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  1. I am with you, except that i did not liked Doom 2016 much either, the second time i played through it i was really bored with it in the first hours, it has zero replay value. I am not a fan of the cartoonish style they gave Eternal and even less of the cringey "edgy" story that is like a parody of what a teenager thinks what "badass" means. I also hate that you either play the exact same way the developers want you to play or you die. I think the biggest screw up was replacing level design for arena after arena after arena after arena. Zero variety. And all the jumping stuff that was already bad in 2016 is awful in Eternal, and is not even polished or consistent. I have not played the DLC yet but i dont expect much based on what i read, just more of the same, i have not replayed Eternal either, there is nothing that is calling me to play it again. Is good to read opinions like this because i am not a fan of "X thing is perfect and if you say something bad about it you are a hater" that is so common on the internet. The fact that these games are worse than others released 25 years ago blows my mind (this also happened with the Resident Evil remakes), they are not bad they are just wasted potential.
  2. D88M3R

    Sgt_Mark is making his own game, "Brutal Fate".

    Looks good i guess, reminds me a lot of Ion Maiden, i hope is good.
  3. D88M3R

    Does r/Doom make you cringe as much as it makes me?

    Reddit is a trash can. It has some good users, maybe even some good moderators, but as a whole is one of the worst communities on the whole internet. The karma system is 100% broken, there is ridiculous censorship everywhere, the mods are abusive and break their own rules, you can get banned just because mods dont like you and nobody does anything, there is no moderation of any kind, etc, is a mess. There is good stuff: art, stuff that people makes, actually intelligent and interesting debates/questions about whatever, but to find that stuff is like searching for a needle in a haystack. And yeah r/Doom is dumb, nowhere near the quality of the threads that are in here, but there is good stuff there too, sometimes.
  4. D88M3R

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    -The DLC sounds too short, i guess that if i already have the game i dont have to buy the DLC too right? Games are too expensive in my country and 99% of them are not worth the price, Eternal included, specially given the lack of replayabilty value. -I never understood the "SSG-Ballista combo", i barely used the Ballista and only because the game forces you to use all weapons (and only with the weapon wheel) i certainly did not used it with the Marauder, is faster to give it two shots of the SSG. -The new enemies sound cool but here we go again with the "you have to play and kill them like we force you to" bullshit. -Tentacles suck. -Could care less about the story, the one in Eternal was like the story of the comic book. Cringe. -I like that is gonna be harder, that was one of the strong points of Eternal, i just hope is difficult but fair so if i die is only on me and not because of the game design. -What is frustrating are the Marauders themselves, they are not consistent with their own rules and they break the flow of the game, we will see how two of them at the same time works but i am not very optimistic.
  5. D88M3R

    When is the first DLC Due?

    Sorry for the late answer, i put numbers because i dont know how to do the multi-quote thing, here i go: 1-They wanted to do a modern take on Doom, and that is great, but by playing it it feels clike they took the wrong approach, from the wrong sources, the comic book, Brutal Doom, some modern fps, etc. The story of Eternal is downright very similar to the one of God of War, they even turned Doomguy into a silent Kratos. I dont think the developers are idiots are idiots, i am sure they are nice people, their hearts seems to be in the right place and the game is very well made on a technical level, but it also feels like is called Doom because it would sell more. Is like they went into the opposite extreme of what Doom 3 was, while something in the middle of Doom 3 and Eternal would have been perfect. They did leaned into that stuff you mention, but also added their own spin on things which makes the gameplay less fun and more complex for complexity sake, is not just that they brought them into modern times but they also twisted them to their idea of "fun". And the game is fun at times, but it also gets repetitive and boring very soon, Doom 2016 is a chore to play a second time, and i have not replayed Eternal but i dont feel much like doing it either, there is simply no hook, no replayabilty, while i could play Doom 1 and 2 over and over again and never get bored. 2-Well the funny thing is that if you describe it, the basic idea is the same for both the new and old Dooms, but for example the old Dooms have varied level design, the new ones is just pure arenas, the old Dooms had horror and suspense elements, the new ones is self aware comic book/heavy metal cover non stop adrenaline filled action tone, the old ones had exploration for resources, here you get the resources from combat and exploration is only for secrets to get points for the whole dumb upgrades system . I could keep going: the old Dooms had atmosphere, each level had almost a personality of its own, in the new ones there is no atmosphere and the levels are merely backgrounds for the arenas, the old ones had slower moments, it was not totally serious but it was dark (literally and metaphorically), it had "satanic" imagery and corpses everywhere, in the new ones you have to be jumping very quickly around all the time in generic levels. They also had more ambient music at times but in the new ones every aspect is non stop action so to speak. The idea is the same but here is taken to an almost self parody extreme. And Doom is an action game with horror and action elements that focus in combat and exploration, but in the old ones the goal was to exit the level alive, the combat was a means to an end, not the other way around. I think the flaws have been well explained by the Civvie and Yahtzee videos. 3-I do get pretentious at times, that is fair. 4-Okay, but first, that does not make it great either, it just looks great because of how mediocre most games are nowadays, and second, if they did not bring anything from the old games (except for pandering) why call it Doom in the first place? 5-Maybe, but i have read here and in other places some people saying the same thing i say, and it also not an objective fact that the new games are either like the old ones or that they are great. 6-I dont want a copy paste, i want a new version of the same style of game, technology has advanced so much that they can do a great game, and the old Dooms still got so much stuff right that even new games dont get. (both the new Dooms and new games in general i mean) I get that the developers are fans, i get that they maybe have played the old Dooms and thought: "okay, how would this play if it was done today?" but then they put stuff like piñata monsters or dumb useless upgrades or changed level design for arenas and i wonder what they were thinking, or if they put modern gaming crap just for the sake of being modern. And maybe they do know, but they dont have to ignore, maybe they should consult Romero, Carmack and the others when they have doubts.
  6. D88M3R

