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  1. Nice! Glad to know that Vanilla compat. is really, really close.


    The new flame bringer sprites look pretty good as well as the new HUD face, looks less strangely thin.


    All in all a pretty good update, haven't checked out the new FreeDM maps and the new music but i'm sure i'll like them a lot! Congrats to everyone involved, great work as always.


    EDIT: I think a link to the manual would be nice to have in the home page.

  2. I don't know if i'm going bonkers, but apparently hiding behind a wall moments before a Pain Elemental spits a Lost Soul, makes it not come out at all. Doesn't seem to work at all in ZDoom though, so do this only in stuff that's not a ZDoom derivative or K8Vavoom. Alternatively, if you have the chance, hug the Pain Elemental and it won't do anything.


    When chainsawing a Pinky, it's usually smart to backpedal while doing so, to avoid getting harmed. Make sure you do this if you are using the -fast parameter, because they will get the bite on you most of the time if you don't!


    Revenants can be tricked by running into melee range and backing out before he hits you. Repeat as many times as needed.


    Strafing in circles (Not circle strafing) is helpful when facing a crowd of Pinkies that have you surrounded, it's not a perfect strat but a lot of the time it will save you some health. Using the SSG for these situations will be helpful too, or the Plasma Rifle if that's available.


    EDIT: I forgot this one! Never, NEVER, NEVER grab an invisibility sphere unless you are in a room chock full of hitscanners, because it's not going to be fun running straight into your enemies' projectiles.

  3. Yes, those GUI surfaces were a chore to get working. I don't have the manual at hand, but IIRC it said that there are 3.000+ lines of code for the GUI surfaces alone.


    I also hated how boring it made everything. GUI surfaces are a really cool idea, but they put so many of them that it gets tiring real quick. TBH I think Doom 2016 did it fine.

  4. 2 hours ago, GoatLord said:

    Let me try to make this more clear: You know how you can just literally load a resource texture wad into Doom Builder, and use the "save map into" function to make it a single .wad containing the new textures? I want to do that for thing entities; specifically new monsters and especially props (such as trees, traffic cones, office chairs, etc.). Is there an equivalent for this or is it only possible through manual editing, even with a format like UDMF? 

    UDMF doesn't matter here, it's just something to store map data (originally separated in LINEDEFS, SECTORS, THINGS and a few others AFAIR), but stuff like custom monsters and props is definitely out of the scope of what it can do.


    This could be done, but the editor needs to support it, and anyways adding new things is so easy that it's not needed at all. Literally all you need is like 5 minutes, something like SLADE/XWE and your required files, and that's it. Not like it takes a 5000 IQ and years of learning.


    Actually, you can even do it without any of that, just Windows' integrated .zip file handler.

    Create a new .zip file, then drop all Realm667 .wad files here (Yeah i know waste of RAM bla bla bla, but this is meant to be super simple so...) and then just rename the file to have a .pk3 extension, and that's it.

    Whenever you want to pack it up for release, drop your map .wad in the .pk3 too.

  5. 6 minutes ago, tempdecal.wad said:

    Are you sure?

    This makes it sound like he wants to insert it directly into the map without using a map editor

    -10 for reading comprehension, i thought you wrote ways that an actor could drop something, my bad.


    In that case, using a RandomSpawner that replaces whatever monster you want with whichever other random selection of other monsters would work here. In a DECORATE lump, use this:
    ACTOR RandomZombieman : RandomSpawner replaces Zombieman


    DropItem "TypeActorNameOfOtherVariant"


    And keep adding more "dropitem" lines for more replacements. By the way, have you tried Scalliano's 667 Shuffle? That might be what you are looking for, and it has many Realm 667 guns and monsters.

  6. 1 hour ago, tempdecal.wad said:

    A few ways I can think of to do this:

    That's not at all what he meant. He means a way you can put custom monsters and stuff in your map without editing it in SLADE. No, there's no such way to do this.


    You have to either use SLADE or XWE if you seriously, seriously don't want to go through the hassle of installing SLADE. You grab all the stuff that the Realm667 downloaded WAD has, and you put it in your wad in any place before the "MAPXX" markers.


    I still recommend using SLADE much more than XWE, but if you haven't used SLADE because it's comparatively heavy or requires those stupid Visual C runtimes that force you to update Windows to the latest update, then it's an """okay""" alternative.

