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  1. its probably because i didn't get the format correct, trying with audacity one by one because look at this damn batch script guide http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/apply_chain.html it'll take me longer to learn how to use it than convert each one lol edit: i got it, it works with audacity as bonnie pointed out above. thanks did i temp-ban myself for using "damn"? can't seem to reply or post
  2. see but the thing is i have 36 wav files and importing them all fills up my HDD temp, which crashes it and i have to manually un-nuke my PC by clearing the appdata cache i suppose i could render 6 at a time, but i figured surely by now there was an automated solution especially considering we're talking doom here could you give me a quick memo about how SLADE3 converts the new WAV files to DOOM SOUND format? like where the options are to do this?
  3. I've been trying to figure out how to batch convert a bunch of MP3s (intended for use zdoom) to DOOM SOUND format for like two hours now to no avail and i'm beginning to get extremely frustrated I'm trying to convert the PSX Doom BGM mod WAD to Vanilla doom using this using this WAD currently as well (SFX + HUD, above is BGM) and it works fine www.moddb.com/games/doom/addons/psx-doom-for-vanilla-doom WHAT I UNDERSTAND ALREADY: Before something like SLADE3 can convert to DOOM SOUND format, i need to convert to WAV 8-bit PCM unsigned mono with no meta-data I used goldwave for this and i didn't see any option for removing or not encoding metadata, everything else i did I tried using DoomSND from here and the program crashes due to Java heapsize overflow (which as far as i could tell is bad programming or my laptop is garbage (it is) ) edit: i also tried importing with SLADE3 and it just added a "link" file and there was no apparent option to convert the imported file to DOOM SOUND >INB4 "WHY NOT JUST USE ZDOOM?!" I'm doing this for a source port to Sega Dreamcast, there's a possibility we might have the ability to play working multiplayer over 56k soon. and i'd really like to whip up a MOD with the creepy\horror BGM from PSX doom along with the SFX and HUD, for an intense co-op playthrough as i said before, the "PSX Doom for Vanilla Doom" mod works fine, so i know my build supports custom sounds in DOOM FORMAT. so essentially i just need some help walking through the process of getting this up and running. i'll also upload it here if\when its done, because AFAIK there's no vanilla doom PSX BGM WAD otherwise i wouldn't be doing this. thanks guys