is supposed to spawn in some enemies then it won't trigger unless I actually pick it up (as opposed to touching/ runover it). So, if there's a shotgun pick up that would start the spawning in this won't happen if I have 100% shells. For example in "Map05: Icy Hitman" I was still missing like 20-30 kills in the end and I got a bit confused before I realized I had to pick up the SSG on the balcony after the first AV. It just felt kind of buggy to me, so not sure if that behaviour is intended?