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  1. InfamousGreed

    InfamousGreed's Doom Corner

    This is my official Doom server, we talk about doom, play Deathmatches on doom and we even have our own Music bot, join now! https://discord.gg/AwEpuY9
  2. What is your favorite Heavy Metal band?? mine is Iron Maiden. Any of those who are huge fans of doom or Heavy metal music i have a discord you can join:https://discord.gg/w8qEyAu
  3. InfamousGreed

    mini Doom wad

    @HAK3180 thanks for testing my experiment S wad, this is a very rough test of my map im hoping to turn this into a 10 map wad including a secret level, if you wanna know more on my Experiment S project ill be releasing exclusive updates on here https://discord.gg/w8qEyAu Thanks for taking the time to play and also make a video on my video very much appreciated :)
  4. InfamousGreed

    Doom Discord Server chat

    Good to see the discord is growing were currently on 12 members now :D
  5. InfamousGreed

    mini Doom wad

    @grouchbag thank you, ill be doing regular updates of the map on here https://discord.gg/w8qEyAu
  6. InfamousGreed

    mini Doom wad

    @grouchbag thanks :D
  7. InfamousGreed

    mini Doom wad

    @grouchbag Done :)
  8. InfamousGreed

    mini Doom wad

    I made a very small Doom wad just for fun i hope you like it. Use the doom 2 iwad and either zdoom or gzdoom. Experiment S.zip
  9. InfamousGreed

    Doom Discord Server chat

    Thanks :D
  10. InfamousGreed

    Doom Discord Server chat

    I made a discord server for people who are fans of doom and Heavy metal music. https://discord.gg/w8qEyAu