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    [QUESTION] Limit number of weapons.

    You can do this by expanding on the method i gave you above. You will need an ACS script for this, but i'm going to write it for you. Though, you will need to compile it and put it into your mod. //=====CODE STARTS HERE======== #library "PUTTHENAMEOFTHISFILEWITHOUTEXTENSIONHERE" #include "zcommon.acs" Script "Use_Button_Stuff" ENTER { int use; = GetPlayerInput(-1, INPUT_BUTTONS); while(GetActorProperty(0, APROP_HEALTH) > 0) { delay(2); use = GetPlayerInput(-1, INPUT_BUTTONS); TakeInventory("PickupWeapons",1); if(use & BT_USE) {GiveInventory("PickupWeapons",1);} } } Script "Use_Button_Stuff2" RESPAWN {ACS_NamedExecuteAlways("Use_Button_Stuff", 0);} //=====CODE ENDS HERE======== Make a new item called "PickupWeapons" (You can name it whatever you want, but change the name above too) And on the code of the CustomInventory item do this: //=====CODE STARTS HERE======== Actor insertsomenamehere : CustomInventory replaces insertreplacedweaponnamehere { states { Spawn: //show a sprite here or something Pickup: //New state, old pickup state was moved to DoPickup TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("PickupWeapons", 1, "DoPickup") Fail DoPickup: TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("WeaponLimitCount", 3, "DontPickup") //if the limit has been reached, don't do anything TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory("WeaponLimitCount", 1) //if not, just give the weapon and add to the counter TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory("ActualWeaponNameHere") Stop DontPickup: TNT1 A 0 A_RailWait //does nothing, just stays there Fail } } //=====CODE ENDS HERE========
  2. -TDRR-


    This better be hosted on Odamex now that it's compatible with it! Also, really liking the rebalances to the game, in particular the Chainsaw and Baron nerfs. Great job with this update!
  3. I know that, but that's pretty much useless in the way xttl said it could be used. Yeah, i wonder how could it be worked around editing the .exe itself? If this ever happens, we could maybe get ZDoom ACS power in Vanilla Hexen, which would be extremely cool. This means that we can basically run entirely different programs using Vanilla Hexen as a startup method? Would be funny to run Doom on it, if nothing else. I guess. But my issue is that implementing this in a playable manner for both Vanilla and Chocolate is going to be pretty tough, since you would have to recompile Chocolate and put that along your .wad distribution, all of this while making sure it's at least somewhat close behavior between the two. So it's rather impractical. Yeah, i'm unexpert on all this stuff but i like reading up on hacking console games via exploits, just find it pretty cool. Maybe that's why not everything i said was completely nonsensical stuff.
  4. **warning: unexpert talk follows** I think restricting ourselves to the original .exe is just way too hard and restrictive like to do anything at all with arbitrary code execution. I'm no programmer, but i think it would be much easier to set up some way to make the .exe just blindly accept whatever the DMXGUS lump says, and if possible force it to load every time. I think this allows for code execution directly when the game starts since music playback is needed since the title screen appears, and most likely DMXGUS is parsed some time before that. Maybe you could also change the name of the DMXGUS lump to EXCODE or something, so normal DMXGUS lumps don't cause crashes. Then distribute the .exe modifications as patches, using whatever file patching program is available for DOS. But Hexen could be interesting, and probably possible without modifying anything. What if you just put complete garbage into a compiled ACS file? I'm pretty sure there's no safeguards since at first it was only intended to be used with the in-house ACC and only by the team. Though, less than 1KB is given to ACS in Vanilla Hexen so not sure how feasible that is either. But, we have to remember: This would only work in DOS or DOSBox, both of which are rarely used for Doom-ing nowadays. Shame it's impossible to do something like this in Chocolate Doom. Also, correct me if i'm wrong but, do the textures ever go through the VGA card? I thought it was all stored in RAM and stuff is rendered by the CPU and then the whole screen is sent to the card.
  5. -TDRR-

    Ice/Snowy variants of demons

    You could make a DECORATE file in your wad with these contents: //========COPY STARTS HERE=============== Actor IceyPinky : Demon replaces Demon {Translation Ice} Actor IceyImp : DoomImp replaces DoomImp {Translation Ice} Actor IceyCacodemon : Cacodemon replaces Cacodemon {Translation Ice} Actor IceyHellKnight : HellKnight replaces HellKnight {Translation Ice} //========COPY ENDS HERE================= And that would make Pinkies, Imps, Cacodemons and Hell knights have an icey color. Sorry if it's not that great, but it's something at least.
  6. -TDRR-

    [QUESTION] Limit number of weapons.

