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  1. [HotPocket]

    is there any very hard wads where they have 3000000 or more

    Using ZDoom will probably make your PC explode. I'd use prboom/crispydoom. Both have the same result of breaking doom's engine entirely.
  2. [HotPocket]

    Bus Slayer - An AI that plays Revenant Bus

    Good job! All you need to do now is make skynet.
  3. [HotPocket]

    Excited For Eternal?

    When I saw some of the old character designs coming back, my eyes lit up like a christmas tree. So I think you can say I'm hyped for eternal too.
  4. [HotPocket]

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Randomizer: Maxifuckup edition I think it'd just replace all actors in doom. I hope you like having imps firing rockets at you right next to a flashing wall.
  5. I don't know what caused this, but the tab on the right side is completely gone now. Some people may not know what I'm talking about so I drew a shiny red square for where the texture sets tab would be.
  6. [HotPocket]

    Custom texture/Base resource trouble with Slade 3

    How could I do that? I think it'd be easier since I'm just importing .wads/.pk3s as resources.
  7. The only thing that keeps me going when it comes to mapping is the satisfaction when I finally find out how to do [...] in GZDoom builder. My creativity has been slow as molasses.
  8. I've been trying to add custom textures and I did manage to do so, but the default DOOM2 textures are still in the new tabs. ex: missingfalls.wad All textures from N_SNWF10 and N_WFAL04 are custom. Everything below is from DOOM2. What I'm trying to do here is get rid of the default stuff so I can only have the custom juicy stuff. Also, the custom textures are supposed to be animated and they are dead still.
  9. [HotPocket]

    Risen3D Help?

    I already did that, I've installed them over and over.
  10. [HotPocket]

    Risen3D Help?

    I decided to get Risen3D Since I was bored, and the 3D Models were not working. I'm guessing I needed Risen3D v2.2.09. But I haven't found that version anywhere. So again, I need help setting this monstrosity of a port up.
  11. [HotPocket]

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Don't hype it up. All Videogame Movies turn out bad anyway.
  12. [HotPocket]

    So what is "good gameplay" anyway?

    For multiplayer, 3 lane maps are where the goldilocks zone deathmatch is. Since both sides have 3 choices of where to go. resulting in different gameplay everytime.
  13. [HotPocket]

    Gordon Freeman and Doomguy switch places in games

    I'm gonna count all these seconds up to april 20th and that better've been deleted.
  14. Either you typed and the controls responded to your typing, but If your gun is connected to the space bar then might've been some luck. what were you writing? Unless if it's memory loss. then check your house for carbon monoxide.