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  1. sniperfrommars1

    Hardware for doom

    The box im currently building has that same soundcard although im opting for a pentium 2 for added strength, because whats the point of wanting bad framerates? :P
  2. sniperfrommars1

    Nature of Archviles

    I always just loved the noise and the animations on this one, they just move alot better than alot of the other sprites.
  3. sniperfrommars1

    Meets requirements but runs like crap

    In this same link you just gave that same ebay seller has a 9800 pro for 100 bucks. thats what you should be looking for if you want a budget card with decent performance in this game. This should do you for a few more years with next gen games as well.
  4. sniperfrommars1

    Who can NOT play D3/RoE?

    The base being consumed by organic matter comes from ALiens which we all know has alot to do with a game we call DOOM. Nuff said about that if your in a first person shirter the first doom game pretty much covers ALL those bases and if you think doom3 is ripping a game off its more than likely ripping off its predecessors. Anyways is it just me or was ROE a far better gaming experience than doom3?
  5. sniperfrommars1

    God Mode

    Cheating is cheating either way its bad. I wish the cheat codes werent there honestly I find the game boring as hell once I start using them. Ill admit getting stuck sucks but thats why its a game its meant to be challenging
  6. sniperfrommars1

    Has anybody else watched Fatal1ty playing on NBC Giga tonight?

    he would have owned your ass by the way only a pure amateur would beleive the guy is an unskilled player. While we are on the subject how would you guys describe your playing styles? Are you a jumper, camper, camp=jump hybrid or what? I would imagine most are jumpers
  7. sniperfrommars1

    I need horns on my demons

    Well im thinking about it, its just i didnt even release a mod for ut or doom 1 and 2, so its gonna take me forever to learn the editor for doom3. ANyone know how long it takes to do something like this? All i want is to put horns back on the demons, we could supplement it a little by using that new skin mod, for classic doom colors, and maybe even put spikes back on the imp! YAY
  8. sniperfrommars1

    I need horns on my demons

    Okay my only complaint at this point is all the missing horns, and cloaven hooves. thats the only thing I think the characters are missing. Does anyone agree with me? This is a mod Im DYING TO SEE. I just think the pinky should have eyes, and horns, and along with the hell knights. It would just be more demonic feeling to me in that way, as of right now all the characters remind me of something hr. geiger would conceive which is bad in no way, but I want my classic doom feel
  9. sniperfrommars1

    It was all worth it!!!!!!!!

    Well I plan on running a gig of pc3200, right now with my motherboard my frontside bus is only 400 mhz, with out two dimm;s, but im still shcoked at how good it looks
  10. sniperfrommars1

    It was all worth it!!!!!!!!

    Im running it good right now with 256 megs of pc3200, but Ive got a p4 3.4 c to back it up , really smooth game play though, right now its got a duty fx5200, but my 9800 is on its way as we speak, not absolute top of the line, but more than enough
  11. sniperfrommars1

    It was all worth it!!!!!!!!

    Been hanging out around penny arcade I see ;). So I take it your too busy playing to post?
  12. sniperfrommars1

    It was all worth it!!!!!!!!

    Finally got paid today, so I could pickup a copy of da doom3, which I just built a new system for. Here are my thoughts going into this today. Ive waited four years to play doom 3, and i must say I couldnt help but be skeptical especially after all the negative reviews Ive wread. Stopped by haistings in such a rush and dropped down the cash, speed home, install *bam* System crashes, after five or six reboots and attempts had some driver troubles got the latest detonators for my vid card, and got it installed. My jaw just dropped, IMMEDIATELY and i am not impressed easily. I did the basic walkthrough slow and easy, I must say it felt alot like halflife, being in the base before the invasion, and it was OBVIOUS they were throwing it right in valves face, everything was just ten times up any single player experience I have had. When I stepped outside into the martian landscape they did such a great job of making mars look so damned hostile and lifeless, it was amazing what they did with semiantiquated technology. Then the invasion happens and good god, i got the shit scared out of me so many times. Breathtaking visuals smooth ass weapons, and just everything I could have asked for. Id just like to say John Carmack is the man, along with everyone at I.D. software. They did not dissapoint me. This is the rare moment in life when I can say that Doom3 is the best game I have every played, without competition, just like the original doom was for me when I was naught but 13 years of age. id like to use this thread for us to share our experiences in game.
  13. sniperfrommars1

    When's the doom 3 demo coming?

    Im not sure where this post goes, ive searched I dont want to hear all the post hell blah blah blah. Whens the demo for doom 3 coming out? I dont have the cash since I just built a new box to play doom3 on anyways
  14. sniperfrommars1

    experience with doom3 on mid-range system

    Well first off Id like to say I still wouldnt consider your rig midrange, alot of us arent fortunate enough to have a gig of ram, and Im one of the few at this point after having to sell my old rig, and youve got a more than decent vid card, maybe a processor motherboard upgrade would do you some good, but other than that fine. Second that framerate increase is pretty substantial and I hope to test these settings with my new rig
  15. sniperfrommars1

    ZOMBIE YOGa!!!

    I dont know if its supposed to happen but in the alpha when you would kill zombies sometimes it would look like they were having nervous twitches and banging their heads against the floor, i thought it was creepy cool, but was that just a glitch as well?