    It's kinda weird but in a basic way it goes like this: Make an inventory item, that has the max amount of weapons you want the player to have. (I mean, if you want 3 max weapons, set Inventory.MaxAmount to 3) For the purposes of this guide, Let's assume the inventory item i told you above is called WeaponLimitCount, and it's max amount is 3. Now make a CustomInventory item for each weapon. This CustomInventory item is the actual pickup and works like this: Actor insertsomenamehere : CustomInventory replaces insertreplacedweaponnamehere { states { Spawn: //show a sprite here or something Pickup: TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("WeaponLimitCount", 3, "DontPickup") //if the limit has been reached, don't do anything TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory("WeaponLimitCount", 1) //if not, just give the weapon and add to the counter TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory("ActualWeaponNameHere") Stop DontPickup: TNT1 A 0 A_RailWait //does nothing, just stays there Fail } }
  7. -TDRR-


    So just keep it then. ZDaemon compatibility is really not worth it anyways since all they play over there is Chillax and the occasional event.
  8. -TDRR-


    From what i saw it literally just redefines animations that are already in Doom 2 so there's zero reason to keep it (In fact i think it may cause issues with some things). But really, using your pistol in ZDaemon spams "YOU CAN'T USE ACTOR CODEPOINTERS IN WEAPONS!" due to A_BrainPain so i'm not sure if you should even bother.
  9. -TDRR-


    It's not. Offsets can be set at any time as long as A_WeaponReady is not in effect. So this means by axing the health and armor bonus animations you probably can do this easily.
  10. -TDRR-


    Hey, you should rename MAPINFO to ZMAPINFO to fix compatibility with Odamex. And while we are at it, removing ANIMDEFS fixes compatibility with ZDaemon, though there's inoffensive error messages, but that doesn't matter, Odamex is closer to Vanilla anyways :)
  11. -TDRR-


    Wow, i made a D4T weapon mod for Vanilla a while ago, but this is on a whole other level. I'm speechless, this is just incredible! The amount of enemies you got in is really awesome, and the faithfulness to Doom 2016 is very impressive for a .deh mod. I like the sounds and the look of the enemies too. Great work, keep it up! Hope to see some other Vanilla mods from you. By the way, is it fine if i make a DECORATE version of this mod? I know it goes against the spirit of the mod, but i really want to make my bots work with this! EDIT: And the brightmaps blew my mind when i saw them. I really thought you modified Chocolate Doom but seeing it works in DOS too is just far too awesome. You did a great job of getting the most out of Vanilla Doom's states, but maybe this would have been even better with DEH9000?
  12. -TDRR-

