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  1. I don't know what to look for, is it the numbers were Actor (actorname) = 10357 { ... Is?
  2. How do you have a weapon spawn but take up the same slot, Example, you can pick up a laser gun that takes up slot 7 but you can still pickup the bfg9000 but the weapon has to spawn a second time
  3. teamswag

    Superb Military Doom Like Power Fantasy v.2.3

    Hope this is a fun mod Also, I need some feedback, I took over 2 months making this mod. Just make a post of your opinion. and I will see if waisting 2 months of my life was worth it.
  4. In this mod, you will be able to go to 4 episodes, play as 9 different classes, use over 35 weapons, play through 26 levels, and have a lot of fun (hopefully)! Story: a portal from the underworld has released demons and a virus, the virus can make thing poof if they are touched by a certain person and the virus makes the sky and some textures a blue and white checkerboard pattern. a company called GENEMP did all of this by accented and sends an army of bio creatures and robots in 6 groups, the first is lead a clone of Duke Nukem. the 2nd is lead by A mutant clone of commander keen. and the 3rd group is lead by the Gerhard Botz. The 4th was led by Heinz Botz. the 5th was led by Hermann Botz. and 6th was led by Hans Bettenhausen. The 7th was led by Ernst Bettenhausen. The 8th was led by Walter Bettenhausen. they all got possesed. so 2 robots, a Mutant, a Humanoid, and 5 humans team up and set out to defeat the demonic threat. Disclaimer: the double barrel laser gun is the only weapon that can reload by press the reload key. And also to power up a weapon, you have to get a tomb of power. Classes: Otto Weber (German), Robo Chap (Robot), Chex Warrior (Humanoid), Cong Wang (Chinese), Dude Guy (is friends with Doom Guy), Hacxer (same guy that is from Hacx), Commander Keen (Human), Pisano Bot (Robot), and Macy Croft (Mutant Clone of Lara Croft). Weapons: (not starter weapons): Double Barrel Laser Gun, Ballistic Crossbow, The Duke, Flame Rod, HyperTazer, Flare Barrel Launcher, Gatling Tazer, Laser Chaingun, Mine Gunner, Minigun, MP40, Electro Gauntlet, Lighting Staff, Indium Rocket Launcher, The Homie, Phazer Cannon, Mega Plasma Rifle, Bloosh Beamer, The Dragon Smoke Cannon, The Phoenix Flame Staff, The V40, The Hyper Shotgun, The MP5K, The EMP Blaster, Muskit, Muskit Ball Chaingun, The Friendly Duke Nukem Cloner, The R19, CyroBomb Launcher, MP35, HPW, TZAR42, BDBPG, Olmpious Destructer, The Railgun. Thomson Smg, M16, Wrath Staff (is powered up version of the GENEMP Bolter) Genemp Bolter, KPW, and the The Baron Butcher (powered up version of the Olmpious Destructer).  Episodes: Mission To Phobos (Levels: MAPE01, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, E1M5, E1M6, E1M7, E1M8, E1M9) Return To Earth (Levels: Map01, Map02, Map03, Map04, Map05, Map06), The Ultimate Showdown (Levels: Map33, Map30, Map35, Map36), and Rescue At GEMEMP HQ (Levels: HAC01, HAC02, HAC03, HAC04, HAC05, HAC06). Download: New update simply balances the weapons out: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eaxb5vjnd93dslk/SMDLPF EXTRACT FOR DOTPK3 FILE.zip?dl=1
  5. i actually figured out the problem. but i need to know. what is the name of chaingun in the game. and also i need to know what is the name that goes with "Weapons/[insertname]Up"
  6. teamswag

    GZDoom Problem

    for some reason i got this error: ------------------------------------------------ Script error, "map1.wad:DECORATE" line 4: Unexpected character: ï (ASCII -17) ------------------------------------------------ can someone tell me why i get it
  7. i haven't got a responce yet.
  8. hey, i got this error and i was wondering why it was happening.




     Script error, "map1.wad:DECORATE" line 4:
    Unexpected character: ï (ASCII -17)


    i am trying to have a sound play when you select the rocket launher.

    here is the code that i am using





    Actor NewRocketLauncher : RocketLauncher replaces RocketLauncher
    Weapon.UpSound "Weapons/LauncherUp"



    can help with knowing what i am doing to get the error



  9. i don't have any marker for the sound at all. and also it is not a copy
  10. and also i still get the error
  11. i don't have a mapinfo
  12. here is what i put in decorate Actor NewRocketLauncher : RocketLauncher replaces RocketLauncher { Weapon.UpSound "Weapons/LauncherUp" } i still don't know why it says the error because there is still nothing also here is a screenshot
  13. for some reason, after trying that out, for some reason i am getting this error Script error, "map1.wad:DECORATE" line 4: Unexpected character: ï (ASCII -17)
  14. i tried again and it still didn't work. when you first messaged me with the code you gave. i copyed and pasted the code and modyfied to fit the sound i needed, here's what i put in decorate: Actor NewRocketLauncher : RocketLauncher replaces RocketLauncher { Weapon.UpSound "Weapons/LauncherUp" } in sndinfo: Weapons/LauncherUp METAL_SL the sound file name i used METAL_SL.wav
  15. i gonna test it again if i came off as a little rude i am sorry