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  1. -TDRR-

    Things about Doom you just found out

    11 months after i tried to do it
  2. TNT is my favorite IWAD, and i know there's the terrible Habitat and less than great Mount Pain, but really the rest of the IWAD was very fun.
  3. -TDRR-

    Ultimate Doom is deeply flawed beyond E1

    Doom 2 is better. Map design isn't super great but everything else it introduced is awesome. And it's still better than E2 and E3 (not by much)
  4. -TDRR-

    What's your taste for the graphics/art style?

    This, exactly this. Basically the biggest reason i dislike Quake and the reason i like Techbases more than hell. Doom made very good use of it's pallete to the point i thought there was no pallete limitation and it looked very colorful and nice. Quake on the other hand... BROWN, RED AND YELLOW
  5. -TDRR-

    Custom weapon error messages

    Tested in 1.8.6 and 3.6.0. You forgot the A_WeaponReady codepointer in the Ready state. Read one of wildweasel's tutorials at http://gunlabs.blogspot.com/
  6. -TDRR-

    Custom weapon error messages

    Make sure you are doing "testgun : weapon" and reinstall GZDoom, because it's running fine on my PC.
  7. -TDRR-

    Custom weapon error messages

    You just ignore that, it won't affect mapping at all.
  8. -TDRR-

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    It doesn't have to be 100% like Doom 2 of course, but like 32x Doom 2 or Jaguar Doom 2 would be nice too. May get around to doing MAP01 to MAP07 some time. EDIT: Like this
  9. -TDRR-

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    Is it easy to make maps for this? 3DO Doom 2 sounds nice.
  10. -TDRR-

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Looks amazing, going to test it in WiiDoom (yeah i like my playthroughs challenging) and see how it performs. I assume i can't use any DEH patch? Or can i load vsmooth.wad with it?
  11. -TDRR-

    Custom weapon error messages

    Your GZDoom installation must be busted, works perfectly fine in my GZDoom 1.8.6 install. One thing though, it's not FIR2AO, it's a zero, so it would be FIR2A0. That is why GZDoom Builder had those errors.
  12. -TDRR-

    Custom weapon error messages

    Send me the PK3 file, i really don't know what is going on with that weapon. EDIT: Your version of GZDoom is outdated, update to the latest one just in case.
  13. -TDRR-

    Custom weapon error messages

    Your weapon doesn't inherit from the weapon actor itself. You need to do: "Actor testgun : Weapon 11004" Otherwise your code seems fine.
  14. -TDRR-

    How could I make a currency system?

    If you are still looking, i can provide an example wad with comments to help you. But it depends on exactly what do you need to do, is it a map with a currency system or just a gameplay mod?
  15. What are all states with codepointers i can get without affecting gameplay? I tried getting the monsters' look states but they cause weird behavior and aren't very safe.
  16. I have found out about fraggle's amazing DEH 9000 phyton library and used it's great state reclaiming feature to make the Railgun work. Here's a link if you want it: post with the railgun and some other stuff
  17. -TDRR-

    Flat Plane 3D model for sprites

    Brutal Doom has a flat sprite used for blood splats you can use, it's in the models folder. I don't have BD right now but you can download v20c which isn't as big as v21.
  18. -TDRR-

    STbar face off center.

    If your editor is SLADE 3 or XWE you can adjust the offsets by dragging the graphic, you may need to drag it a bit to the right and a bit lower.
  19. -TDRR-

    does quake 4 have any software rendering?

    You can set the graphics to low and then type in the console (without quotes) "r_singlelight 1" and then i think "r_sb_noShadows 1" "r_shadows 0" not sure, it's been a long time since i last did this.
  20. I assume it's because his computer isn't powerful enough to run a modern engine (Don't worry, i have been there too) But anyways, no, because AD far surpasses the limits imposed by the vanilla Quake engine (limits that were implemented for no good reason) Unless you were to edit it and remove a ton of geometry it wouldn't work.
  21. I was expecting it to be worse, i mean, it's trash but it isn't as bad as i was expecting. Sonic is also too small, he's not very tall in his games but this is overexaggerating! Ah, but it's better than nothing, RIGHT!?
  22. -TDRR-

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Okay guys, i'm at it again with the stupid questions. How do i set this up for use in my PC? I also need around 10-20 states with codepointers, but i can take the BFG firing codepointer along with maybe the firing sound.
  23. -TDRR-

    MONSTER KILLA (vanilla)

    1 word: WHY?!
  24. Deathz0r, is it OK if i release a mod of OMG Weapons? I know that you updated it yourself, but what i have in mine is quite different.

    For one, the mod is fully compatible with ZDoom 2.1.4, Skulltag, all Zandronum versions, and in the future it will be compatible with ZDaemon and Eternity.

    And second, i'm rebalancing the mod almost completely and adding new content, right now it's just a new pistol and Doom 1 compatibility fixes, but it's a start.

    1. deathz0r


      sorry, was afk


      Skulltag seems redundant to support, do people actually still use that port? I don't even know (nor really care) about the state of ZDaemon, so I'm interested to see what you plan to do there.


      Have you been modding based off V5, or the old release on /idgames? V5 has partial Eternity support (as at the time of the release there was no support for custom weapons) but I wouldn't be surprised if there's been improvements in monster behaviour since that release that I can make it closer in feature parity with the DECORATE version.


      Ultimately I can't stop you (nor do I intend to) on releasing your mod of OMGWPNS, but the only thing I ask is that it's not considered an official continuation, as I've been doing minor tweaks here and there over the past three years since last release, though I'm definitely intending to become far more active this year and will be intending to release a new version at some point, as I'm planning to do a massive overhaul of the spawn system and implement more agitated versions of monsters.

    2. -TDRR-



      ahem, i mean, No, it's just going to be called OMG Weapons CLASSIC! which is obviously a name you wouldn't pick and i'm going to put in big bold letters that this mod is a mod of your mod.

      It's based off v1, so i could keep ZDoom Classic compatibility (Skulltag is just a side effect of that) ZDaemon compatibility in the end seems unworkable but Odamex actually has a lot of hope for it.

      Yes i was going to get the Eternity code from v5 and use it in this mod and rewrite the weapons from scratch to work with Eternity too, but only when the next update comes out.

  25. -TDRR-

    EDF Weapon Progress (completed and in dev builds)

    Quick question, can we use custom missiles in weapons already? Basically a player-usable A_MissileAttack is what i want. If i understand correctly you only need to finish: -Heretic weapon codepointers -Remove hard coding -Automate that weird tracker thingy i don't know what that is But the important question is: Can weapons have reloading? If that's the case then i think a TC has found it's new home :D EDIT: I should have paid attention to the date, has this stopped?