    A class system

  13. Updated! This update is fairly big. Including custom actions and custom class speeds both editable directly from the mod-side itself, Node Studio, support for saving waypoints into .nod files, and updates to the bot movement system. I have added more waypoints to the first post, so make sure you try them out. I also added information about loading, saving and making nodes on the usage guide, so give that a read too. Just a friendly reminder: If you want to contribute anything to the mod, be it bug reports, feature suggestions, waypoint files, code submissions, bot chat lines, Youtube videos, or whatever, just go ahead and post them here and i'll gladly put them in the mod or the first post. Download link in the first post, as always. There have been more updates, but again, they are over at the ZDoom and Zandronum forums, so if you don't want to miss anything, please follow the TDBots there. Oh and the TDBots might be coming to a new game that's not on the Doom engine. Let's just say that when they get there they will be the only one of their kind B-)
  14. TDBots are another bot mod that puts a computer-controlled opponent/friend into ZDoom, GZDoom, QZDoom and Zandronum. As it's licensed under the MIT license, you can use it in your own projects too! Remember to bind a key to the TDBots menu on the customize controls menu so you can easily configure them! DOWNLOAD! (ZDoom, GZDoom and QZDoom version) DOWNLOAD! (Zandronum version) (Note: the Zandronum version can't seek items yet, due to the unimplemented A_CheckProximity codepointer) DOWNLOAD TDBOTS: NODE STUDIO! v1 Make your own waypoints easily with node studio. Featuring point and click controls, you can make waypoints for most maps in just a matter of 2 to 15 minutes! NOTE: To save waypoints, remember to use Notepad++ or something else, but not Windows' Notepad! Remember to disable line wrap too. Bot config file (REQUIRED): UNZIP DIRECTLY INTO YOUR (G)ZDOOM DIRECTORY (Not needed for Zandronum) (UPDATED: 6/6/2019) DOWNLOAD BOT CONFIG! But, why? ZetaBots already exist, and ZDoom has it's own bots! Well, this bot is actually quite different and is useful in it's own way compared to them, check out the features list! Features Bad stuff Other versions Changelog Waypoint guide (Doesn't work in Zandronum!) Waypoints (Doesn't work in Zandronum!) "How do i make my mod compatible with this?" Mod compatibility patches
  15. Doom 3. I tried playing it until... Eh i don't even remember, it was not long before the first Hell Knights though. TNT having certain overly long maps around the last third of it, it just drags on too long with the gigantic maps and sometimes confusing layouts. I never played through all of Plutonia but what i played is quite good. Doom 2's city levels are very tedious except for MAP15 and 16. I love playing through those two. Never played Master Levels or NRFTL so i can't say anything about them. Doom 1's episode 3 and 4 are quite boring, but there's a handful of levels that are good. But Doom 64 is good, and it's quite hard to say that when you are playing with a broken Nunchuck and crappy batteries on the Wiimote which goes to show how good it is. Never felt tedious except for a couple parts where the next thing to do isn't very obvious, like that one time where you had to press a lamp to get a yellow key.
  16. Yeah, pretty much. I cleaned up a lot but no dice on it running on K8Vavoom. Most likely i won't be able to do this, far too many errors at startup. Wait, so if and else statements work in K8Vavoom's DECORATE? I thought you were aiming for ZDoom 2.8.1 featureset or something like that. That's really cool regardless. Good to know. Hopefully i can optimize my K8V-exclusive maps to make use of this info (while it works at least :P) as i'm indeed getting FPS dips in various places.
  17. TDBotsV14Vavoom-8-18-19.zip There you go. (Just in case, this is not the latest version, it's missing some features but first i want to get the core stuff working) Well, it's not so much that, but again, PB Redux is comparatively HUGE vs BDv20. Meaning it's about x4 to x6 times larger, and with many of the same hacks because at the time PA1NKI113R (or however that's spelled) was a bit lazy on cleaning up messes. Depends, really, i doubt i will be able to test much of it in this PC. K8Vavoom is reasonably more demanding than ZDoom LE, and even on ZDoom LE i get stuttering and occassional low framerates, so at least for me it's mostly out of the question. Yeah, but still, i just grew attached to it ever since i started modding 4 years ago, and there's barely anything i would want to change about the language. So yeah that's the reason i wouldn't use VavoomC to define many actors unless it's something very small. That's really, really neat. In ZDoom, looking down doesn't help the framerate at all, not even in the GL renderer. Nice to know that K8Vavoom has quite good draw culling.
  18. I'm probably going to upload the TDBots version i have been used for testing if you need it. Yeah i know i'm the only guy to come up with such silly ideas. That's quite a bit off-putting though, so maybe i'm just going to keep PB:R on Zandro and ZDoom. Oh well, it was probably going to be too slow to play anyways. Yeah i can see why would you hate it, it's rather lax and not as flexible as most other scripting languages. That's great! I hope that helps with increasing performance in various maps. It shows your exact cone of vision? Would increasing the FOV change anything?
  19. Probably PLAYPAL is the bare minimum required to boot. I'll try a bit later. I hope that it "almost works" because Project Brutality is a big, and i mean BIG mod. It's at minimum 4x times larger than BDv20 and suffers from the exact same issues so i really hope i won't have to manually go through every single actor and try to fix whatever is wrong. If it doesn't, i guess i'm going to just release the K8Vavoom compatibility as a later update because it's most likely quite tedious to do. Oh, that's even better then! It's basically like having GZDoom Builder's Node View mode but directly in the game, which is for obvious reasons useful and less tedious to work with sometimes. I'm really hoping this comes to fruition, because i have been wanting proper Build-style moving sectors in Doom ever since i got my hands on Doom Builder :) Maybe not. I just love DECORATE's simple syntax so much because it makes quick fixes and edits painless (Unless your mod is Brutal Doom lol) It happened consistently every single time and now that i made a sample it works fine. But when it's on the TDBots it does not work for some reason, what could be causing this? Could it be that calling A_LookEx on a player actor is not the same as in ZDoom? Understandable. Just know that when i get the money, some donations will likely come your way (If i can understand all this Bitcoin business though :P) Oh yeah, the classic "snowball bug". Now i understand, thanks for the clarification.
