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  1. Um, it's a good new. But I have a question. What about the cheat codes in Square? I need change levels for pistol start with a cheat code like idclev. Does anyone know?
  2. It would be fun, but I couldn't give up the experience, whichever it is, for better or for worse.
  3. DooMingo

    What is your favourite secret Level?

    E2M9 is my favourite, I don't know way: maybe for gave the first epic battle, for the corpses, for the strange estructure? E3M9 is a good experiment and I would like to remember my reaction when the walls came down and saw a Cyberio pumping shit in my mouth. E4M9 is a good intense map for E4, nothing else. E1M9 and Wolfensecrets are repetitive for me. Heretic's secret levels were amazing, specially E1M9 and E2M9.
  4. DooMingo

    Most favorite level from Episode 2

    Always E2M4: that goddamn gloomy music, the gargoyle heads watching you... E2M6 is good too. E2M8 is very special: first encounter against a formidable enemy, and that baron's corpses at the beginning didn't presage good things.
  5. DooMingo

    Where does The Ultimate Doom's Episode 4 Takes Place

    Firstly, we can think that doomguy died at the end of episode 1. If so, episodie 4 could be the doomguy's resurrection to go back to Earth: look at the ambiguity of the maps, the bible phrases... Episode 4 could be a kind of "purgatory" between hell and life.
  6. DooMingo

    Why are doom maps so wet?

    In Ultimate Doom, if you realize, most fluids are damaging floor, even the water in E3 (a way of delusion or trap). Fuids were conceived, at the first time, like another "enemy" for make more dangerous battles. Later, in Doom 2 with more enemies, ID saw some fluids like "wonderful ornamentation".
  7. DooMingo

    Most favorite level from Episode 4

    E4M1 and E4M2, both very hard and intense in small spaces.
  8. DooMingo

    Most favorite level from Episode 3

    When I played Doom at the first time, my favourite EP3 levels was E3M2 and E3M5 for the thematics: a swamp and a "cathedral". Today I prefer, E3M3- hell-base mix complex. E3M6- all is said in this thread: first open village, on a lava island. E3M7- that oppresive idea: you are lost in a damage blood maze, you don't know where to go exactly, I think that concept represents what hell is.
  9. DooMingo

    Favorite Doom/Doom Engine Game?

    Ultimate Doom for maps and episode estructure, although Doom II began a new age of playability. Hexen for magical thematic, hub estructure and multiple characters.