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  1. -TDRR-

    What is your favourite episode 2 level?

    E2M3 all the way. It's like a big techbase and semi-hellish maze, it's great. I really like the room at the right of your start, it's super simple and for some reason i just like how it looks.
  2. By the way, when not doing a @ mention, just put TDRR because i already had an account called "TDRR" but i lost the password to it, more or less i had to put the - but they aren't really part of the name. I appreciate all the changes, and these are my favorite ones of this update. I really like the stealth kills one, it was very stupid to punch, not make a sound at all but you wake up the entire map :P By the way, i might have a few more scripting bugs to report, i'm a bit busy with some projects right now but when i get done i will tell you about all of them.
  3. -TDRR-

    Angel name revealed.

    Rating Pending? What do these guys think it will be? It's the sequel to one of the goriest games made recently, and they still dare to put "Rating Pending"?!?!
  4. -TDRR-

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    I definitely would love to see PrBoom merge with Eternity. There's literally nothing of value lost at all, in fact, for new users it should say at startup "Coming from PrBoom? Go to the menu and change to the MBF (or PrBoom?) Complevel!" Almost everything introduced by Eternity is still 100% optional, like those nice particle effects and other special renderer features i can't remember right now. Still, there's absolutely nothing that would stop new mappers from using Boom, as it still has benefits compared to Eternity's other formats. Like, you know, working on basically all Boom-compatible ports, vs Eternity where you would need to make a separate version of the map for ZDoom. As i see it, it would be a crime to not merge. Althrough i would definitely wait until Eternity got some GL3D renderer because that's a very important option in PrBoom.
  5. -TDRR-

    Low framerate on skybox sector on GZDoom

    He means that you should use 64 bits, or else only 3GB (It's a LOT less than half of 16GB!) are used by Windows.
  6. -TDRR-

    Texture WAD Only Showing 2 textures

    Yeah that was the issue, but why were you doing this though? If it was to get the Doom 1 textures in Doom 2, there's better solutions to that, such as in Realm 667.
  7. -TDRR-

    Texture WAD Only Showing 2 textures

    Probably won't fix it, but i recommend switching to using TEXTURE2 instead of TEXTURE1, so you can just put the custom textures in that lump without any issue with Vanilla Doom's textures. Or use TEXTURES if mapping for ZDoom-based ports, with the exception of Odamex and i think ZDaemon.
  8. -TDRR-


    Did you even update the patch? I'm testing it right now on DOSBox and it's working fine. EDIT: I haven't yet downloaded the latest version so let me see if you haven't updated correctly. EDIT2: As i thought, this patch is the old version, you need to redownload the .zip i uploaded a page back. Also, when packaging the .wad, remember to change the name of emarines.deh to power.deh so people don't forget they need to load both power.deh and power.wad.
  9. I was wondering the other day, would a GL renderer be added to Eternity? The only reason i don't use Eternity much is it's lack of OpenGL renderer, yeah i know i'm a freak for liking that vaseline-o-vision trilinear filter and maybe dynamic lights if they happen. I don't like Pr/GLBoom for some reason, i just can't stand how it feels overall, but Eternity is awesome yet lacking a hardware renderer which IMO would be fantastic. I just hate how horrible the colors are in software mode, Pinkies becoming brown/grey with distance, banded lighting, and other things that make the software mode just look ugly. I wonder, it hasn't been done just because no one seems to want it (I mean, Eternity being basically "ZDoom for old-school Doomers") or just because no one has made it?
  10. -TDRR-

    How you play DOOM

    ZDoom LE the most, then Crispy Doom/Marshmallow Doom, sometimes Eternity and extremely infrequently PrBoom. And LZDoom if a mod absolutely requires it but otherwise i rather use ZDoom LE.
  11. -TDRR-

    Custom weapon causing unknown freezes

    Except Goto Null does the very exact same thing as TNT1 A 1 followed by a stop, and is also shorter to type.
  12. I'm not exactly a programmer either but i can tell you it's doable but likely costly and would require OpenGL 2.0 if you are willing to make a couple hacky tricks to get the perspective the same. Even then, i feel that's really pointless because one of the things that the hardware renderer is prefered instead of the software renderer is the removal of the viewport distortion when looking up and down.
  13. -TDRR-

