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  1. what are DEH files

    Thanks I often load the smooth doom mods last.
  2. what are DEH files

    Yes I have googled them. I use ZDL with gzdoom to launch mods and wads. All I want to know do I need the DEH file and if so what order should they be loaded in.
  3. So I've have been playing through some megawads

    Okay I tried a few of the levels DTWID and I'm sure I like ti :O I found myself getting lost a lot and the levels don't seem to resemble the design of the originals as some of the other megawads I've played
  4. So I've have been playing through some megawads

    There were quite a few wads I tried that did that. Such as The Ultimate NMD Wonderful Doom and NJ Doomm What did you think of those?
  5. So I've have been playing through some megawads

    What one is DTWID?
  6. So I've have been playing through some megawads

    What do you think of the Doom 1 megawads
  7. Despite the fact that I've been playing Doom for years I mostly just stuck with the vanilla experience. The game by itself has a lot of replay value as it is. That being said I wanted to try some megawads so I downloaded most of the 4/5 rated megawads from https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/ both the ports and straight up megawads. Afterwards I then tried about 10 random levels from each wad to figure out what ones I like. 10 isn't much but I ended downloading 125 megawads. Most of which were from Doom 2. So I'd mostly play the first 3 or so levels then use cheats to jump randomly around levels and episodes. Despite Doom 1 having much less megawads then Doom 2 for some reason I found myself enjoying them more. Maybe it's because they tend to ape the design of the official levels a lot more. What do you think? Also can someone please tell me what the ports section is for in the id archive.
  8. Please help me with megawads

    Thanks for those recommendations. I just got around to checking them out. I've been checking out some of the others from here https://www.doomworld.com/idgames//index.php?dir=levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/&sort=rating&direction=desc As well the other recommendations. Obviously I can't check them all out right now, that would take forever. Here are my thoughts. I really liked alien vanguard though I did get stuck a couple of times. Rebirth's levels didn't strike me interesting but they were very well paced and I didn't get lost which is a plus. I did however get stuck at level 23 I think the door is buged or something. I didn't like tnt revilution. The levels were kind of all over the place and the difficulty wasn't consistent
  9. Please help me with megawads

  10. Please help me with megawads

    Did you manage to fix the links?
  11. Please help me with megawads

    Back to Saturn links don't seem to be working
  12. Please help me with megawads

    I guess I should've been more specific. I'm after a megawads that captures the same kind of feel as the episodes of Doom 1. Those Romero leves are great but I've played them to death.
  13. Please help me with megawads

    What's wrong with Alien Vendetta?
  14. Please help me with megawads

    Hey guys, I just wanted to thank everyone for their help. Sheesh Doom as more levels then any other game ever made I think.
  15. Please help me with megawads

    Thanks I'll add those. I've been downloading all 5 and 4 out of 5 megawads into a directory. Things are tiny but I know it would take a life time to get through them all.