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  1. slimeheavy

    The Alfonzone

    Yes, I'm playing continuously. I haven't noticed anything similar since map 5 though, so I guess I'm good.. @Marcaek: I'm not sure I fully understand the content of your link yet, but it seems to me this is meant for the mapper, not the player? BTW: this is absolutely amazing! I was sceptical about the "enhancements" at first but boy was I wrong. I love the whole underwater action. "MAP10: Rusty Ruin" = favorite map so far, I think I'd go there for vacation..
  2. slimeheavy

    The Alfonzone

    This is my first wad using the jumping/ crouching feature. Lots of fun so far (at E2M2 right now). I'm not using any other mods and my GZDoom version is g3.2.0. It took me a while to realize that when picking up a certain item/weapon is supposed to spawn in some enemies then it won't trigger unless I actually pick it up (as opposed to touching/ runover it). So, if there's a shotgun pick up that would start the spawning in this won't happen if I have 100% shells. For example in "Map05: Icy Hitman" I was still missing like 20-30 kills in the end and I got a bit confused before I realized I had to pick up the SSG on the balcony after the first AV. It just felt kind of buggy to me, so not sure if that behaviour is intended?