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Looks ok i guess
  7. D88M3R

    When is the first DLC Due?

    If they do, why they would make a conscious decision to ignore everything about it, instead of bringing that stuff into a modern light and expanding/improving upon it? What makes Doom be Doom is not subjective, it is right there in the game, a good example is changing the level design from all kind of different situations to just arena after arena after arena. In fact, i would say that the Slayer Gates are the best and most fun part of Eternal, because it is exactly all what what the new developers want to do: Lock you up in an arena and then bring wave after wave of enemies. I am not pretentious, is that they did not bring anything from the classic games, they did not took the old games ideas and "translate" them into modern gaming concepts graphics and etcetera, they just did something completely different. Also... I bought the game, so i can complain about whatever i want, specially when the price is way more expensive than it should for the quality of the content i am getting, and the costumer is always right. They sold me a product, the product is not good enough, i am not satisfied, so i describe all the problems it has and how it could be good.
  8. D88M3R

    Do you like Doom platforming?

    I have barely played any fan wads, but no, i dont remember much platforming. I dont hate Eternal/D16, they have some good moments but otherwise i feel indifferent, they get repetitive (boring) very soon. I actually really liked how Eternal starts but then goes into D16 problems all over again. And when everything clicks it is indeed pretty fun, but is just something else.
  9. D88M3R

    When is the first DLC Due?

    Yeah but is not like i want to feel like that, i think they have everything to make an awesome game, they just have to focus on other stuff regarding gameplay and level design than what they have been focusing until now. I think the approach is wrong and they would make a much better game if they knew what made the old Dooms be so good. And i dont think they will change anything, is gonna be more of the same.
  10. Way better, no question about it, pretty graphics and nothing else are not enough to make a game good. The new Dooms have zero replay value, zero. Once you finished a level at 100% there is no reason to go back because of how repetitive it is. They dont have level design, is arena after arena after arena. They also lack atmosphere. They have a bad, dumb story that gets in the way of gameplay (The meta commentary about the Doomguy/player is good and smart, but deflates quickly) Adding to that, they have one "mood/tone" in story and gameplay which is a blend of Brutal Doom with the Doom comic book, with non stop braindead action. They have dumb gameplay choices (excessive and not well made platforming, unskippable "cutscenes", weapons mods, piñata monsters, etc) Not too long ago i replayed Doom 2016, less than halfway through it you see everything the game has to offer and it becomes a chore. I have not replayed Eternal yet but i doubt it aged much better, and the platforming and story are ridiculous, among other things. There is a reason why Doom 1 and 2 keeps being played after 25 years and still will be after another 25. Is a perfectly oiled clockwork machine that to this day is still a great game. They got so much stuff right that is amazing that after so many years they still cannot replicate it. The weapons, levels, enemies, gameplay and etc is so good and varied most of the time. The new ones are not bad games but they are not great either and they made some baffling choices regarding gameplay. I could go on forever but i think i made my point. Doom 1 and 2 are eternal classics, Doom 2016 and Eternal are okay games.
  11. D88M3R

    What are the biggest misconceptions regarding DOOM?

    That TNT/Plutonia stories/wads are canon. Seriously, who made up that non sense. They are fan wads and nothing else.
  12. D88M3R

    When is the first DLC Due?

    Lackluster, they should have just released an actual trailer. I hope they polish some of the flaws Eternal has.
  13. D88M3R

    Do you like Doom platforming?

    I dont remember much platforming in Doom/Doom 2 but i dont mind it. In D16/Eternal it goes from ok to awful.
  14. D88M3R

    Thoughts about the Slayers Club?

    Dumb. And the fact that they force you to register to give you stuff in Doom Eternal is even dumber.