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  1. CarboxylicAcids

    The Chemical Potential: Revamped Hydra --> Updated with 4 Maps

    Granted. I did forget to post the combability, which is complevel 9 for boom so that could be the reason that some really weird stuff was going around.That said, I am glad that you enjoyed that last fight. Boom mechanics is super nifty to work with and it took me a while to configure the fight because of reasons I suppose. Read down below for those interested I also went ahead and patched up all the issues like the missing textures in map 2 and the missing monsters in map 4. I will definitely come around to patching up the remaining fights later on. Your feedback after all, is much appreciated :)
  2. Original Hydra thread: I just finished my latest creation of map 4 of what I now call: The Chemical Potential, a map that I've been working on for a while. Here it is: . To describe this map in simple terms, its somewhat of a "gets progressively harder" slaughtermap. Embedded in some funky interactive gameplay, lot of archies alongside a final elevator room which I configured myself and I know there is some room for improvement so its not an official release yet. However, I do appreciate some playtesting if you don't mind so give this (map 4) a shot and I will gladly make any changes. Boom-Compatibility Screenshots: The Chemical Potential.zip
  3. CarboxylicAcids

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    Updated! Thanks for playtesting @Obsidian Download Link: TMCEnew.zip --> Requires cc4-tex and boom compatibility. -Fixed a misplaced damaging sector. -Eased the difficulty on UV and all other difficulty settings; replaced some revs with hitscanners/imps instead and removed a couple of hitscanners. -Fixed a bug on the final room where some monsters refuse to teleport (for some reason weird reason?) -Set a generalized effect instead on a secret. -Implemented Cooperative gameplay and added a teleporter switch to the final room so other players(in multiplayer) can come in. -Changed the music to something more fitting.
  4. CarboxylicAcids

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    I wanted to redeem myself due to my previous blunder :P So I decided to make something out of a map that I was working on a couple years back. Here it is, I call it: The MicroCanonical Ensemble. Pretty fancy name right? Anyhow, here is the download link (TMCE.zip) and as a very important side note: it requires cc4-tex to be played and boom-compatability(complevel 9). Some screenshots:
  5. CarboxylicAcids

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    I've got some free time away from my electrodynamics studies so I guess I'll reserve a slot for this :P I already had made a map originally from a previous ongoing wad, though I was planning on making some refinements here in there. I will probably finish it up and submit it here instead. Just wondering if this would count as a submission? Its map 1 of hydra a wad that I was working on approx. 2 years ago. If not then I am fine with making a map from scratch though I'd say my mapping skills have become a bit rusty, I can still try and make something work; hopefully, that is.
  6. CarboxylicAcids

    Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP (Development Thread)

    I am kind of bored today, and it looks like I will be free for, possibly the next 2-3 weeks or so, and so I am also gonna be joining in on this. That sounds good? Cool then, :D
  7. CarboxylicAcids

    Hydra.wad UPDATED With 3 MAPS INSTEAD

    2days of NON-stop mapping (progress)
  8. CarboxylicAcids

    Hydra.wad UPDATED With 3 MAPS INSTEAD

    Thanks for playing and the feedback, I went ahead and updated the wad accordingly:
  9. CarboxylicAcids

    Hydra.wad UPDATED With 3 MAPS INSTEAD

    (Oh wow... what took you so long?) Sorry guys, I had some personal issues to deal with and I can barely afford time for mapping :( Anyhow map 3 has been released, compared to the other 2 its a more slaughter and very difficult. It may require some feedback, so now... ENJOY! Download Updated Hydra version: Hydra3.zip Screenshots: Any issues, please let me know okay and I will fix ASAP.
  10. CarboxylicAcids

    You have 30 minutes to make a map - post your results!

    these maps look really nice for the time
  11. CarboxylicAcids

    Hydra.wad UPDATED With 3 MAPS INSTEAD

    Map 3 and 4 coming up soon , just a reminder!
  12. CarboxylicAcids

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    I guess we can expect a closure now?
  13. CarboxylicAcids

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    quite frankly suprised this hasnt been out yet
  14. CarboxylicAcids

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Multi-Player Support? someone do the work for me
  15. CarboxylicAcids

    Hydra.wad UPDATED With 3 MAPS INSTEAD

    Cool @Memfis ! Thanks for the feedback , still have something going btw ^^