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  1. three episodes similar to knee deep in the dead, in the shores of hell, and inferno?
  2. Go Little Record Go

    DOOM 2 for GBA

    Doom I for GBA was altered. A LOT. I was disappointed with this. Doom too is almost exactly the same as teh PC one. It does move slower though, Ill grant you that, and its very sad that you cant warp levels. In other words, to the person who asked If you dont care about altered levels, Doom I is better for GBA If you want an actual copy of the game for GBA, Doom II is ebtter, but it moves a little slower, but it has everything in it--invisible guys, cyberdemon, etc.
  3. Go Little Record Go

    DOOM 2 for GBA

    Is there a level warp code? I mean, I sometimes feel like playing certain levels, its always been that way when I play a DooM game. DooM I for GBA had this code-- does DooM 2?
  4. Go Little Record Go

    Cacodemon question

    I have been browsing screenshots of DooM 3 and I have not come across ANYTHING that even closely resembles a Cacodemon. Now, Cacodemons are the coolest thing in the universe, so can anyone tell me if there is any info on whether or not they will be featured in this game? Thank you