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  1. Ah, that was painful experience. With 3DO version's controls being highly unresponsive and that stupid gamepad I had with L and R buttons on the front, it took a week for me to kill an imp on E1M1 on my first try.
  2. I DiEnd, have tried maintaining a conversation with someone who has been BANNED from this awesome (and very successful) thread, and therefore have been EXCISED for my foolish betrayal.
  3. DiEnd

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Next time, provide a translation. Not everyone here speaks Russian, let alone the older form. From top to the bottom: Electronic Entertainment Factory "3D Realms" Presents Duke Nukem 3D (There is a play on words there. The first word can mean "Sturdy", or even "Spicy". It is close to another word that means "Nuclear" or "Nukem") The text is similar to the form of Russian that was used before commies. And there is a grammatical mistake there.
  4. No. The reason I play Doom is because it was one of my childhood games. It was on 3DO, but the important part about FPS came to me when I first played Doom on PC. The speed is important. That's the reason why I, for example, hate Doom 3. Without that lesson I would be playing Counter-Strike instead of Doom and a ton of Quake 3 during my mid and late school years. The scarier part is, the way I see it, if that would happen, I wouldn't even think about touching Doom.
  5. DiEnd

    Does a doom level have to be long to be fun?

    Yes and no. If the map is done right, it is way more enjoyable. However, if the map is done wrong, then it's going to feel like it's dragging on and on. I can give an example - Evilution's Map20 is a long(er) map done right, but Revilution's Map03 is a long map done wrong.
  6. Oh, yeah, that happened. I was working on a conversion of another game, got weapons, monsters, some levels and textures for them done. Then my HDD suddenly died. So, I have to do it all over again, damn it. Well, I've learned the process of doing it, so this time it goes a bit easier.
  7. DiEnd

    Unknown or Underrated First Person Shooters?

    Zero Tolerance on Megadrive. Good concept, good try, still too much for Megadrive. Escape from Monster Manor on 3DO. This one I can barely remember. Pity that the disc is busted and I don't have a working gamepad for 3DO.
  8. DiEnd

    Track ball doesn't work.

    At least tell the source port you're using.
  9. Zero Tolerance. First two chapters are fine, but there is a general lack of ammo in the third chapter and the game switches some of weapons from the second part. And aiming on Megadrive gamepad is pretty hard. Quake. "SSG isn't the main workhorse" started to weird me out of it. Then I gradually lost interest. DN3D. I just can't get used to it. I usually start playing, but on the second level I start to wish it was Doom. These are those that I want to beat, but they don't always go very well.
  10. DiEnd

    I Need Some Help With Research

    I wonder, have you ever looked at different Doom games? If you're claiming that it's about the whole series, then you'll be surprised how much games in it are different from one another.
  11. DiEnd

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A Doom mod where you play as Kamen Rider Joker. Your only options are melle with Rider Punch and Rider Kick as Limit Breaks.
  12. DiEnd

    2m tall Baron of Hell statue for sale...

    Pretty much everyone around me knows that I'm a Doomer. Explaining this will be pretty easy. Or at least easier than my Precure figures.
  13. DiEnd

    QC: Doom Edition (2.2 released, Apr 19th)

    Sorry for bumping, but I found a bug. Whenever I'm moving to a new level, my Nailgun ammo goes down a bit. I was playing with GZ 3.2.5 on PS1 Doom mapset. Edit: This only happens when I pick a backpack.
  14. DiEnd

    Most favorite level from Episode 3

    E3M5. The architecture just sells it. I also like E3M7 for it's teleport maze. I remember beating it for the first time 20 years ago - that was absolutely fantastic.
  15. DiEnd

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    Ah, yeah, I have had that recently. When I woke up I started laughing like crazy.