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  1. -TDRR-

    Zandronum vs GZDoom vs zDoom

    From a performance perspective, you should use Zandronum. It's the absolute fastest port of the three in most computers except on very very modern ones. But if you got a decent computer (Say, a dual-core 2GHz with any GPU that isn't an intel integrated one and is newer than 2008) using GZDoom is perfectly good and you get some more mods.
  2. -TDRR-

    How do i put other wads/mods in my own wad?

    Alright i guess, just don't go doing this on actual Doom maps. Make a .pk3 file including your map, and put in any .wad format mods in it. If it's a .pk3, copy and paste it's contents into the .pk3 file.
  3. Finally, my dream of playing the map's music with the chainsaw without getting attacked by everything can be finally realized! Thanks, ketmar!
  4. -TDRR-

    How do i put other wads/mods in my own wad?

    Why would you want to force the people playing your maps to use mods? It's a much better idea to just state something like "This mapset is best played with [insert mods here]". Also, if the mods got updated, then you would have to manually update them on your map file.
  5. You define a damagetype on the projectile or bulletpuff of the weapon you are going to use. So for instance, if you are firing a projectile with this: A_FireCustomMissile("ProjectileWithFireDamage") then on the definition of that actor you should put the following to set it to "fire" damagetype: ACTOR ProjectileWithFireDamage : Rocket { DamageType "Fire" } And on the monster with a special death animation when burned, you should make a state like this: Death.Fire: insert burning animation here That's it, not complicated at all.
  6. Put anything that isn't part of the regular map data (The ones you shouldn't move are THINGS, LINEDEFS, SIDEDEFS, SEGS, SSECTORS, NODES, SECTORS, REJECT, BLOCKMAP, BEHAVIOR and SCRIPTS) at the top of the file, and make sure they aren't inbetween any MAPXX markers, which causes the error you saw.
  7. -TDRR-

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series is the absolute pinnacle of the whole CoD franchise, with extremely good consistency on all it's games. Even Modern Warfare 3, with worse multiplayer level design than MW1 and MW2, and more linear campaign, still lands among the very best CoD games ever made. And it has that beautiful G36C in it which makes it even better. Bots in games are always underestimated. Many modern games have dropped, worsened or just never have recieved bot support, and when there is bot support, there's zero love put into it. A good example of a game like this is CS:GO, where the bots in CS:S were already considered very good, the devs came and just remade them but way worse. Now they aim only at your crotch no matter the difficulty, their navigation leaves a lot to be desired, they have almost no communication (Just like real casual players!) and are overall just dumb. The max difficutly relies on having superhuman senses, which is total garbage because the bots in CS:S won because they had good aim, and good strategy (Most of the time at least). ...And that's basically it, my PC isn't good enough to play many modern games :P
  8. -TDRR-

    Help with GZDoom multiplayer with a mac

    Use the instructions on this page: https://www.idownloadblog.com/2019/04/19/ways-open-terminal-mac/ And then set up multiplayer just like you would over on Windows or Linux.
  9. -TDRR-

    Editing Drops from Enemis

    What sourceport are you targeting? I'm going to assume it's ZDoom or one of it's derivatives. You would type the following in a DECORATE lump: ACTOR ShotgunGuyDropShells : ShotgunGuy replaces ShotgunGuy {DropItem "Shell"} And that's it.
  10. -TDRR-

    AI research and Doom multiplayer

    They are far more kickass than the regular ZDoom bots even at 2 seconds reaction time, i can guarantee that one :D What other settings could you want? I could add some more difficulty settings if you give me ideas. But still reactiontime 70 and easymode 1 should be enough for anyone, even these bots if they have preserved their previous training with the older bots. You can also use tdbots_usenodes 1 which short-circuits the TDBot's item searching, so most of the time (On anything else than DWANGO5 MAP01 at least) the bots should only have their Pistol to fight with. Actually, even without keeping their training with the other bots, they can still have time to learn, if you pit it against one bot.
  11. -TDRR-

    AI research and Doom multiplayer

    Ah, in that case, since you already got regular bots working on ViZDoom, you can just load the TDBots .pk3 file by drag n' dropping, from there you only need to change the console variables tdbots_reactiontime and tdbots_easymode. To avoid having to load them manually all the time, you can also put them on a "skins" folder in the same directory as your ViZDoom executable is. tdbots_reactiontime is the time the bots take until they fire, in tics. 35 tics is one second and 70 tics is the max you can set (otherwise the bots become far too crippled). And tdbots_easymode is a bool, if it's 1, bots will deliberately miss many bullets. If it's 0, bots will have perfect accuracy (Obviously not 100% perfect as weapon innacuracy also factors in, but at least their aim is perfect) These settings aren't saved, so i recommend putting them into an autoexec.cfg file so you always have your bot settings saved! I tried to make the setup as quick and painless as possible, so do give it a shot whenever you can. EDIT: Almost forgot, these bots are also added by using the "addbot" command, if you ever want to switch back to the original ZDoom bots, type into the console "tdbots_enable 0" (without quotes of course) and "addbot" will add regular bots. It's too late to say this but this whole setup is faster than changing the bots.cfg file manually :S
  12. -TDRR-

    AI research and Doom multiplayer

    Yeah setting everything to 100 actually makes them worse so if i was you i would just leave those values undefined. Most of the time they will just ignore you, run into walls and never react again and even when they manage to start firing they don't dodge much. I still recommend using my bots instead as they are built to be customizable, and i can modify them however you need them to be. But if you insist on using bots that are almost 2 decades old with almost completely untouched and unmantained code since their release, i guess i'm not stopping you.
  13. -TDRR-