  20. I saw that file but i thought some blanks were filled in by the engine, like required lumps or something. At least it's nice to know that there's not much to do there. Alrighty then, i'm going to fiddle around with Vavoom C and see if i can get some progress going. If there's anything i don't understand i'll ask you. I suppose this is one of the reasons BDv20 isn't working? BDv21 has added various arguments to codepointers where there weren't any, so i guess that's why BDv21 is easier to get working? That's pretty cool! So you could write something like displaying particles at the center of each subsector to help view how K8Vavoom does it's nodes? Quite nice. If those are eventually added, a way to only rebuild a few sectors at a time to maximize performance when moving sectors should be done, so we finally get the fabled Duke 3D style cars but much, MUCH more flexible. That's quite cool. So with that i could cut most, if not all ACS calls in DECORATE and greatly speed things up in some cases? That's awesome. I don't think it is the memory corruption bug though, it happens every time, on every map, with every gamemode and every bot setting. Yes i'm using the binary you upload. I just can't compile anything at all in this craptop, first the compiler kept spitting errors, so i upgraded it to MinGW-w64 and now it's slightly better but i still can't compile anything. CMake worked fine, but now it bombs out with "cc0.exe" not working. In fact, the only C++ code i ever compiled is Nintendont for my Wii when i modified it to load multiple controller configs, and even then that's not on this laptop and it was with an already setup toolchain. So yeah i can't really compile anything. Don't worry, i'm perfectly fine with rewriting code, i do it pretty commonly even when not strictly needed just because i want to make it more readable (After all, almost all of my code is MIT licensed so i can't just leave a mess that only i understand) Even when i first got into ACS i kept rewriting my code because even to myself it was very hideous. Not sure if that was sarcasm but we take anyone who knows C# or C++, so if you ever feel like taking the role, PM me ;) We won't ask much from you anyways. Anyways, sure i'll check it often. Yeah, i think it is because when copy-pasting i'll probably miss out on most updates and fixes to all those classes, so extending will just allow me to add more or change whatever needed and when the update comes, little to no work is needed.
  21. Cool, and i didn't even have to ask! Thanks. Defining a custom IWAD means: The source-port automatically loading it without any other file required (except the source-port's files themselves) and it containing it's own content and stuff. It's a standalone commercial game that would be on a store like Steam. No reason at all to add support for some other sourceport. But i agree this should be the case for mods, no reason to lock it to a single sourceport. We already use Zandronum, GLOOME and LZDoom as our bases for other games anyways, and i wanted to see if K8Vavoom could have everything needed for a standalone game, if you don't want to do it, it's perfectly fine, we could just continue using Zandronum and use ACS+DECORATE for what we want to do in this game even though it's filled with bugs and quite slow, and barely customizable too. Very good! This is exactly what we were looking for. A very powerful scripting (Well, programming now) language that could do everything we needed and even more. I knew it! I had this suspicion since i knew Vavoom C was as powerful as you said it was. Does DECORATE do this too? That's pretty cool. That means i just have complete control over the map structure with Vavoom C? So if theoretically Doom didn't use a static BSP tree i could just transform the whole map on the fly? That's seriously awesome. Don't worry, at least i won't bomb anything at all using Vavoom C (At least not on purpose). Not sure if there will ever be a K8Vavoom terrywad so perhaps we are pretty safe for now at least :P EDIT: Where's all the DECORATE-related stuff? I'm at the linespec folder and i'm very confused. Where are the codepointers? @_@ EDIT2: I found it. And wow it's very easy to read! I'm able to understand pretty much everything in Actor.Decorate.vc. I'm going to keep experimenting and see if there's any bug i can fix by myself. Maybe then i'll become your official second dev in charge of DECORATE, just remember to keep an eye in what i do so nothing bursts in flames :) EDIT3: @ketmar WAIT BEFORE POSTING THE NEW BUILD: A_LookEx is broken! The sight check does absolutely nothing at all now, and the sound check doesn't seem to work either. Attacking the monster does make it react again but that's it.
  22. Hey ketmar, i was wondering, could you add support for defining custom IWADs? VavoomC is getting extremely powerful so the need of editing the source code to make new games with the K8Vavoom engine is none except for defining a custom IWAD. Unless this is already in, and if that's the case could you tell me how it works? Been looking a bit through the basev progs and i haven't found anything related to defining a custom IWAD yet. I probably won't switch any of my announced projects to K8Vavoom as they are just too far in development like to have such a large change, but i got one that fits K8Vavoom's advanced abilities perfectly. Does VavoomC allow at least simple map editing? Just raising and lowering floors, retexturing and spawning stuff would be perfect. Even better if it allows ACS-level (or better) editing.
  23. Nice. Thanks for your help and patience! Tomorrow i'm going to test some more mods and tell you if there's anything to be fixed.
  24. Awesome! I actually thought it would be easy too, since it's just like forcing a script execution on monster death. Did you implement a MAPINFO toggle too right?
  25. Varied Doom Now works with K8Vavoom. Probably the very first showcase of K8Vavoom's custom menu feature which is quite cool. Most bugs with it running in K8Vavoom have been fixed by this point, and there's only 2 missing features. (One of them is replaced by just selecting another option manually anyways) Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy it. If you didn't know, WadSmoosh also runs in K8Vavoom so you can mix Varied Doom with it. Just use -iwad "the path to your doom_complete.pk3 here" and in the Varied Doom menu you can set up everything up, including setting the current game as WadSmoosh.