  7. Quake 2 is really good. And not sure if it counts as it's not "after" Doom, but Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy is worthy of a mention too.


    Quake 1 is okay, but it's just way too Doom-y except without everything i love from Doom (Modding was great tho).

    Quake 3 is good, but i'll take Unreal Tournament 99 over it any day. Shame it isn't open-source though, so we can't see it in many other platforms like all the other cool 90's games.

    About all the other things, i only ever played Doom 3 out of them since i really can't run the other things, and didn't like it much.

  8. Man, this would be awesome for classic Doom. Not as much Doom 3 as it already has pretty cool shadowing, but this is great for outdoor areas since spamming lights is a lil bit laggy outdoors.


    Only issue with classic Doom is that you'd have to make a map for every single wall, but it would be really cool anyways. (yeah i know K8Vavoom does this but it's nice to have full control over the end result, like editing it in Paint or something)


    Anyways, this is neat. Interested to see whatever comes out of this. (Doom 2016 in Doom 3 amirite?)

  9. 2 hours ago, ketmar said:

    ah, that was fun! ;-)


    your map spots aren't marked to spawn on UV skill. and k8vavoom's default skill is "UV", not "HMP". so no map spots were spawned, and no monsters were placed. run it with UV skill in any other sourceport, and you'll see the same effect (or on HMP in k8vavoom, and the monsters will appear).

    Oh, i'm stoopid! Well sorry for that waste of time :) Thanks anyway.

  10. @ketmar I have a small issue with one of my mods: Randomized Roguelike map generates the map just fine, but it's completely devoid of monsters. Monsters spawn just fine in the whole ZDoom family so it seems i haven't done anything wrong.


    What's weird, is that MAP02 spawns everything just fine, but MAP01 doesn't. Any chance you can fix this or tell me what's wrong?


    As for the TDBots, i have updated my K8V version but the A_LookEx bug persists. The good news is that it's the last thing left to get the TDBots (v14 at least) fully working in K8Vavoom, as everything else works just fine.

  11. My sad and slow laptop (Celeron 1.4GHz + Intel HD Baytrail + 2GB RAM) is far too garbage to run Windows 10 well. Also, no proper drivers are available to run Win10 with all of this laptop's features, so i really doubt i'm upgrading. Not only that, but many of the programs i use don't work properly in Windows 10.


    And this Windows 7 is actually Windows 7 Lite so i pretty much stopped recieving updates a while ago (This is Service Pack 1 AFAIR)


    I also have Linux, but i very rarely use it because GL performance absolutely sucks there (Playing Counter-Strike 1.6 at 120fps? Too bad! Enjoy these 20fps :)


    I don't care at all about modern games, since i can't run them in here anyways. Though if they manage to get Doom 2016 running in GL 3.3 with at minimum 2fps then i'll upgrade, if only to play the best slideshow of my life! The most modern not-indie game i can play here at high settings is Modern Warfare 2, and that's from like 2009. Still a good game though, but it shows the kind of trash PC i'm stuck with right now.

  12. On 7/27/2019 at 11:21 PM, Nevander said:

    Hey guys, if Doom 64 is actually being re-released or officially ported, it's possible I may be given a C&D. I certainly hope not though.


    I don't know if they would also go after Absolution TC, Brutal Doom 64, GZDoom64, or GEC Master Edition as well. Mine and BD64 are certainly the most well known so there's no doubt we would be targeted first (and possibly only us).


    EX is most likely safe, since you need the ROM anyway. It's literally only an executable. No data is included with EX.


    I hope they will view my project and others as "fan recreations" or something similar, instead of as an actual "remake." The former may allow them to stay up, since they are not really the original game in that sense.


    Regardless, I would advise you download it now while you still can. I love my work and I hope I can continue to make updates.

    If anything happens, i'll try to spread the .pk3 in as many, many pages i can get it so at least your work is preserved. I would hate to see this only be played by the people who got the chance of getting it before it got taken down.


    Also, i'm making a Zandronum version (yeah i always say this on many projects and a lot of the time nothing happens) but is it fine if i release it on this thread? It would be pretty cool to see Retribution being played online. EDIT: Nevermind this was already done.


    Another question that had me curious for a while, how were Breakdown's sliding doors done in the original?

