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  1. That didn't fix it. Spawns are still offset by a noticeable amount, and this causes monsters to get stuck on the ledges of the platform on D2 MAP01's blue room. Really? I had no idea. Why do keys on KEYCONF not work though? I can't see any of them in any of the menus.
  2. Oh trust me, i know it's broken more than most people and i'm currently digging in it's code trying to get it to run in K8Vavoom. Seriously, if i can get Project Brutality Redux running on K8V before i release it, that would be very sick. Don't worry, i'm working on making the code less messy and ugly. But what are the largest issues that prevent BDv20 from even booting up in K8Vavoom and the ones that BDv21 fixes? I will go through each and every single issue if you tell me what they are, no matter if it takes a long while. Anyways, the next mods i would like to get working in K8Vavoom are Supreme Invasion as well as Varied Doom. Supreme Invasion actually works very well, almost identically to ZDoom. However, A_SpawnItemEx seems to be slightly wrong. This appears to be because it's using numbers instead of constants, but i don't know what A_SpawnItemEx("Zombieman", 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 288, 0, 999) means. What flags does the number 288 contain? Varied Doom works nice too and there's a couple missing features but we will get to those when v2 comes out (In half a hour i think?) Something that REALLY bothers me is having to memorize all the CVARs of the mods. Is it possible to add autocompletion for CVARINFO-added CVARs? It's fine if you don't add full MENUDEF support but at least autocompletion would help massively.
  3. I seriously don't know how i missed this update! Downloading and hopefully finally finishing the TDBots for Vavoom. Also, i think i never told you what i think about this port. IMO it's just fantastic! I love how it looks and the lightmapped renderer with extra smoothing looks and runs great even on my Intel HD4000 (or that's what i think it is based on it's support for GL4.0) at 1366x768, which is something i can't say about most other sourceports. I also tried the stenciled lighting but it's too slow for my old GPU and anyways i prefer the smooth shadows lightmapping provides. I also love the Quake-y particle effects. It's like playing Doom but with everything i like from Quake (Which is mostly the effects as you can see), i really applaud you for your efforts on continuing Vavoom development. This has also become my most used non-ZDoom family sourceport, and 3rd most used overall. I use ZDoom LE/ZDoom32 (practically the same so i count them as one) and Zandro the most but that's because they are the ones i just know how to mod the best. And really, for a sourceport to get into my most used list it's got to be very good, so that should speak quite a bit about how awesome K8Vavoom is. There's bugs of course, and one of them was seeing the sky through middletexture bars. I can't upload a screenshot ATM but it happens on Doom 2 MAP26 on the hallways with midtex bars on the sides. EDIT: Oh and about your "second developer" offer, i can do that so you could in the end get to at least full GZDoom 1.8.6 compatibility. All my mods try something new in terms of coding so reaching that goal possibly won't take too long. Just be wary, the last goal involves fixing Brutal Doom v20b compatibility :)
  4. -TDRR-

    why does this happern?

    It's hard to say without seeing any of the map in the editor but try using a different nodebuilder. If it's Doom Builder X or GZDoom Builder just press F6 and the game configuration window should pop up. Select the game configuration you normally use on the left and then switch to the "Nodebuilder" tab. All nodebuilders are there for a reason so try them all. In particular i would encourage you to try BSP, glBSP and zokumbsp. Those are the ones i know help avoid most visual errors so maybe you will find some luck with them.
  5. -TDRR-

    Iron Sights.

    This tutorial made by Wildweasel should come in handy: http://gunlabs.blogspot.com/2011/02/tutorial-inventory-variables-and-making.html
  6. -TDRR-

    Doom map tropes you love & hate

    Like: -ZDoom maps -Maps that look like real places (I just love walking around shops n' stuff in games, and much more in Doom) -Secret levels like Doom 64's Hectic, like brutally difficult and have an easier path, but taking the hard path gives you a big reward like more guns and health. Dislike: -Chaingunners on sniping spots -Archviles on very small rooms with little to no cover -Traps that involve 10 Cyberdemons teleporting in
  7. -TDRR-

    Is Final Doom Canon???

