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  1. Grillsen

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    I hate the contextual game mechanics that almost every modern game uses now. I have to wait and watch an animation if i want to open a door, pick up an item, pull a lever, climb over a wall, knock out an enemy, etc. It gets old seeing this same animations used over and over and it takes control away from the player. What happen to just pressing the use key to open door and it just opens or pick up an item and it just pops in your inventory. Now, not every modern game is guilty of this or has animations that are super intrusive, but some games really take it way to far. Thief 2014 is a perfect example of this.
  2. Grillsen

    What is your hobby?

    My hobbies include listening to music, collecting cds, playing guitar, playing old video games. I also enjoy just driving. It doesn't matter where i'm going, simply driving is enjoyable and helps me clear my mind.
  3. killing yourself to live. I can't get enough of Tony iommi's juicy solos
  4. Grillsen

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    Overall doom eternal is looking pretty disappointing to me. I don't like the dashing, pole swinging, wall climbing, or cluttered hud. The dashing takes away from the skill of movement because you can just tap a button to instantly make large leaps of movement in any direction. This makes doging projectiles, evading enemies, and making jumps significantly easier and ruins the fun in my opinion. The pole swinging is just an unnecessary addition to add more parkour mechanics in the game that is absolutely not needed. Same with the wall climbing. Doom 2016 had just enough movement mechanics with double jumping and ledge grabbing, any more will make the game feel less and less like doom and more like its just trying to follow the trend of other modern shooters. The hud in doom eternal just looks absolutely ridiculous and unfinished, I really hope they do something about before release because just looking at makes me want to throw up.
  5. Diabolicum just because its more kvlt
  6. this may sound stupid but i cannot figure out how to load a pwad with crispy doom. It works fine with prboom and zdoom but crispy doom refuses to work. The pwad i'm trying to load in particular is "doom the way id did" which i know for a fact is supposed to work with crispy doom or chocolate doom. I tried dragging and dropping the wad on crispy doom exe and it just loaded normal doom 1 and i also tried launching it through zdl and i got an error that said, "this is not the registered version". I was however able to make the wad run if i created a multiplayer game with the wad, so clearly is able to load some how but it just refuses to for some reason.
  7. Grillsen

    how to play pwads through crispy doom

    ok i figured out why the pwad wasn't playing through zdl its because i'm playing through steam and steam creates these random command lines (-exit -fullscreen and etc). These command lines were clogging up the external files section of zdl and not allowing it to read the pwads that i was putting in at all. Anyways thanks for all of your guys' help and sorry for such a dumb post lol
  8. Grillsen

    how to play pwads through crispy doom

    That worked thank you very much. I knew that it was probably just me being stupid and not doing something right. It would be nice to figure out how to run it through zdl though since i use that as kind of a hub to load all my doom wads and select between source ports.
  9. Grillsen

    how to play pwads through crispy doom

    I have Doom.wad because i bought all the games off steam so that can't be the problem. And like i said i can get the pwad to run through multiplayer in the crispy doom setup so it works but not through zdl or by dragging and dropping like i should be able to do. And no i have not tried it through chocolate doom so i will try but i would imagine i would run into the same problem since they are both very similar.
  10. Grillsen

    Prboom+ mouse turning glitch

    that worked! thanks man. I also found out the issue of not being able to turn while shooting was because mouse 1 was bound to strafe and fire by default for some reason
  11. Grillsen

    Prboom+ mouse turning glitch

    I don't know why but when i turn with the mouse the game freezes. Here is a video to show what I am talking about:
  12. Grillsen

    Prboom+ mouse turning glitch

    I got it off sourceforge. I'm pretty sure it's the latest version
  13. Grillsen

    Crispy Doom 5.6.3 (Update: Oct 04, 2019)

    hey i just started using crispy doom and i am also having the issue with black bars: i was able to make them a little smaller as you can see, but is there a way i can remove them all the way and have the game fit the whole screen?