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  1. Necromancer

    Can anyone tell me . . .

    Thanks, fodders!
  2. Necromancer

    Can anyone tell me . . .

  3. Necromancer

    Can anyone tell me . . .

    . . . if they know what happened to Digital Image Design? You know, the U.K.-based company that produced F-22 Air Dominance Fighter? Apparently did.com doesn't exist anymore. I know it's not Doom-related, but this is the best place I could ask this question.
  4. Is the graphics card actually supported? By this I mean go to the Audio/Video options menu. If the driver field for the video card shows the driver file, it is supported. Also, the swap file may not have enough space on the hard drive to decompress. It takes a minimum 150 MB. Another thing, make sure you have no hardware or IRQ conflicts anywhere in your computer. You can also try updating to the latest version online.
  5. Necromancer

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    Would you guys get real???? If the Taliban has the capability to launch a nuke against the United States, the States would not retaliate with a nuke, they're not that stupid!! If the US launched a nuke, they would effectively be killing their own people, since the fallout from any nuke the US has would be distributed around the globe by the jetstream. Nuclear winter would occur in almost every country in the northern hemisphere, since American ICBMs (InterContinental Ballistic Missiles) have a minimum yield of 5 megatons, which is equivalent to the blast from the detonation of 5000000 tons of dynamite for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about. It is very doubtful the Taliban have nukes, and no, deadnail, they do not control Pakistan. Pakistan just has ties to the Taliban. There's a difference here. Some gov't officials in Pakistan are advisors to the Taliban.
  6. Necromancer

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    Marines are not sent in first. Its the army THEN marines. Army rangers maybe. Actually, you are both mistaken. The Marines are sent in first, that's why their motto is "First to Fight". Then the Air Force is sent in, then the Navy for backup. The Army is sent in last. It's the old Blitzkrieg tactic from WW2, just a little expanded.
  7. Necromancer

    Webpage hosting

    OK, this is totally not Doom-related, but can any of you guys recommend a good place to publish my webpage? I'm looking to find a place that has up to 100MB space for free.
  8. Necromancer

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    I really wish that I was already in the USAF right now . . . then maybe I could help do something about the retaliation. I might be a Canadian, but I still want to get a hold of whoever did this and curb-stomp them in the classic DooM style!!!
  9. Necromancer

    Doom 3 Bathroom Scene Screenshot

    quote: [Movies are projected at 32fps and depending on how much stimulant you've consumed before you go to the movies, you can SEE framerates...all this is a different thread.] Actually, no, movies are projected at 24 fps. This is because the human eye cannot differentiate between framerates above 18 fps. And I don't care what you guys say, there is no human alive who can see the difference between 30 fps and 60 fps, no matter what kind of stimulants you have taken. ------------
  10. Necromancer

    Speculation on the specs

    Now why the hell does everybody say that?! "Nothing below a Geforce 3." "Current video cards won't run it." Do you guys think iD is really that STUPID??? If they made the game to require a GeForce 3 just to run it, they won't sell it very well! And the worst thing for a company to do is spend millions of dollars building a game that almost nobody buys! If you looked at my post below, you would see that I pointed out it is quite possible to have a game like this run on a GeForce 2 card. The reason being is that in order to sell this game, iD would have to address the fact that not everybody has an above average system. If you've ever noticed the trend among game development, the ones that sell the most are the games that are able to be run on an average system of the time at the beginning of development. And by the way, bumpmaps and pixel shaders don't absolutely have to be implemented to have a very enjoyable and satisfying gaming experience. Yes it would be nice, but it is going to be a VERY long time before bumpmap and pixel shader capability is standard. Again, these are my proposed specs for minimum requirement: -PentiumII 650Mhz CPU -128 MB of RAM -32 MB GeForce 2 DDR (Pro, GTS or Ultra model) -36x CD-ROM /me dons a Nomex suit and awaits the flames ---------------
  11. Necromancer

    Speculation on the specs

    Shit yeah, that would run it. Keep in mind a GeForce 3 card is not required, even though it's supported. Since the GeForce 3 is not available to many people due to cost, I honestly believe that iD will recognize this and will have options for lower-rated systems, keeping it at Q3A-type graphics at the very worst. I think the absolute minimum requirements will be a PentiumII 650Mhz CPU, 128 MB of RAM, 32 MB AGP Pro video card, and 36x CD-ROM. Of course, everything must be DirectX compliant. Speaking of specs, I seriously need an upgrade. There's no way Doom 3 will run on a 500Mhz AMD K6-2, even with 288 MB of RAM and a 32 MB TNT2 Mach64 Pro. Pretty sad, huh? ------------
  12. Necromancer

    a good song idea for doom3

    WTF??? You JUST heard that? Do you know how long that has been out? Yes, good. Good for Doom? NO. You need something more creepy. It might be good for the levels in Hell, though. For the rest, listen to Apocalyptica. They have some wicked shit. ------------
  13. Necromancer

    what video card does everyone have.

    The crappiest one here! Pine Riva TNT2 Mach 64 32Mb. It sucks shit for the games I play! It won't even run Delta Force very well! ---------------
  14. Necromancer

    who uses doom(2).exe still

    Dumb question: where can I find ZDoom? -------------
  15. Necromancer


    I know we have killed the music topic, but I have to add something that nobody even paid attention to in another music post by the-widow-maker. Apocalyptica should be in on the music somewhat, even if it is a complementary addition. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, Apocalyptica is an instrumental group with cellos and drums. They add distortion so it sounds almost like a guitar. For those of you who have heard it, you know what I'm talking about. Two words describe Apocalyptica: fucking awesome! Soooooooooooooooo . . . what do you think? ----------------