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  1. Well I didn't say I was using ZDOOM for the DOOM 64 coversion, I just noticed that both, "seperate" source ports had the same problem. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. I suppose this is the right forum for this queston. I downloaded the DOOM 64 Conversion awhile ago and I have to say it is truly awsome! It runs great and all, but when I have the music on it tends to crackle like static. I go to the options and adjust the settings and nothing. And when I downloaded the newest version of Z-Doom, I noticed the same crackling for some reason, although with previous versions of Z-Doom, the sound is perfect. Is it my soundcard or what? Is there something I can do other then just turn the music or sound off? Thanks for any help or advice.
  3. Thanks for the link Draconio, much appreciated!
  4. Hello, I guess this is the proper forum to post this queston in so anyways...does anyone know where I can get the Doom PSX sound wad from? Thanks for any help.
  5. Hillarious comic you got going there, more please!
  6. Heh, interesting comic...encore!
  7. Thanks! I got it working now.
  9. I recently reinstalled ZDoom, anyways when I try to play ZDoom with user levels by doing the drag and drop procedure, I get this message; "ZDOOM has casued an error in ZDOOM.exe ZDOOM will now close If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer" I deleted and unzipped it again onto my computer and so far no luck, I restart the computer when the message comes up, and the same message pops up, can someone help me?
  10. Thats an awsome arachnatron.
  11. Thats some awsome work there!
  12. I like ambient music with Doom,I use the Doom psx music wads with Doom.
  13. Been playing it ever since it came out.
  14. Superb work DSM,cant wait for the next chapter!
  15. Awsome work!