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  1. Lifeform

    Vanilla Doom Randomizer.

    I love Oblige its Awesome, ive NEVER heard of ObAddon but thx for telling me about it, ill check it out... =) There is a Big diffrence between a Level Generator and Randomizer. Level Generator = It just generates Random levels and fills up the spawn points of monsters and items, in a Predictable pattern, you will ALWAYS have a Zombie Man or Shot Gunner in the Area it Spawns, same goes for items. Randomizer Means , Exactly what it sounds, it shuffls EVERYTHING... you never know what you are going to get... if you go to that Area of that map, Instead of a Zombie Man or Shot Gunner, you Might get a Hell Knight, Revenant. Arachnotron , or any other monsters in the game... you NEVER KNOW...
  2. Lifeform

    Vanilla Doom Randomizer.

    Would Love that, im new to Doom modding and Level Editor, im not really familiar on how to use it properly.
  3. Lifeform

    Vanilla Doom Randomizer.

    Modofun is more Custom like... Customs Enemies, and stuff, im looking more for a traditional vanilla randomizer that does not alter the gameplay at all.
  4. Lifeform

    Vanilla Doom Randomizer.

    Sounds really cool, wish you could provide a download link... =)
  5. Lifeform

    Vanilla Doom Randomizer.

    Very True, i never said this idea was perfect, but i think its a cool one.
  6. Lifeform

    Vanilla Doom Randomizer.

    Yeah, im well aware the nature of " BAD LUCK " but thats the whole fun of the game is how unpredictable and crazy it can get, same goes for weapons and armor... the nature of RNG makes this game Shine... you can ALWAYS start over... =)
  7. Lifeform

    Vanilla Doom Randomizer.

    TLDR... = I want a Doom randomizer that can spawn any of the monsters in the game by any chance. I recently came back to play old school doom, and im looking for a vanilla doom randomizer that randomly changes the spawn points of monsters. Yes im aware of Complex Doom, clusterfuk , Scalliano's 667, colorful hell is Awesome too but that's not exactly what im looking for. Im looking for one that just changes the monsters spawn points in a vanilla way, im not interested in ANY customs monsters i want to keep my doom experience as vanilla as possible. The closes i got was a randomizer called ORO-RANDOM-DOOM version 3.0, but even then it has custom monsters and some of the spawn points are messed up... I notice while playing ORO that 90% of the time im just seeing shot gunners , chain gunners, and imps as random spawns... Im looking for something with a pure random experience, i want to see Barons of hell , Arch Viles, Revenents and Cocodemons, arachnotrons, in the FIRST LEVEL of doom as a random spawn as well.
  8. Been trying to set up Complex Doom to work on with DJB addon Using ZDL Launcher... Complex Doom Works Flawless WITHOUT DJB on GZDOOM But when i try to load it with DJB Addon... i get this Error : Script error, "lca-djb-v4.pk3:actors/items/extralegendaryrunes.dec" line 202: Parent type 'PowerSpread' not found in LegSpread Script error, "lca-djb-v4.pk3:actors/items/extralegendaryrunes.dec" line 204: "INVENTORY.HUBPOWER" is an unknown flag Script error, "lca-djb-v4.pk3:actors/items/extralegendaryrunes.dec" line 205: "INVENTORY.PERSISTENTPOWER" is an unknown flag Script error, "lca-djb-v4.pk3:actors/items/extralegendaryrunes.dec" line 207: 'powerup.duration' requires an actor of type 'Inventory' Execution could not continue. Script error, "lca-djb-v4.pk3:actors/items/extralegendaryrunes.dec" line 207: Unexpected '0x7FFFFFFF' in definition of 'LegSpread' I really want it to work with GZ DOOM... i love that engine, and i love ZDL and im Really Enjoying Complex Doom... Help Please....
  9. How do i open Mystery Boxes in this mod, what key should i press ?
  10. Lifeform

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Looking for a doom mod with a Flamethrower in it that looks a LOT like the one from Ultimate Torment & Torture its not that mod... ( Not Looking For Brutal Doom Or Project Brutality ) I think its this one... but i dont know whats it called...
  11. Lifeform

    The Revenant Problem

    One true AWESOME Wad wish an AMAZING concept, i really LOVE the idea behind this wad this was done Superbly Fantastic !!!