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Status Updates posted by -TDRR-

  1. Now it's the same pic on all my accounts. Yay for consistency!
    I know it's kinda silly but eh it's better than what i had before.

  2. What game is your avatar from? It looks pretty cool.

    1. Negrostrike


      LHX Attack Chopper

  3. I noticed you once asked about porting Skulltag content to the GZDoom engine, and well, your quest is over: Skulltag Emulation for GZDoom

    It faithfully recreates 100% of the Skulltag content, albeit currently lacking Last Man Standing, Domination and Invasion, all other content is present in 95% accuracy to Skulltag, including full Android compatibility and redundant but maybe eventually useful compatibility with Zandronum.

    1. The Strife Commando

      The Strife Commando

      I love you! Thanks so much. :D

    2. -TDRR-


      No problem! If you notice a real inaccuracy or bug please report it.

    3. The Strife Commando

      The Strife Commando

      Well I do wonder if all the features will make it. Will the next update let me fully customize the match settings such as choosing the map and bots? Will I choose the Railgun color?

  4. Deathz0r, is it OK if i release a mod of OMG Weapons? I know that you updated it yourself, but what i have in mine is quite different.

    For one, the mod is fully compatible with ZDoom 2.1.4, Skulltag, all Zandronum versions, and in the future it will be compatible with ZDaemon and Eternity.

    And second, i'm rebalancing the mod almost completely and adding new content, right now it's just a new pistol and Doom 1 compatibility fixes, but it's a start.

    1. deathz0r


      sorry, was afk


      Skulltag seems redundant to support, do people actually still use that port? I don't even know (nor really care) about the state of ZDaemon, so I'm interested to see what you plan to do there.


      Have you been modding based off V5, or the old release on /idgames? V5 has partial Eternity support (as at the time of the release there was no support for custom weapons) but I wouldn't be surprised if there's been improvements in monster behaviour since that release that I can make it closer in feature parity with the DECORATE version.


      Ultimately I can't stop you (nor do I intend to) on releasing your mod of OMGWPNS, but the only thing I ask is that it's not considered an official continuation, as I've been doing minor tweaks here and there over the past three years since last release, though I'm definitely intending to become far more active this year and will be intending to release a new version at some point, as I'm planning to do a massive overhaul of the spawn system and implement more agitated versions of monsters.

    2. -TDRR-



      ahem, i mean, No, it's just going to be called OMG Weapons CLASSIC! which is obviously a name you wouldn't pick and i'm going to put in big bold letters that this mod is a mod of your mod.

      It's based off v1, so i could keep ZDoom Classic compatibility (Skulltag is just a side effect of that) ZDaemon compatibility in the end seems unworkable but Odamex actually has a lot of hope for it.

      Yes i was going to get the Eternity code from v5 and use it in this mod and rewrite the weapons from scratch to work with Eternity too, but only when the next update comes out.