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  1. Cooperson

    How to put music in a wad file?

    Plz help un trying to put music in a wad file and i dont know how
  2. Cooperson

    Know any good wads

    The only one I reallly liked was extermination day from st.mark IV
  3. Cooperson

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm working on my first map and i suck at it
  4. Cooperson

    What do you expect the minimum requirements will be?

    Don't worry my computer can't handle some scenes in brutal doom
  5. Cooperson

    Final boss?

    I think a bunny will be the final boss
  6. Cooperson

    Do you guys know any good gun mods

    Thx loved it
  7. I already know brutal Doom project brutality finaldoomer Russian overkill
  8. Cooperson

    GZDoom lags as soon as I start a new game

    Try putting it on doom (software) instead of opengl
  9. Cooperson


    Hi I think that randomizer mods are cool and I want to know what you guys suggest
  10. Cooperson

    Gzdoom builder

    How do you make your 2nd map in the same wad as the first
  11. Cooperson

    Does any body know any good boss wads/mod

    Thx im gonna try it
  12. Cooperson

    Does any body know any good boss wads/mod

    FYI:i all ready know of bossbattles
  13. Like to have a challange