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  1. Sweet update with the multiplayer launcher! I am still living at a shelter.. Things move slow here, but I've been playing this with touchscreen a lot. The WiFi here can be jankey, but I'm down for a game. IVE NOT PLAYED DOOM MULTIPLAYER. I guess I'm anxious to!!
  2. I'm getting no controls. On first launch it dl'd the shareware episode and plays it like a movie with no way to control it. There is no overlay and I have tapped all over the screen to see if something would trigger a keyboard or button overlay.
  3. Totally improving. My first playthrough was sort of dull, but now I've made it through DOOM 1&2 on normal difficulty (except for Thy Flesh Consumed). I'm making a new playlist of episode 1. Played a level of Retribution, but it lags on my current phone. The N64 graphics are sweet though!
  4. Luci

    Keyboard fix on Android Freedoom

    Hey Old Grumpy... Have you checked out Delta Touch? It is an Android fork of 4 source ports in one app and the on screen controls can be customized. It is a paid app, but you can chat with the dev on this thread: Here is the D Touch / Delta Touch thread.
  5. Yo that is going to be sick. Touch controls alone bring a different dynamic to play already. It is somewhat tactical.. But with the gyro assist... These need to be analyzed somehow with machine learning because this might be the most unique mobile experience period. I read a little about Visdoom and machine learning. http://vizdoom.cs.put.edu.pl Forsome reason no matter what save I attempt to load from the command line it only loads the last save. -loadgame auto1 or -loadgame auto0 etc... Are all loading the same file. Props to VGA for figuring out the proper arg to load from the correct dir -loadgame ./gzdoom_3.2/saves/<filename> EDIT: VGA- playing with touch
  6. You f'n rock! Now I'm on a roll. I found that the wads are on Steam all 3 games for $15 total. DOOM II is killing me (literally!) over and over again. Died probably 20 times on The Waste Tunnels and then was introduced to Archvile in COD.
  7. I want to record a demo starting at my last save, but I'm getting an error that the save (autoX.zds) is not found. I see the app is updating as I am writing this post. New features!
  8. I stumbled into this thread looking for the DOOM II soundtrack. I found this one for The Ultimate DOOM in case anyone else stumbled into here. https://amp.reddit.com/r/Doom/comments/4dufjm/the_ultimate_doom_soundtrack/ The MIDI files are recorded in flac from the accurate soundbank, so it's about the best for DOOM I.
  9. Thanks!! Been reading a little about arguments now.. Makes me think the DOOM engine was robust for an early 90's game. Now where I'm still confused is loading a game and recording. ZDoom says to press F1 with a save highlighted to get the filename of the save.. but I don't have F1 in Delta Touch. I'll fish the filename out of the directory and try again. Thanks for the info and the tip about recording lmp's in PRBoom for better compatibility. Edit: The save is named auto1.zds but the console gives me the error that it could not find the save file.
  10. Luci

    Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    Well, tbh it is just such a constant thing in Heretic. I do like the game, but I think DOOM had a much better balance. Maybe I just like the linear progression through the levels. One thing I like about Heretic is the laughing voice in the background. Let's me know I'm on someone else turf... And they are watching
  11. Luci

    Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    So far all I know about Hexen is every time I turn around a wall that did not stand out in any way opens up with more demons to pew pew. If there was some indication that the walls opened up it would make more sense, but they are just as plain as all the other walls. No special markings or scratches.. I die a lot more in Heretic than DOOM.
  12. Luci

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    I actually identify with this in like a biologically spiritual way. This is very intricate.
  13. Luci

    What is your favourite secret Level?

    In playing Warrens for the first time. I have to be honest... The secret entrance into the level had me stumped. I thought it was where I needed to go to complete My. Erebus and maybe it was impossible with the Android port Delta Touch so I checked a walkthrough. I hated the fact that I was using the walkthrough, but I was under the impression I had reached a technical limitation. I honestly thought it might be some kind of break playing the Entryway over again. Fushiz. Not. A. Break.
  14. Sorry for the delay. I saw that there are DOOM videos that actually play the game like a macro so instead of having a several hundred mb video there is just a ~1mb file of instructions recorded from gameplay. Apparently they were popular in the 90's to record deathmatch and co-op.
  15. Beloko is a G. As robust as Delta Touch is I might never need another DOOM launcher. What if the future brought D Touch a step recorder? I see that a client/server system is in the works.