    Custom weapon causing unknown freezes

    PLZR A 1 A_Lower TNT1 A 0 A_TaKeInventory ("givefire", 999) Wait This piece of code in the deselect state makes the game stop in an infinite 0-tic loop, causing a crash. Replace that bit of code with this fixed version: TNT1 A 0 A_TaKeInventory ("givefire", 999) PLZR A 1 A_Lower Wait On to the second problem. XDeath: BLT1 A 0 Stop This causes a crash almost all of the time in FusionBulletPoison, and should instead be replaced with a Goto Null instead of Stop. Replace that code with this fixed version: XDeath: Goto Null
  14. -TDRR-

    Show Angles of Linedefs/Vertices in DBX or DB2

    Hover your mouse over a linedef while in linedefs mode and on the lower bar you will see it's properties. Between these there's a "Angle" field that shows the angle in degrees.
  15. -TDRR-

    Locked linedefs in Doom Builder 2 or X?

    Just add one and cover a full area with it. The music can easily be done with LocalSetMusic, which only affects the player activating the special. Just add me as a orange-armored Doom 64 marine, TDRR would be my codename. What exactly am i supposed to do? Guide the player? I'm going to write the dialog but i don't know what is my character meant to do. The sprites can be found in Doom 64 Retribution, Doom 64 Absolution, Skulltag, BD64 and probably others. EDIT: I don't really have a logo and i'm not comforable with showing my face, besides, my avatar is this https://forum.zdoom.org/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=23670 And even though it's silly and kinda funny, i don't see it fitting in a mostly serious Doom mod.
  16. If it helps, Sonic Robo Blast 2 already tried adding sprite shadows, and yes they look horrible. I don't have pictures but i can assure you it didn't look pleasant at all The midtextures casting proper shadows are what sounds really cool though, can't wait to see that.
  17. -TDRR-

    Locked linedefs in Doom Builder 2 or X?

    Lock numbers in key-locked doors i assume? If that's the case, there has been support for that since Skulltag so no need to worry about breaking compatibility. I wouldn't migrate over to GZDB if i were you, as you will likely get higher RAM usage and lower performance overall. Just switch to GZDB temporarily, change the lock number, save and go back to DBX. As for the lost souls, you can use the last parameter of SpawnSpotFacingForced to assign the lost souls a TID you haven't used yet (I imagine 15523 would work as a number no one uses) and place this check BEFORE you spawn the next lost soul: This way, if there's 75 lost souls already spawned by this spawner, it won't spawn anything and tries to spawn another one in 10 seconds.
  18. It's fine, Vavoom's most highlighted feature is the lighting anyways! Models aren't really good to use in Doom but i meant it could be useful for game dev using Vavoom.
  19. It hugely benefits models animated at 35fps, so IMO it would be nice to have if you can do it. But don't listen to me, i'm a terrible coder on everything i touch :P
  20. -TDRR-

    How to add custom maps on Brutal Doom 64???

    You don't, you have to choose one: Or the D64 Retribution maps, or the intro map.
  21. Yeah i imagined it was something like that. I was asking because i wasn't really sure if it was because it conflicted with the project's goal, or something to that effect. It would be nice if at least they could add the GLBoom renderer or perhaps GZDoom 1.8.4's renderer, but maybe that is a lot of work too.
  22. -TDRR-

    How to add custom maps on Brutal Doom 64???

    In the folder of BD64's download, go into the "skins" folder, and move the "bd64maps" file out of there (Don't delete it, just put it somewhere else) and put the Consolation Prize's Doom 64 Retribution file into the skins folder.
  23. -TDRR-

    Doom Eternal is the Biblical Apocalypse

    Even not counting those facts, Doom's portrayal of hell isn't biblical because demons aren't physical in the Bible.
  24. -TDRR-

    Delta Touch on Android

    @CrbnBased Hey, any chance you could upload the plastic textures mod somewhere? I'm looking to get them but didn't have the chance to download before they got taken down.
  25. It will look the exact same to you if you are running it on the small screen, and may still look the exact same on a TV unless you are actively comparing both. So yeah in terms of graphics it holds up fine against the PS4, differences aren't noticeable unless you are running into walls and then using a zoomed weapon right into the wall in which case you would notice small differences on the textures, but why would you.