    In my headcanon, they can be but really they don't matter at all so i rather not include them. The transition into Doom 64 would be still the exact same. For me it goes Doom 1 > Doom 2 > Doom 64 > Doom 2016 But if i were to include as much as i can it would be: Doom 1 > Doom 2 > Final Doom > Doom 64 > Doom 3 > Doom 2016 So yeah it pretty much comes down to preference, because it's never referenced in the most minimal way in any other game.
  8. const float Bot_MoveSpeed = 12; That's how it looks. According to A_Recoil's wiki page and SLADE's tip when you hover over it, float is indeed the correct type. However doing A_Recoil(-Bot_MoveSpeed) (- inverts the value so the bot moves forward) doesn't work in Vavoom but it does on ZDoom.
  9. No problem! Hope to see a public test build soon so i can finish up the TDBots version for it.
  10. k8v_changevelocitysample.zip There you go. In ZDoom, after going to MAP01 and firing a shot, the Zombiemen will start running forwards. In Vavoom, nothing happens. I thought it was the CVF_REPLACE flag, but no, removing it doesn't fix anything.
  11. -TDRR-

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    I would say Doom 64 yet unfortunately it's not on the poll. Shame, i really like it. Doom 1 is my vote. I liked E1, loved E2, but didn't enjoy E3 or E4 much. I still like it way more than anything Doom 2 past MAP08, there's some good maps in the rest of that but not as many as i can take from Doom 1.
  12. Ah, thanks for telling me that because that's just a bad habit of mine. For some reason while working on the TDBots i added the "Pickup" state to all of the items even though the "Use" state and the +INVENTORY.AUTOACTIVATE flag are in place, i went ahead and removed them now. Now we got some progress! The bots now shoot me and dodge if i stand in front of them. Another bug report: A_LookEx's fov parameter (the one before the " ") seems to be completely ignored and defaulted to 90 degrees. I suspect A_ChangeVelocity doesn't work, replacing it with A_Recoil fixes the issue and the bots can move normally. However another thing i noticed, is that you can't pass a custom constant to A_Recoil, it makes the bot not move at all. Any chance that could be fixed? It's just nicer to have the speed on a single value at the top of the file rather than spread across all functions. Also, since A_CheckLOF doesn't work, i guess i can use the TDBotsV15Skulltag version as a base for a Vavoom version since it already has everything converted to projectiles and A_JumpIfTargetInLOS. Don't worry about the maintenance burden, i'm going to do a script file to generate the Zandro and Vavoom versions from the base TDBots, shouldn't be hard since it's almost all just search and replace.
  13. The only thing i can say about that bug is that it appears to be a driver issue. Not happening here on a Intel HD 3000, GL 4.0 support, stock drivers and Windows 7 Lite. We don't even know what exact hardware @DuckReconMajor is running it on, along with which drivers and which OS specifically. Sorry about taking so long to reply but the only Internet connection i got is just abysmal. By the way, the TDBots version i will be using for testing is older than the current version (mid-v14 development vs v16) but that's because most of the changes aren't yet portable and i just want to get the bots running first, that's my primary goal. First of all, here's why i think it's the CustomInventory item handling: The only thing the bots do here is everything handled on the ACS side. Chatting, going between animation states and spawning the tdbots_buff items is everything the bots can do. Everything else, like the targeting system, the movement and more simply don't work at all. It's certainly no coincidence that those things are the ones handled via the DECORATE side using CustomInventory items. Additionally, the bots crash when you shoot them, not sure why. I can't download the latest version right now (Again this internet connection sucks) so i'm not sure if providing a conlog is of any use. If you still have the TDBotsV14Vavoom.pk3 file i sent you earlier, you can easily reproduce the crash on any map and any mod. In my opinion, fixing CustomInventory items are a MASSIVELY important thing to tackle if you want any decent ZDoom support, because CustomInventory items are practically the backbone of most gameplay mods around.
  14. EDIT: Sorry for double post, this internet is seriously terrible.
  15. I know i'm not you, and you have far less time than i do (probably), but there's no reason to not give Raven IWADs some love. Try them out every two weeks, a cursory glance to see if everything is OK and nothing is obviously wrong. I don't play Hexen or Strife either but most of my mods have full support for them because it's not really anything that will cost me an arm, nor anything i feel obligated to add at the very start. More like an afterthought and i go fixing bugs slowly after it's added. EDIT: Hm, how about we continue fixing the TDBots for k8Vavoom? I have a gut feeling something is awry on the CustomInventory handling in particular.
  16. -TDRR-

