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  1. PinkLion

    Questions about Doom 2 maps

    This is actually REALLY helpful information, thanks a bunch :D
  2. PinkLion

    Questions about Doom 2 maps

  3. PinkLion

    Questions about Doom 2 maps

    Interesting, what are the best modded maps available for Doom 2?
  4. PinkLion

    Questions about Doom 2 maps

    In your opinion, what made the maps in Doom 2 so successful? Was it the colours, perhaps how the levels were laid out? I’m trying to get a good insight towards how Doom 2 was created and the opinions of the community Furthermore, what do you think makes a really unsuccessful doom map? What are things the creators should have completely avoided?
  5. PinkLion

    So I'm doing a research project for college...

    Thank you all so much! These research results are coming along great :)
  6. PinkLion

    So I'm doing a research project for college...

    Thank you very much! :)
  7. Hello Doom community! I'm a Game Design student from the UK and my current research project is about Doom, I was hoping you could all give me some answers to some questions as I am no professional at Doom and have little knowledge of its history. I feel this is the best place to go to ask questions about this topic. The questions I'd like to ask are: Your age and gender Optional (Out of interest): Country of residence Which Doom games have you played? Your personal favourite Doom game and why How you would rate each Doom game (optional: why?) Do you think the Doom series has improved since its original 1993 release or has it declined in quality? Do you feel that Doom 2016 gives you nostalgia and lives up to the original 1993 release? What are your overall opinions on the Doom series? What are your overall opinions on Doom 3 specifically? Are there any other things you would like to add that could contribute to this research? Thank you all so much for any help you can provide, I will really appreciate it! Edit: If there are any additional sources of research you think I could use I'd love to check them out :) Edit 2: Should have mentioned that all research will remain confidential and anonymous! Edit 3: Optional anonymous Questionnaire you can take to give me more data if you would like to: https://goo.gl/forms/kPqVbe7j1hjDVP9y1 Edit 4: Regarding an Ethics Protocol, there's nothing like that where I'm from and I wasn't informed of anything of the sort so I'm quite confused about the whole thing. I've reached a daily post limit for today so I can't reply to the thread or messages regarding the subject, apologies.