  13. 16 hours ago, Hekksy said:

    The obvious answer is Zandronum because its easier for you to port and the most widely played client server port. However, I personally would love to see this in Odamex because it currently lacks bot support at all and desperately needs them. 


    Both :)

    Ackshually, i went back to working in bots for Odamex. They are the ZCajun bots so expect them to be garbage at first, though they really aren't that hard to improve. Just takes a little bit of patience and a couple hours.


    In Odamex, it would be rather hard to use the bots since you would have to open multiple instances, i imagine having them all visible on-screen at the same time. Which is obviously very impractical and not really comfortable at all.

  14. 21 hours ago, Thfpjct said:

    Ok for some reason when i Summon the Weapon pickup the game just crashes, maybe i did something wrong?

    Here the "pk3" file to take less time.


    Well, looking at the zip, you organized everything wrong. Make your project a .pk3 instead, and organize it like this:
    Sprites go in a directory of the .pk3 called "sprites", Make sure to not include SS_XXXX markers in this folder.

    Compiled ACS goes in "acs" (Not LOADACS, only the compiled file, which in this case is named "PICKUP")


    After doing this, i got no crashes at all in ZDoom LE or LZDoom, so you just organized everything incorrectly and that was the cause of the crash.

  15. 56 minutes ago, Thfpjct said:

    thanks alot!

    btw do you know any way that i can make the weapon pickup not instant? like a need to press E on them to pick it up?

    You can do this by expanding on the method i gave you above. You will need an ACS script for this, but i'm going to write it for you. Though, you will need to compile it and put it into your mod.


    //=====CODE STARTS HERE========


    #include "zcommon.acs"


    Script "Use_Button_Stuff" ENTER


    int use; = GetPlayerInput(-1, INPUT_BUTTONS);

    while(GetActorProperty(0, APROP_HEALTH) > 0)



    use = GetPlayerInput(-1, INPUT_BUTTONS);


    if(use & BT_USE) {GiveInventory("PickupWeapons",1);}




    Script "Use_Button_Stuff2" RESPAWN {ACS_NamedExecuteAlways("Use_Button_Stuff", 0);}

    //=====CODE ENDS HERE========


    Make a new item called "PickupWeapons" (You can name it whatever you want, but change the name above too)


    And on the code of the CustomInventory item do this:

    //=====CODE STARTS HERE========

    Actor insertsomenamehere : CustomInventory replaces insertreplacedweaponnamehere





    //show a sprite here or something


    Pickup: //New state, old pickup state was moved to DoPickup

    TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("PickupWeapons", 1, "DoPickup")




    TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("WeaponLimitCount", 3, "DontPickup") //if the limit has been reached, don't do anything

    TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory("WeaponLimitCount", 1) //if not, just give the weapon and add to the counter

    TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory("ActualWeaponNameHere")




    TNT1 A 0 A_RailWait //does nothing, just stays there




    //=====CODE ENDS HERE========

  16. 8 hours ago, Graf Zahl said:

    It depends on how you look at it. Doom.exe renders directly to video memory, but the texture in its raw form will remain in the regular RAM.

    I know that, but that's pretty much useless in the way xttl said it could be used.


    7 hours ago, Jon said:

    The 0-byte limitation @xttl mentioned is pretty significant, if we can't figure out a way around that then it's a show-stopper.

    Yeah, i wonder how could it be worked around editing the .exe itself?

    8 hours ago, Jon said:

    You can definitely crash hexen with bad ACS, it's easy to do evne if you aren't trying to. Whether that can be turned into something useful is perhaps worthy of investigation, yep.

    If this ever happens, we could maybe get ZDoom ACS power in Vanilla Hexen, which would be extremely cool.


    8 hours ago, Jon said:

    That's almost certainly enough. One just needs to bootstrap enough code so you can load in another lump and read more code from there. 1KB is a lot of machine code for that.

    This means that we can basically run entirely different programs using Vanilla Hexen as a startup method? Would be funny to run Doom on it, if nothing else.


    8 hours ago, Jon said:

    But we have the source code for the ports. We can do *anything* in the ports, by  changing the source code. We don't need to artificially restrict ourselves to hacks and exploits. The only circumstance where that's interesting, IMHO, is where it's necessary, and that's  pushing the boundaries of the original binaries.

