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  1. Teder

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Don't know why, but I can't write any word on preavios post. Back to question - this my 3rd generation of simple models. 10 years ago I abandoned it because of lag. On current pc I have no problem with it. This will be a little wave arena map, so there won't be any problem with performance I hope.
  2. Teder

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Back to my old assets with new mod. For now I'm testing models for map. All bushes, trees and grass are animated. It's not superB animation, I made it 12 years ago, but never use it, but now I'm back to this. Here are gif how animations work, but the gif isn't perfect. This is director cut version with only 7k lines of code for decorate. In first original I had almost 300 kinds of grass/bushes/trees. I shrunk it under 100. https://giphy.com/gifs/XHjWctkdjGrMTRrdfY/html5
  3. Teder

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Still Killing Floor 2 - tons of weapons, tons of tactics, one of the best weapon feel I've played, great death enemies animation, cool map design, gameplay, I still can find some new tactics for weapons and perks. Just great game. It's like BLOOD on steroids.
  4. I always suck on controller. It's totally not for me :( First game when I started to use mouse instead keyboard only was Alien vs Predator - on keyboard you just can't kill fast alien on ceiling. Oh, and there was no save game option that time :D But, hey, anybody plays what he likes.
  5. Teder

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @NinjaLiquidator wow! I'm curious how will it run. Great work!
  6. Teder

    Doom - Crysis of it's time?

    I remember very well like Quake run on k6 - that was first time when I could see 800x600 in smooth, but 1024x768 was laggy. Quake on slow pentium (only in DOS) was playable in one of 320xsomething. On windows with even 32 megs it was terrible. First GLQuakes were only good to see super effects like transparent water/windows and filtered texture (what was insane great these times). EDIT: pentium III and than much better for gamers celeron was a great improve to play all quakes. Until DOOM 3 :D
  7. Teder

    Doom - Crysis of it's time?

    Like QUAKE for 486, QUAKE 2 for slow pentium, QUAKE 3 for pentium 1, 2, etc :) EDIT: ha, I've just remebered unreal ram recomandation: 128, in time when people got 16 MB, lol.
  8. @grandgreed nice work! I love to play with such tools.