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  1. cccp_leha

    Zdoom.org - borked???

    Oh gn0! What are we going to do without the wiki and the phorum? =(
  2. cccp_leha

    New Director For Doom Flick

    haha fp. so, what's this all about? :P
  3. cccp_leha

    Doom And Duke -- I Love Rumours

    sp! Screw that old Doom3 crap, "DNF will be using an extremely enhanced version of Epic Games' Unreal engine".
  4. cccp_leha

    A Christian Perspective

    Haha, fp, evar! Anyhow, the dude makes statements about the horrible satanic imagery of the game and like a true Christian... keeps playing the game! Oh, the hypocracy... EDIT: Damn you to hell dethtoll!!! :(
  5. cccp_leha


    Glad everyone liked it; we tried. :)
  6. cccp_leha

    The /newstuff Chronicles #195

    Just out of curiosity, why would anyone mind if their resource is used at all (with permission, of course)?
  7. cccp_leha

    RTC 3057 Hub 1 Ready to Go

    Bravo, my virtual hat goes off to you. Very clean cut and wonderful job. EDIT: heh, "William Hukg Rocks"! :)
  8. cccp_leha

    On a Rampage

    Not necesarily: for me (and this is strictly a personal issue), HR and others similar to it were only fun with iddqd and an occasional idkfa (not to mention the sv_fastweapons 1!) activated, because my skill fails it.
  9. cccp_leha

    On a Rampage

    Hmm, but then how can an individual determine if they like it or not unless they play it? And if they do play it, they have the full right to express their opinion/review here; so there. Furthermore, I'm sure that quite a few people would pick a well detailed level over one with lots of action. So, you should reconsider who will shut up...
  10. cccp_leha

    Discharge Your Nutz

    Heh, "Discharge Your Nutz".
  11. cccp_leha

    It's Dyn-O-Mite!

    Heh, I'm referring to the semi-recent outbreak at the ZDoom forums. Do a search for "Ragnarok" and author "cccp_leha"; check out the results. That's gotta be annoying. Sorry...
  12. cccp_leha

    It's Dyn-O-Mite!

    Doh! Ty is gonna hate me even more now for strating the whole "Hey Ty, so how's Ragnarok doing?" thing. :(
  13. cccp_leha

    UGO Forwarding page

    That's what Mozilla is for, baby!
  14. cccp_leha

    It's a Work In Progress

    Good stuff. On Saturday DW said there were two WADs up, by the time I registered on Sunday, there were like 25 up there. Once again: good stuff, good stuff.
  15. cccp_leha

    One RAD Demo

    sp, thanks. It's hard alone; kinda like Mordeth except this isn't a TC and he's got more done :)