    I guess. But my issue is that implementing this in a playable manner for both Vanilla and Chocolate is going to be pretty tough, since you would have to recompile Chocolate and put that along your .wad distribution, all of this while making sure it's at least somewhat close behavior between the two. So it's rather impractical.

    8 hours ago, Jon said:

    I saw these and thought "uh oh" but your message was actually interesting.

    Yeah, i'm unexpert on all this stuff but i like reading up on hacking console games via exploits, just find it pretty cool. Maybe that's why not everything i said was completely nonsensical stuff.

  17. On 6/26/2019 at 11:36 AM, xttl said:

    Personally, I think the ultimate vanilla mapping/modding trick would actually be finding a way to get arbitrary code execution from any loaded WAD. Preferably early in the game startup, but at map load time, at time of running the first tic, or while rendering the first frame wouldn't be bad either.


    I've tried a bit to look into getting this working, but unfortunately I am no hacker extraordinaire after all. ;__; The only thing I've found so far is that the code which handles DMXGUS lumps (inside libDMX) allows you to overwrite stack contents with data from this lump, but obviously this only works if the user has GUS selected as the music card and the game must be able to detect it too. In addition, the first zero byte in the data will always terminate the copying of data from the lump since this is a string function (strcat) copying data to a fixed size buffer, and this zero byte will be replaced by a '.' (0x2E) from ".pat" which is further strcat'ed to the string to form a path to a GUS patch file on disk, which makes it difficult to write any good pointer values (they tend to have zeroes as the most significant byte) to the stack.


    Exploitation of any possibly usable overflows or other bugs is also made difficult by the "ASLR" which is in effect. As probably everyone who's interested in Watcom binary hacking/reversing knows by now: you can't really trust DOS4GW to load the sections to same addresses every time... (though this wasn't really meant as a security feature like ASLR nowadays so depending on hardware and software config the addresses aren't guaranteed to always change either)


    Perhaps Hexen could be a better candidate for this due to the multiple text-based game definition lumps it loads from WADs and parses, plus the ACS bytecode interpreter?


    ...now that I think of it, can the CPU execute code from VGA memory in DOS era PCs and DOSBox? Doesn't matter if it's slow as long as it works. That would always be guaranteed to be at the same address (0xA0000) no matter where DOS4GW relocates the LE sections. You could write code there by crafting special graphic patches and textures for the game to draw, then try to trigger a jump to 0xA0000 somehow!

    **warning: unexpert talk follows**


    I think restricting ourselves to the original .exe is just way too hard and restrictive like to do anything at all with arbitrary code execution.

    I'm no programmer, but i think it would be much easier to set up some way to make the .exe just blindly accept whatever the DMXGUS lump says, and if possible force it to load every time.

    I think this allows for code execution directly when the game starts since music playback is needed since the title screen appears, and most likely DMXGUS is parsed some time before that. Maybe you could also change the name of the DMXGUS lump to EXCODE or something, so normal DMXGUS lumps don't cause crashes.

    Then distribute the .exe modifications as patches, using whatever file patching program is available for DOS.


    But Hexen could be interesting, and probably possible without modifying anything. What if you just put complete garbage into a compiled ACS file? I'm pretty sure there's no safeguards since at first it was only intended to be used with the in-house ACC and only by the team.

    Though, less than 1KB is given to ACS in Vanilla Hexen so not sure how feasible that is either.


    But, we have to remember: This would only work in DOS or DOSBox, both of which are rarely used for Doom-ing nowadays. Shame it's impossible to do something like this in Chocolate Doom.


    Also, correct me if i'm wrong but, do the textures ever go through the VGA card? I thought it was all stored in RAM and stuff is rendered by the CPU and then the whole screen is sent to the card.

  18. You could make a DECORATE file in your wad with these contents:


    //========COPY STARTS HERE===============
    Actor IceyPinky : Demon replaces Demon {Translation Ice}

    Actor IceyImp : DoomImp replaces DoomImp {Translation Ice}

    Actor IceyCacodemon : Cacodemon replaces Cacodemon {Translation Ice}

    Actor IceyHellKnight : HellKnight replaces HellKnight {Translation Ice}

    //========COPY ENDS HERE=================


    And that would make Pinkies, Imps, Cacodemons and Hell knights have an icey color. Sorry if it's not that great, but it's something at least.