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    Then Zenimax or whoever would hold the rights at that point can forget about me even considering buying any Doom stuff that was even touched by their greasy hands. Piracy all the way if that happens. That's not a real solution. Let's not forget that the vast majority of texture/sprite replacements rely on having the original sprite/texturesets as the original IWADs.
  17. -TDRR-

    can someone help me with me with my cdi map

    And? You still need to try it out. Just save it somewhere else and once it's saved copy it over to the folder you want it on.
  18. -TDRR-

    can someone help me with me with my cdi map

    Try saving it to a different folder, like in the root of C:\ or your Documents folder.
  19. -TDRR-

    can someone help me with me with my cdi map

    We can't help you at all if we don't know which error you are getting. Please provide that information if you want help.
  20. -TDRR-

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    The Wii opinion isn't really unpopular. Some people say it's the best mainstream console of all time, which in my opinion is very true. Proof you don't need paid services, high specifications or DLC to make a very awesome console. Also, homebrew! Nothing like booting up my collection of Gamecube games via SD Card, and play them with a Logitech controller ON A WII. Or playing Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Commander Keen, any NES, SNES, Genesis, GBA, most N64 and some PSX games on it with a GC controller, Classic Controller, Wiimote (+ Nunchuck) or sometimes a PS3 controller. It's also very cheap and you can get it for like 5$ or up to 30$, but 10$ is a very common price for them. I really don't agree with your opinion on Doom 2016. IMO Doom 3 is the worst Doom game because it's completely unlike the original Doom. It's not a bad game, but it's a bad Doom game, in that respect it is indeed the worst Doom game, because it's not like Doom. Doom 2016 on the other hand, at least has the somewhat cartoony art style down, the fast gameplay down, larger levels etc. It's a better Doom game than Doom 3 because it sticks to what makes Doom, well, Doom. It's kinda a case of Sonic Labyrinth. Why would Sonic, a series about going fast, suddenly have a game where you move veeeery slowly and you can't even spinjump IIRC. That's right, it's not like Sonic at all, it's not a good Sonic game, but it could be a good puzzle game.
  21. -TDRR-

    "Limited use" Map Scanner?

    Alright, seasoned veteran of inventory items here (yeah right). First of all, when using an inventory item, frame delays will be completely ignored so you will want to move the current code to ACS. Also, any empty frame should be either deleted or have a codepointer assigned, which can be A_RailWait (which does absolutely nothing). That's all i can suggest by looking at the code you gave. Also, you can just send the .pk3 via a private message. By the way, it's not like someone would go nuts when they find out what's your secret project early on "OH fiddlesticks, i saw what was Dexiaz's secret project and now i can't unsee it! Damn now my whole life is destroyed, excuse me while i go kill myself"
  22. -TDRR-

    Zandronum vs GZDoom vs zDoom

    From a performance perspective, you should use Zandronum. It's the absolute fastest port of the three in most computers except on very very modern ones. But if you got a decent computer (Say, a dual-core 2GHz with any GPU that isn't an intel integrated one and is newer than 2008) using GZDoom is perfectly good and you get some more mods.
  23. -TDRR-

    How do i put other wads/mods in my own wad?

    Alright i guess, just don't go doing this on actual Doom maps. Make a .pk3 file including your map, and put in any .wad format mods in it. If it's a .pk3, copy and paste it's contents into the .pk3 file.
  24. Finally, my dream of playing the map's music with the chainsaw without getting attacked by everything can be finally realized! Thanks, ketmar!
  25. -TDRR-

    How do i put other wads/mods in my own wad?

    Why would you want to force the people playing your maps to use mods? It's a much better idea to just state something like "This mapset is best played with [insert mods here]". Also, if the mods got updated, then you would have to manually update them on your map file.