    AI research and Doom multiplayer

    Try using my TDBots: Link! Remember to read the usage guide to understand how to set them up so that your bot doesn't have too much problem fighting them (By default, they have perfect aim and reaction time!) If there's any feature you would want to be added to these bots, to help your neural network train, just tell me and i will look into adding it. The only "random" things in these bots, how they run around the map (a dice roll picks if they turn left or right but otherwise it's the same mechanics), their names and their chat lines. The last two are completely cosmetic though, plus they are more configurable and much more skilled than the original ZDoom bots so your neural network will get quite a bit more challenge out of them.
  14. Yes, if you want D3D or Software you will have to stick to old Vavoom or some other port.
  15. -TDRR-

    Please Help

    Yes it does. To the OP, try disabling it and see if it works.
  16. -TDRR-

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    I play on HMP because in all honesty i just can't beat UV on anything that isn't Doom 1. Sometimes i play on HNTR, but that's only when i'm playing on the Wii or my Tablet (which is extremely crappy and slow but at least it has a very good touchscreen) or when the mapset in question is BRUTALLY hard, or if i'm playing with a difficult gameplay mod. IMO i don't really need extensive map changing on HMP or HNTR, just making simple adjustments like giving some more ammo, moving and taking out some monsters (mostly hitscans, more so if they are sniping) or giving keys early if the next section is a very big puzzle or a tough platforming section. Perhaps even throwing in an Invulnerability sphere if the next fight contains many powerful monsters. Taking out 80% of the enemies makes the map extremely boring and empty, and also takes more time compared to the adjustments mentioned above. It's something that should be saved only for HNTR and even then less monsters should be removed but instead replaced, like just replacing 1 Baron with a Knight or a Revenant with a small mob of Imps.
  17. It's okay, but there's a room with a BFG and tons of cells you can get for basically free. I don't think getting a BFG should be that stupidly easy, there must be some sort of challenge or puzzle before getting it. Otherwise everyone will go grab it always and the game devolves into firing BFGs everywhere. Why is there a slime pit that immediately kills you when entering? If this is what i suggested before, i was talking about a slime pit that slowly dealt damage, not instantaneously killed you.
  18. One where there's a chamber filled with slime with tons of stuff inside, and people can get into it and grab all the goodies. But have the path to them fairly long, and put windows (which you can't go through) so people outside can see if anyone is in there and press a button to close the door for 30 seconds. This can even be done in Vanilla format! And it would be extremely hilarious to see someone get in, and right before coming out all powered up with guns and stuff, gets locked inside with the slime :P And make the rest of the map sort of centered around it, there's multiple paths to getting in there but doing so is extremely risky as anyone could press the button before you can escape, so you have to plan your entrance carefully.
  19. -TDRR-

    D3 game logic source?

    Why is this? Couldn't you compile the same code with the orignal SDK and it would work for original Doom 3 too? Or is there changes in the compiler and code that prevent this?
  20. -TDRR-

    Zandronum and item pickup flash

    Try using: pickupcolor = "" instead. Not sure if it actually works, but try it anyways. If not, try using: pickupcolor = "FF FF FF" And see if that removes it.
  21. -TDRR-

    Delta Touch on Android

    Hey @beloko, is the source code to this released? The GPL'd Zandronum would be of particular use to quite a lot of people, including me.
  22. -TDRR-

    Walls do not block projectiles

    Don't lower or raise sectors to make walls, instead hover your mouse over the sector you will turn into a wall and use Del/Supr on it, and it will turn into a wall the Doom engine can process better and faster.
  23. -TDRR-

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    Three lane map design means that the map only has 3 paths to traverse the map. A good example of this is Modern Warfare 3's Dome map, and MW2's Favela but to a much, much lesser extent. I wish i could say for myself if i like Infinite Warfare or not, but i don't have a good enough PC for it.
  24. -TDRR-

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    Well, roosters can't fight very well, they are pretty much birds that can barely glide! Seriously now, here are the things i dislike: -MICROTRANSACTIONS are the #1 thing i hate on modern gaming -Three-lane map design, it's just so boring. -DLC that was to be part of the main game and then chopped off into a separate download -Loot boxes -Having to pay for online play on anything that isn't a PC, PS3 or Wii -Games that take an eternity to level up. Black Ops 4 has you needing to win 50+ matches just for a gun, which is a very big steal as you can level up paying for it. -Lack of splitscreen or overall bad quality of it, like the game ends up severely butchered in quality after adding a second player. I would rather have halved framerate than textures being so blurry you can barely make out what even is the texture decipting. -Physical discs that require you to download the other half off the internet. There's a reason i'm even buying physical copies, and that's to play the game faster! -Stupid DRM cutting your hands off if you dare play the game offline -Absurd advanced movement. I'm fine with parkour and stuff, but it's horrible when you see people teleporting or dashing and you end up confused because there's no way you can track where someone is moving with a teleport or when going at super high speeds. I'll be honest, i really like CoD and stuff but it's went heavily downhill after Ghosts. (and even that game, while the last decent one, is also quite bad) I'm REALLY hoping the new CoD:MW reboot is going to be good. There's a new engine and everything so they are going full into this.
  25. -TDRR-

    Dissecting Sega Saturn Doom

    No, it's because the game is rendered almost entirely by software and then put into the screen by the GPU. Just as in Vanilla Doom, and it limits the devs to the same old 256-color limit. Using colored lights like this looks absolutely horrendous so i guess that's #1 reason colored lights got cut. EDIT: Wait no that's not the reason, i saw that video and there's full 16-bit (or 32-bit, not sure) color so that's not actually the reason colored lights got cut.