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  1. The Doomer

    What's the deal with Doom Connector?

    Cool. Thanks for the good news Mancubus II. ;)
  2. The Doomer

    What's the deal with Doom Connector?

    Yes I have had the same problem with Doom Connector as well as Mancubus.net. Can you update us on the situation Mancubus II?
  3. The Doomer

    Doom Connector gone for good now?

    OMG!! Cool news Mancubus. Good luck with that.
  4. The Doomer

    Doom Connector gone for good now?

    I hope we can get Doom Connector back up and running. I really like playing games on there and chatting with buddies.
  5. The Doomer

    New SoM site!

    Ok. Thanks SOM. Never the less that effect looks really good. It looks like a great way to mimic the floor over floor effect. ;)
  6. The Doomer

    New SoM site!

    Just out of curiousity those pics of the anchored portals as you call them look like 3d floors. Is this real or just another trick to mimic 3d flooring?
  7. The Doomer

    Daedalus Help & Hints thread

    I've played this mod so far and all I can say is WOW. I felt sort of stupid when I saw the part about the exploding boxes. I was thinking there was a hidden switch somewhere. :P I can tell Team TNT put a lot of effort into this. :)
  8. The Doomer

    Cannot get Doom Connector to work again

    DC was on last night but I just tried connecting and its down again. :P 'Sigh'
  9. The Doomer

    Cannot get Doom Connector to work again

    Damn!!! DC's still down. :( Its been like 5 or 6 days now. :P
  10. The Doomer

    Work on 0.75 continues.

    I was thinking ZDoomGL .75 would be a great Christmas present. Oh well. I'm sure when you do release it it'll be all that we've been waiting for and maybe more. ;)
  11. The Doomer

    The /newstuff Chronicles #160

    I noticed nothing wrong with the Zepher Demo except for the HOM title screen. It didn't crash for me either. Nice collection of maps. The only complaint I really have is there could be a little more ammo in the levels cause I found myself running out even when I rationed the ammo I had. I've found the -mb option helps squash that bug you got.
  12. The Doomer

    Work on 0.75 continues.

    Nice work Timmie. I'm really excited about the next version of ZDoomGL. Keep up the good work. ;)
  13. The Doomer

    Question about ZDoomGL

    Hi Timmie. I was just curious how the next version of ZDoomGl is coming along. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait considering all the stuff your adding to it. :)
  14. I was wondering if a future version of ZDOOMGL will properly display the OpenGl 3d trick like in the gltricks.wad Right now all thats displayed is the sky in a vertical block. You should be able to see stuff above and behind where the vertical sky sector is.
  15. The Doomer

    sky to flat.

    Actually JDoom also has skybox support now. Just thought I'd mention that. :\